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  1. No, I meant the official "e" that'll be posted next to Montreal Canadiens just like the Oilers & Blue Jacket's already are in the standings. We'll be the 3rd to be officially eliminated. What a season
  2. I made a mistake, if the Habs drop this game in regulation, Buffalo only needs to get a point since they won the season series with us. No "e" tonight please
  3. A Buffalo win combined with us losing (even in OT or SO) will give us an official elimination. Buffalo will have 84 points with 37 wins if they win tonight. Ottawa has 84 points with 37 wins. If the Habs drop 1 point tonight (& Sabres win) the best possible outcome we can mathematically attain will be 84 points with 36 wins.
  4. BAHAHAHAHA.. Brian Burke and Cherry are ringing in St. Patty's day early this year. Bunch of Mick's lol
  5. It's possible we get Yakupov but the lottery math is still tough. Columbus getting their act together down the stretch would be nice.
  6. I love how I find things out on Habsworld. I'm a busy man lol. Cheers. Here's to libation for our Habs. Drink a cold soldier for me Commandant.
  8. Eller adding a respect goal to make it 5-3. Tanking is fine but I'll take 5-3 over 5-2 anytime!
  9. This thread should have a rule - we aren't allowed to say nice things about any leafers
  10. Definitely too much money. Maybe they think he'll grow but my assessment of him is he has peaked. I'm not saying he's peaked and also in decline, I mean, I don't see his play reaching another level so it's just a question of time to see if both of us are proven wrong...I doubt it though
  11. Laefs can't drop 11 points or else they max at 88. Tonights loss for the leafers is one more nail in the coffin. Judging by the schedule & their history with the following teams - it's a TALL order for the fLeas hahaha @Pittsburgh Philadelphia @Washington @Florida @Tampa Bay @Ottawa @Boston NY Islanders @New Jersey NY Rangers Carolina Philadelphia Buffalo @Buffalo Tampa Bay @Montreal They're not out of it yet but they lost tonight. Caps lost in OT (might have been a shoot out). Ottawa just scored to make it 5-3 with 7 mins to go. Too bad, I think I'm gonna cry
  12. I'm wearing my jersey & getting a lot of odd looks around where I work since the team is not doing well. I explained to my boss who was razzing me it was for Jean. I like him more than the Rocket but it's not that Beliveau was better than Maurice or vice versa, they are different types of players. Don't get me wrong, when Maurice dyked a goalie he could crash the net at the same time. He shot, he moved & fired the puck. We all know that Maurice had a fire inside him that was unstoppable. Beliveau was more of a magician with excellent hockey sense with and without the puck. I can't even compare them. Like I said - very different types of players. But Jean has always been the calming presence since we lost Maurice. Beliveau was in his heyday the modern day/contempory Mario Lemieux. I hope he's well. God bless.
  13. Acquiring another big forward & preferably a center would be nice. I like our current defence in terms of depth. Hopefully Markov can return in 2012-13. Gorges is one of the best stay at home D's in the league along with the likes of Girardi & Lidstrom. Liddy is definitely the best at that particular position. Subban tried too hard but it was a sophmore year. I am confident he will take a smart step up next year. Emelin, Diaz and Weber make for a good remaining core & then there's Kaberle but we don't know what the team is going to do with him yet so he's tough to include. Beaulieu & Tinordi being in the prospect pool is interesting in the long term. In general, things should be OK & we might pick up a UFA after the loss of Gill. The Habs might not need to do that much. There are too many slumps thoughout the lineup this year. Sometimes it seemed it was only Pacioretty or Cole that was scoring. As we all know what could go wrong - did go wrong it seemed. Slumps Slumps Slumps
  14. Could be worse I guess. Not a good period. Down only 1 at least. Time to get more desperate & regroup
  15. C'mon Gomer - get your old team! I'm on radio right now & they're saying Brodeur might be playing hurt. I missed the play when he was shaken up.
  16. Watching Toronto & Vancouver. Brian Burke looks like he's going to have to have some pops tonight, or explode. 5-1 going into the 3rd. Habs will be 6 points back of Toronto with equal games played if the Leafs drop this game. Leafs are definitely in a goofy funk right now. Tonight is embarrasing for Toronto. Glad we face the Leafs 2 more times.
  17. Yunno, there's always been a historical notion that if a team is .5 by the deadline there's always a chance. This was even true back in the 80's. The deadline has been moved back since then. It used to happen in March. Last time I checked we are 2 games above .5 It's a crazy season, there's over 20 games to go still. Remember San Jose last year? New Jersey's surge? They did fall short but San Jose didn't. I posted how I wanted to tank & now I'm confused. Too bad the only window to get in is to cut off the Leafs. That'd be classic though. I'd ROTF and have fun LMAO if that it happened. It's not impossible. Hopefully the Leafers have some bad games & Washington continuies their funk. I guess I'm resigned to the tank versus hope attitude and what I want. I can't control it, so why not enjoy it? Go Habs
  18. Not bad. Maybe Geoffrion excels now. He was the 2010 Hobey Baker winner. I wish Montreal would have him up for a cup of coffee right away...oh well.
  19. I think media should add gamblers to the terms sellers and buyers. And we might have to accept that PG might gamble and not trade
  20. Another stake thru the heart loss. We HAVE TO own the Sens and Leafs in regulation which is why the 5-0 win was crucial. If we had lost the to the Leafers would be impossible to catch. Not now but margin for error is low - looking at the standings it seems the only way we have a chance. We have only 1 game left against New Jersey & I doubt they collapse. Regardless of what winning streak they may be on - a loss to the Canes canèt be allowed to happen. The window is closing more all the time. Hopefully the mettle of the Habs we have seen recently continues.
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