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  1. You getting British on that wanker Briere?
  2. I wanted 5 points on this trip...delighted with 6
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Great player, but he's staring to look almost fragile.
  4. I love that idea. Check out my favorite Habs. I live here, and cheering for Quebecois players for me is a bonus, not a necessity. I'll get political now. People in my area would, I believe, accept anyone who gives learning a try. That won't work with people like Francois Gagnon, or Ron Fournier. People in other areas of the province, and I'm being as delicate as I can, you Mr. Cucumber can understand, won't accept it. Unless, of course, cups are won. Just remember Celine Dion's husband. He floated the idea about buying into the team, and filling the roster with Quebecois players.
  5. You never bore me, and yes, learning French would be a novel idea, I speak it myself. My reaction is more to do with reality. Just look at the coaching staff Bergevin assembled. When I see references to soccer coaches in England, I just laugh. Another person who just doesn't get what goes on in this province. I'm not defending it, just pointing out the obvious. Another favorite is going after francophone coaches or players. Obviously, that limits the pool of qualified people. The sky is blue, and grass is green. Many people here don't care. And neither does the organization. I'll step away from the discussion. Knock yourself out gentlemen. But if some of you have a problem with it, you may have chosen the wrong team to cheer for. It's not about to change.
  6. I'm still waiting for a thoughtful and constructive comment on the issues. We've been beating this topic for years. Stay on topic, it's the Habs vs Canucks thread.
  7. You guys can't be serious? As usual, you've added absolutely nothing to the tired old language debate. Nothing.
  8. Good for Calgary, and Bob Hartley as well. I was in Calgary once, doubt I'll be back. I have no reason to dislike them.
  9. Gionta get's underrated, like Mr. Cucumber eloquently put it. It's as if the organization does it as well. Handing the torch over to Briere first instead of the captain, on opening night.
  10. It's a fascinating debate. I don't feel strongly either way. If I take my daughter to a game, I really don't want to see players carted off on a stretcher. Which is probably more likely to happen with fighting. She was troubled by what happened to Lars Eller, and that wasn't even a fight. I'll say this though. I haven't read a single compelling argument to keep fighting anywhere, at any time. This idea that it's part of the game is ridiculous. It all but disappears in the playoffs, when the games are the most important. Does anyone actually miss fighting in the Olympics? That's fantastic hockey. The idea that fighting limits stick work, if that were even true, could be rectified easily. Get the refs to call it. Helmets, visors all introduced for players safety. I wouldn't be surprised if fighting is slowly fazed out of the game.
  11. Leafs just might have better goaltending, at a much lower cap hit. 4.7 to our 7.9. I'm not laughing anymore.
  12. Leafs win last 4 home openers in Montreal. It's getting old. I'm done with the torches. Try something different.
  13. It's getting strange, the amount of scary injuries on Bell Center ice. 4-2, game over. Makes me want to tone down the torch stuff.
  14. I'm 42, but I might as well be 10. Love this stuff.
  15. I think the team building, respect stuff is over blown. I'd rather have him playing and contributing for those first 10 games. That's how you earn respect. Love it, keep it up Clarkson, what a fool.
  16. Wow...Metallica live in studio with Howard Stern this morning. The usual great interview, and the performance. Just wow. Even if that style of music isn't your thing.
  17. Here's my weak attempt at being clever, BUT....Machine of LG? Couldn't we say that Houle's obsession with a big, strong, oversized team is exactly what many people are asking for today? Great reading by the way, you've both ruined my afternoon. I've tried to block out those years.
  18. I think you both nailed it. Untradeable might be too strong a word, and not much demand, if any. We saw the same thing with Kaberle. Some so called experts said he'd never be traded. Then people bent over backwards with statistics to prove that was wrong, as though they didn't actually watch him play. We all know how that played out. DD certainly has more upside than Kaberle, but does anyone believe other GM's have inquired about him? No way of knowing of course. And the fantasy GM's on this site, would you trade for him? I'd guess not. He's here to stay, not sure why people are troubled by that. He has a wonderful chance to prove people wrong.
  19. Ryder skipped the final media stuff on clean out your locker day. And early in the process, his agent said he was not going to return.
  20. While Bergevin stands still? You have no clue what you're talking about. He's signed a free agent, inquired about others, made offers to others, and made a trade for team toughness today. I guess some around here wanted Bobby Ryan and David Clarkson on a silver platter. Bergevin also has a plan to build through the draft, he's repeated that many times.
  21. Ya, you're new around here. That's been debated since the beginning of time. Coaches and GM's are one thing, players are another.
  22. Anyone catch the interview with Jimmy Murphy from Boston on the local station here? Seems Seguin likes to party, big reason why trade was made. He showed up the next day, wearing the same clothes, during the series vs the Leafs.
  23. I'd like to thank you for this post. I didn't like the signing at first. I don't find it a panic move. A part of me is concerned it's more about where Briere was born. I was in the Guy Lafleur fan club in the 70's, but taking local guys for the sake of being local is no way to build a winner. But you're right about cap space. I think we should be thankful our favorite team is wealthy, and will always spend to the cap. One other thing, watch Michael McCarron be more productive than Lecavalier in the 4th and 5th years of his crazy deal.
  24. Bergevin, Dudley, Carriere, Mellanby, Lapointe. All in the office, and this is what they come up with? We're easier to play than last season. And nobody wants Desharnais, so get used to the idea, he's here to stay.
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