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  1. What you said about Therrien scares me more than another season of Gomez.
  2. Sadly I agree with you JC. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Geoff Molson does not have Mark Cuban type money. We're at least two years into going over all the ramifications on this website. We all know that each option is costly, some more than others. You can picture it anyway. Gomez at that team golf event in September, saying all the right things. How he trained hard over the summer, is delighted to be back in the city, loves the direction the team has taken.
  3. Chris...Gionta will be long gone before Galchenyuk is ready for 1st line center duties. We have to get a grip, and realize he might need more development time.
  4. I don't recall the circumstances with Drury, and i'm too lazy to look it up. It doesn't matter anyway. Gomez is 32, and not walking away from 10 million dollars.
  5. Hey buddy, who's that in your picture? Call me curious.
  6. I realize everyone is trying to be creative, and it's good reading. But Gomez is NOT going to retire. Not a chance. And leave all that bank on the table? Never. And no matter his attitude, a coaching offer seems unrealistic.
  7. Montreal was on Jagr's short list of teams last year, he came right out and said it. I'd love to see what a season of Pleks and Jagr on the same line would bring. The number of line combos Pleks had to endure last year was staggering. Put them together, and say you've got until Christmas, let it rip! Oh, and let's not forget, we've got the Casino, and we know about Jagr and gambling.
  8. I doubt it's a problem. He was actually rather cool on RDS. Now Kaberle might be a problem. The ultimate in "soff" defenseman.
  9. I'm born and raised here. Not often I say this, but they're both better off elsewhere. Away from this zoo. I hope they find work.
  10. I think it's good that The Cucumber has delayed offering his opinion. Leave time to simmer down, think rational.
  11. Everyone needs to chill out. Marc Crawford didn't even get his teams into the playoffs for that last 5 years he coached. He sucks.
  12. Exactly...in his world, I'm not even welcome in my own province. Thankfully he's the extreme, and doesn't speak for us all.
  13. Yes. It's usually the talent on the ice that makes or breaks the coach.
  14. Great stuff. But if you quote me, you should read what I wrote. I'm not obsessed, in fact I'm bored with the topic. But I come to my favorite website, and I read the same stuff. And nobody adds anything new. I do agree with you though, if only they'd name a new coach.
  15. Ok, so why don't you actually add to the discussion? Who's your choice? And remember, he'll have to speak French. And don't waste our time telling us how this fact has an effect on the teams future. That subject has been beaten to death, years before you started "contributing".
  16. Me too...and look at Peter Deboer, directly from junior coach to NHL. No time in minors. Is he a good coach?
  17. No, my "theory" has nothing to do with that. Coaches are hired to be fired, we all know that. I just feel that coaches get too much blame, and too much credit. Depending on what transpires. Scotty Bowman says our coach should speak french. That's about all I need to know. Oh, and thanks to The Cucumber for explaining my thoughts on coaching, in a way more detailed way. In a way that I simply can't!
  18. DON! Throw jabs at me, I love it. And I respect your opinion. I was going to leave it alone. In fact, I was going to suggest a thread for the people who want to discuss what happens with European soccer coaches for the 75th time. And how it somehow relates to Quebec. I just thought it funny that Hartley got a job, in a market where language doesn't matter.
  19. I wasn't hinting at anything. The Flames thought the best coach available was a francophone. I guess my point is everyone should just chill. And how anyone can judge Bob Hartley's merits as a coach from their basement is beyond me. My personal belief? Players win championships. Last years cup, both coaches francophone, both we fired. The future is bright boys and girls.
  20. We all know the team has a smaller pool of talent to chose from when it's limited to francophone coaches. However, I find it interesting that the first coach hired in this years off season is French speaking, and was on our list. Hired by a team that could have taken anyone. It makes me laugh at the people who suggest the team doesn't put winning first.
  21. You're trying to be clever, but you missed the point. People on here get all upset about something that's not going to change. That's why I agree with you on Patrick Roy.
  22. They're not really fighting a battle. And they're blissfully unaware of what you think, they don't care. Besides, some great coaches were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, just this year. Last years cup winner was francophone, and he probably would have been fired had our team eliminated the champs in the first round. Geoff Molson is on twitter, regurgitate that stuff to him about winning period. See if he even responds.
  23. Exactly. And I'd add, whatever happens in whatever pro league in Europe has zero to do with here. We've been discussing this for years now. It's not changing. Zzzzzzzzzz, boring.
  24. Good answer, as the firing did look like a desperate move from PG. And I was curious how you felt his tenure as coach should end.
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