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  1. That's gotta be your attempt at humour, right? If not, you get an award for the dumbest post yet. He's 19 years old, and leading the league in scoring. He is the future of hockey, and you don't want him. Great.
  2. The "experts" predicted they'd be fighting for a playoff birth. If we're lucky, they'll actually start fighting for one. Just imagine where the team would be if Souray wasn't having a career year.
  3. OK buddy, you've had your fun, that's enough outta you for tonight...
  4. Penguins should slap the Flyers around. So, if we lose tonight, hello sixth place.
  5. What more can be said. Thankx Habs rule.
  6. For what it's worth, the over-exposed, over-excited Pierre McGuire thinks Carbo's doing a great job.
  7. Great game, hey, 1 goal is better than being shutout, they looked really pretty in those nice red jerseys.
  8. Koivu's gotta get it together. Offensive zone, unacceptable.
  9. Souray is NOT resigning here, I have an 18 month old daughter and I'm simply not going to be 3500 miles away from her, neither will he. As for Samsonov, he's working his a** off, and should not be a healthy scratch. It sends the wrong message, benching a player should be for worh ethic, not performance. He should ask for a trade.
  10. Greg Millen, like Glen Healy, two toronto boys who grew up being jealous and hating the Habs. They're beyong pathetic. But, than again so are most of CBC's and TSN's broadcaters, pathetic...
  11. Fighting for the 8th and final playoff spot is where they were predicted to be. In about a week, that's exactly what we'll be watching. The teams lack of scoring even strength is what's going to keep them out of the playoffs. I can live with that, they don't have the talent. But what really makes me want to hurl, is the fact that they've given the leafs 8 out of a possible 10 points this season. Totally unacceptable.
  12. Worst decision?? C'mon, give us all a break. For starters, the NHL had no role in Rory not making it. He didn't get enough votes, it's as simple as that. Him not making the team is exactly what should of happened. It may have been fun while it lasted (if that's what some consider fun, sitting in front of a computer pressing the enter button over and over), but it went way too far anyway. Can we please keep the all-star game for the players that actually deserve to be there.
  13. That's basically it, his wife decided. Not much more to add.
  14. We did go after him. Seems his wife wanted to stay in California. At least that's what Pierre Mcguire said on Montreal radio. Sure would have been nice though, he wanted to play with Koivu before he retires.
  15. Just once, I'd like the Habs to get a chance against the devils back-up goalie. They have one on the roster, right??
  16. In the car on the way home, I listened to CKAC 730 (Montreal francophone station). Wow, most callers want Latendresse on the first line again. And many want Samsonov released outright. Forget about Murray and Downey, most can't even fathom why they're still getting an NHL pay-check. There must be a solution to Samsonov's slow first half. Even he, when interviewed, was surprised the line has stayed together this long without producing.
  17. I was enjoying the debate until you compared Samsonov with Dahlin and Dionne. Not even close. Pleks is simply not a second line center. Look for him to replace Bonk next season on the third line. Or, watch him be traded this year. If Souray is traded, Pleks may even be a throw in with any potential deal.
  18. Easy Shortcat. I like your style, but talking Cup after a january win against Tampa sounds like leaf fans.
  19. The amount of blocked shots is so frustrating, it's laughable. Even the RDS guys pointed it out. I counted at least 6 on one shift. Useless, low percentage wrist shots just don't get it done. Yet they keep doing it. No effort at all tonight.
  20. Michael Farber is a montrealer, and very proud of it. He wrote fabulously for the Gazette for many years, before moving to Sports Illustrated.
  21. A joke, like wrestling. This makes a mockery of the voting process. This started as a local stunt, it's gone too far. But honestly, it's not a big problem, just fun to debate. Everyone has an opinion.
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