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  1. I'm sure there are people who consider it a steal for Calgary. But on HFboards the general sentiment from Habs fans, Flames fans, and impartial fans is that it's a pretty even trade. Most Habs fans seem to be happy with it, actually, and there's not much talk on there of the Habs getting ripped off, which is surprising, because I thought the Kaberle trade was better than this one and they were getting universally ripped for it on that site.
  2. Flames fans on HFboards aren't very happy. The response there is similar to the reaction here. http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=1079205&page=3
  3. If that is your mindset, you will be rebuilding perpetually. You have to identify your core and hang on to those guys. If you're so quick to get 1st round picks for struggling players, you'll always have tons of prospects but never have a contending team.
  4. Surprisingly, l'Anti-Chambre was in favour of it.
  5. Which is probably a fair deal for him. I don't think his contract will be a problem. It's just always underwhelming when you lose the best player in the deal.
  6. WHat do you think of his potential? A 193rd overall pick doesn't sound good. Has his stock increased since being drafted?
  7. Jay Onrait just announced it - Cammi for Bourque straight up.
  8. That's probably it. If it's any consolation, Calgary fans on HFboards seem to hate the idea of that trade straight up.. But I don't think many Habs fans would like it either.
  9. I suppose it could include one of these guys: http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/sven_baertschi
  10. Well, let's wait to find out what we got first. But I'm also not expecting much. I suppose a legitimate young top 6 forward would be satisfactory. Not so much Penner or Stoll. But Brown or Van Riemsdyk (I'm just going by the names mentioned in this thread) wouldn't be obviously horrible moves. That being said, I don't consider Cammalleri a bad apple. Was it just last year that he was one of the most popular candidates to become captain of this team?
  11. Just finished Season 3 of Breaking Bad. Almost caught up! It reminds me of Death Note. Any Death Note fans out there??
  12. !!! I would never have done that while conscious. For mine, they drugged me, I fell asleep and woke up a few minutes later with my wisdom teeth gone. I half-woke up at one point and felt them pulling out one of teeth (slightly painful) but then I fell asleep again. Those drugs worked pretty awesomely. But what happens next is the key part. I know people whose wounds got infected. It sounds terrible. For me, it was easy. My face didn't swell at all and I was barely in pain or bleeding after the first day.
  13. Signing bonuses do count against the cap. Or else everybody would be doing them. That would be a massive loophole.
  14. Yes, because the playoffs are still within reach, I think Gauthier's choice of direction will depend largely on what options are left on the table. Supposing we could quantify the overall helpfulness of a trade on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a horrible trade and 10 is a steal, and typical trades fall in the 6-7 range, I think Gauthier could either: - Become a seller if the best "buyer trades" are 6s and the best "seller trade" is an 8. - Become a buyer if the best seller trades are significantly worse than the best buyer trades. - Stand pat if there is nothing interesting out there. This might seem obvious but I don't think it represents the mindset of the majority of GMs going into the trade deadline, many of whom have already made up their mind about whether they are looking to sell off their expiring contracts or take a serious shot at making the playoffs. In contrast, the Canadiens management's path will be chosen for them by the market.
  15. I think you've got it backwards. Gauthier is the cautious one. Molson is the one who might pressure him to make a short term move. (Just like the Martin firing. I doubt that was Gauthier's decision.)
  16. I thought you were going to say that he shouldn't have used it because it's classless to pull that move when you're already winning by 4. Maybe he thought that was the only time such a risky move could be justifiable. Maybe he was feeling invincible. Maybe he's been planning to use it on his first penalty shot attempt no matter what.
  17. Should I change it every time a Hab scores 4 goals in a game then? Nah. I've grown too used to this name.
  18. Oh, wow. I didn't even know this game happened and Eller has 4 goals and an assist!
  19. haha Try watching it on one of the best theatre screens in North America! If it doesn't mess you up, then it wasn't any good.
  20. The Yankees throw tons of money at players. Of course they except. Montreal actually pays less than other teams in the league because of their higher taxes.
  21. Burger de Ville is the best burger I've had and it's cheap compared to most sit-down restaurants. And I second La Banquise if you want poutine. They have all sorts of creative flavours. Yeah, from a group of suburbs called the West Island, where I live. I've randomly seen the guys around a couple of times but they're always, disappointingly, eating a normal amount of food.
  22. Last night, I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey projected on 70mm at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto, far and away the most awesome theatre I've ever seen. I doubt I'm ever going to top the movie experience. That movie in its intended format at that place is just unmatchable.
  23. Personally, I pick a lottery pick. It's not that the team is so bad that it deserves a lottery pick. It's that I think the team is above average on paper and that this could be an amazing opportunity for a team that isn't garbage to get their hands on a top prospect. If the Islanders weren't penalized for tanking last season, there's almost nothing Montreal can do that would receive a punishment. But oh wait, it's Montreal...
  24. lol yeah, the song feels incomplete without the video but the song is one of my favourites that I've discovered recently.
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