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  1. The grass is always greener. I see the whiney little girls are starting to post again. How appropriate that we are playing the RAGS.
  2. Tonight our saviour will finally save us Mr. Price!!!!!!!! 1-0 HABS AK with the shoot-out goal
  3. I thought Kovy was going to drop them for a minute. I would love to see him fight.
  4. I'm diggin Lats skating and toughness. All his hard work has really been noticeable improvement since Gainey took over. 1-0 Sens
  5. I'm totally starting to understand the whole purse incident. OB is just one of those guys that has dumb stuff happen to him all the time because he's just slow and stupid. A big dopey moron!!!!! Keep him off the ice and call Weber up!
  6. ######, Are we going to get I'm mad and going to score Kovy or mad and disappear Kovy.? Pleas BGL punch out Rutuu NOW!!!!!
  7. I think everyone has been panicking and slipped back into familiar feelings of a few weeks ago after todays news. Let's hope the team is a little stronger mentally then the fans.
  8. Can't dwell on how things are looking. Gainey will find solutions, but they weren't going to happen on the first shift or first power-play. Relax. One game at a time. Focus boys ....we need these points. We have to play with the lead, we are not good down and missing our best D-man. Positive thoughts girls, Positive thoughts.
  9. BGL is the best screen we have. I totally understand what Bob was trying. What don't you get?
  10. Faith! Faith!!!!!!!!! Faith!!!!!!! Let's do it for Markov and Lang!!!!!!! It will be like making a trade in round two.
  11. This could turn out good forcing players to step up and realize they are a big part of the success of this team. We need a PP point shot again. Where the hell is that going to come from? Breezer? Hurtin GO HABS GO!!!!!!
  12. Hmmmmmm, You guys remember a few years back when Markov went down to injury, and we sucked brutally until he came back. While I want to be optimistic I'm scared. No Markov against Ovechkin in a possible 1st round spells trouble. Here is my optimistic outlook. Gainey has the boys playing well. If the second line can start becoming a scoring threat and Price or Halak stay, ahhhhhhh never mind we are so screwed!
  13. Not expecting much offense from Janik, don't really know much about him except he's got some size and seems rugged. Can anyone fill us in on his abilities? I guess we'll see how the Steve Bégin trade works out for us.
  14. How about BGL? First time this season I've seen real emotion. Making a statement he wants to be used in the play-offs. Come and get it Mr.Lucic........muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  15. Some good news I think.... On Hfboards someone stated Ron Maclean on HNIC did officially state that Markov and The Shnide will both be playing in the next game. Could still turn for the worse overnight I suppose but I'm going to hang on to the good news until I hear different. At least it was Ron Maclean and he wouldn't say that unless he had heard something positive.
  16. Yup. That's the series I think I would Like to see. That would be firewagon hockey! I think we would take them too, because Theo blows.
  17. Not saying Metro is a heavyweight but he did look like he knew what he was doing scrapping Weight. I will give him that. I wonder where his loyalty stands should we meet the B's in the play-offs. Maybe him and Ryder could go at it. Then again Ryder always does the "Hmm, what? Something was happening? where?" as he skates away from the smallest of scuffles trying to look like he can't see. I just hope Komi lays out Grabs hard tonight.
  18. Just like a soap opera. The story unfolds into another story and that unfolds into another story which circles around and starts up again only with different people on the same soap with the same story to unfold into yet another "same" story. You can miss a year worth of episodes and tune in for only 1 hour and know exactly what's going on. "As The Bell centre Turns" by Rejean Tremblay What is the agenda really? It's over and we are in a play-off race. How does any of this information help anything or anybody. Tremblay is only making himself the @ss.
  19. True enough. I'm not dogging his play, he has been great for them for sure. They had to do something. For some reason I just don't think he's worth that much for the next 4 years but when you stack him against Huet and others making the same dough I suppose he is. Maybe if he could change his goofy helmet I might think he's worth it. Joke. The market is what it is.
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