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  1. Bourque drew a penalty. Hmmm, is this a positive true sign that he'll have a good season. He was alright ib Toronto. Delayed call....5 on 3
  2. Hello all. It's been a while. It's good to see the players aren't as rusty or off their timing compared to that atrocity from Saturday. I like tonights forecheck & back checking effort. Good control & possession of the puck. Florida is going to turn it up a notch, be ready Habs. GO HABS GO
  3. I made this & decided to share it since there will be no hockey it would seem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdTTUZ3XbOI&feature=plcp
  4. Bergevin addressed a big need by & got the best guy IMO. Money is high but it is July 1 after all. And, lower line players usually make more of a pay increase splash on UFA day (Based on the percentage increase over what they're worth) than do the elites like - Eg. Parise
  5. Ha ha - there's a thread over on HF entitled - "The Habs are clear cut winners at the 2012 draft". Fans of every stripe are pining in agreement. They're either congradulatory or jealous. YES!
  6. Crazy Washington night, now Tom Wilson, after getting Forsberg...The Southwest and the East in general might want to take notice.
  7. A nice pick by Toronto. I'm sure their fans will go nuts over no Forsberg. lol If Montreal made this move I wouldn't freak out. Morgan Rielly is adding another huge piece on D for the Laefs. Dagnabbit
  8. Once again the Isles utterly fail & not to ruin Toronto getting Forsberg since he should go. One of their needs.
  9. Screw T.O. Isles; take Forsberg. I'll laugh so hard.
  10. Darn, Murray wasn't necessarily my choice for us but; Howsen didn't screw up. It's time for
  11. Let's hope Howsen screws up & goes off the board to put us into number 2 range.
  12. Quietly? If Kypreo's got hold of this info (if true which I find ridiculous to believe) then I wonder by what means. Is Bergevin using a megaphone to "quietly" shop the players?
  13. It Christmas day in June for us 3rd picking fans - I hope we don't trade the pick! After such a disastrous season - here's the payoff. Pick well Habs
  14. Bryzgalov made up for it in the 2nd with some nice saves & may have found his groove, but I can`t support him. He`s falling behind the 8 ball more often than not before he finds his game. If anyone watched HBO 24 7 this year about the Winter Classic you know about Bryzgalov`s concern about the universe. He`s a loony. He`d better get it up & get a hot streak going...I doubt it though.
  15. Broad Street Concussions by G & a Broad Street Knee shot by Ronaldo on Zubrus. Good ol` Zubrus, drafted by who? Philly had better keep their head & stay out of the box! They certainly hate Zubrus
  16. Bryzgalov should pack up & go home. Why is it that Flyers goalies always suck since the last great they had in Hextall? Cechmanek was good but obviously not enough. Maxime Ouellet & Antero Niittymaki were both boasted about highly by Philly fans. Yay! Every time New Jersey gets a chance to score I wince that it`s going to go in the net. He sucks! Put Bobrovsky in FFS! Flyers pipes SUCK!
  17. We don't need a coach for another 2 months. I like that (& hope) Bergevin works on this over a long term with the best decision they can make. Thank goodness we addressed the GM situation 6 weeks before the draft. I believe we`ll be happy with the decision.
  18. Sorry about my further hiatus but my dad died so I was elsewhere of course. It's good. He lived a wonderful life & he touched hundreds of people. He was 85. A good run for him. I'm not upset about it anymore. It was time. I've watched most of the playoffs. The whole Flyers-Pittsburgh series. Not much of Florida-New Jersey...too boring. 5 games of Washington-Boston which too was boring....tight checking by Washington & tight by Boston but a confused tired Boston team also. I watched 2 LA-Vancouver games. Exciting hockey. I watched all of the Detroit-Nashville series. Detroit needs a retool. Nashville played Detroit's game & capitalized. Rinne! Watched 5 games of the Rangers-Ottawa series. Nice try Sens...almost. I totally missed the St. Louis-San Jose series. I saw 1 Phoenix-Chicago game. Ironic that's the one I watched. Torres put Hossa out that game. I obviously preach to the choir. Quick and Smith will be an ultimate goalie battle of the titans. I'm really confused by Philly. It was as if beating the Pens was good enough, yawn...& keep gooning while the Devil's just skate away. The Devil's are everywhere with speed. It's getting to the point where Philly has to make the perfect play tic-tac-goal to score. Can the Rangers defeat the Caps 4-2? I figure that Holtby can get them to a game 7. I wonder about the Rangers. They are pegged as contenders but Ottawa & Washington have been a test in spite of King Lundy. Do the Rangers want to attempt this type of hockey versus the winner of the west?
  19. Thanks Commandant for the clarification. I had assumed it was the same as wins being the 1st tiebreaker. I had forgotten about when the league made the tweak to the rules to nullify OT & SO counting as a win when head to head
  20. Glenn Healy was saying the Leafs get into the lottery with this loss. However, Anaheim & the Isles lost so based on the wins column the Leafs finished 6th overall. Maybe I just don't understand the lottery
  21. Yeah, Minny & the Isles have 71 points too, but also have 2 games in hand on Montreal. As bbp pointed out, we're virtually (almost for certain now) falling within the top 3. We're not there yet of course & there's still 2 weeks to go in the season. Still, there's 6 to 8 games remaining for all teams. Very soon (it all goes as hoped) the point spread between us, the Isles, Minny & T.O. will be too wide for us to finish 27th or higher.
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