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  1. Hmm good point. Maybe Petry isn’t a fit. Could another player be swapped in and it work? Gallagher?
  2. Perhaps, but no in this scenario Habs would pick 1 and 3
  3. elaborate, who do you think is giving up too much
  4. I wonder if the devils will be trying to trade down if they don’t need #2, even if it’s swapping with Arizona who would probably be fans of Cooley. What if a three way deal exists where Arizona moves up to 2, and MTL trades for 3, drafting Nemec (my personal #3 pick) As a base, this trade would look like NJD would net Petry and Chychrun, giving up 2nd OA and a prospect like Mukamadulin Arizona nets 2nd OA and Mukamadulin, Calgary’s first rounder (from MTL) and a second round pick from MTL. They give up Chychrun and the 3rd OA. Montreal nets the 3rd OA pick. Give up Petry, Calgary’s pick, and a second round pick. Now tell me where where it’s completely ridiculous hahah. Regardless of my evaluations likely being off, could something like this with tweaks be within reason?
  5. Woah, Nostradamus probably prophesied this
  6. Probably too early to completely judge Hischier. Could be 70-80 point guy next season. But imo he’s a notch ahead of Nuge (who’s a great player). I’m big on Wright personally
  7. I’m all for trading up to take Mateychuk if he starts slipping.
  8. As a side note, the funny thing is I’m starting to think Suzuki is one of his closest comparables. Both have been criticized as “lazy” at times, but I think it’s more about being opportunistic, and studying the game/reading the play. Like Suzuki, both are competent-above average in their raw tools, but nothing in particular is elite. The one thing they both have is their brain. we hold Suzuki in very high esteem, and I think Wright will be very similar.
  9. That’s the thing though, the bar is very low for Wright if the thought is a safe bet for 3rd line Center. I think he may take an extra year due to losing 2020-2021, but my personal conviction is that he’ll be a top line C in 3-4 years. Could be wrong, hope I’m not!
  10. I may be one of few, but I get this feeling Shane Wright is going to prove a lot of people wrong. I don’t think he’s going to light it up quickly, but I have this conviction his hockey IQ is going to take him places and he’ll be an integral top line Center. To me he looks like a student of the game. I hope the Hans get him and I hope he really pans out
  11. Interesting though, they mention his two way game a lot there. All that talent + responsible sounds like a damn good player.
  12. Who are some good comparable for Cooley?
  13. 100%, these happen to be my top 3 as well. People are fawning over slaf, but he scares me the most of every top 10 ranked player. I wish him a great career but I wonder if it’s hype over size olympics. If we fall to 3, I’m super happy with Nemec. I feel like we’ve been missing a d man like him since the General himself. Even Subban wasn’t the general. (Markov for those who don’t get the reference) Wright Cooley Nemec. Very happy with either outcome so the real question now becomes who with our 2nd first round? If we don’t take Nemec, I want to trade up for mateychuk
  14. Ohh ok got it. That said I’d rather the Habs just improve and push for playoffs next year. Who would you say are your 1 2 & 3? and if we fall to 3, are there some players you want to avoid?
  15. So what’s the deal with winning the lotto two years in a row now? If we get 1st OA this year is it impossible next year? It we win 1 OA this year, can we still get 2 OA next year? All the talk is on Bedard, but let’s not forget Michkov next year either.
  16. Nico Hischier looks highly comparable to Wright at the moment, points wise, positionally, and draft age
  17. I wonder if we’d have a different perception of Wright if covid hadn’t been right in the middle of some key years of development. Could he actually just take an extra year or so, but has a little more potential than the consensus right now?
  18. This means when watching the draft lotto, if we see a team 16-12 has moved up, this is great news for us
  19. Essentially the odds of picking 1st OA is higher than the odds of winning the lottery. Very nice !
  20. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we just have to lose ONE more in regulation to lock up the best lotto odds
  21. Kessel makes it 5-3 on an empty netter 👀 1 left to go
  22. Don’t be offside don’t be offside don’t be offside 🤞
  23. If we don’t pull off Shane Wright, there is still a really solid group in the next 5-6 picks. walking away with Cooley or Kemell could add offensive flair up front. Slavfosky and Geekie and two big bodies with skill, and Nemec/Jiricek could be too pairing d men. Beyond Wright, my personal favourites are probably Cooley, Nemec then Kemell
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