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  1. 5 ft 9 175 lbs? Defenceman? Serious? He must be one talented smurf. This I gotta see.
  2. There is NO upside to trading Galchenyuk. I don't care where he plays he is an offensive threat. I would like to see him at center but that is the coach's decision. How are you going to get more scoring by trading him? You are not.
  3. So who shows up tonite? The real habs or the non scoring, lack of defence, accident prone peckerheads that sometimes sneak into the bell center? I am hoping that Barber Bill has had some long discussions with certain of these guys and discussed whether they want to wear the greatest jersey in the world or find a new one next year. We need this game.
  4. Maybe the Bell centre stats guy needs a good shake.
  5. Montoya was great, the team let him down. Start him against the Canes.
  6. I worried there might be a let down after the weekend. OK boys WAKE THE FORK UP!!!!
  7. And by all alone you mean the defencemen forgot he was on the ice. Talk about open. I chalk it up to they had to get up early from their nap and are still asleep.
  8. leave the red wings as dead things.
  9. Nahh just hate to see owners get involved in day to day hockey ops.
  10. Wy would you need a GM since you are making alll the decisions?
  11. Apparently Mclean said he would not go back to hosting HNIC unless he could keep doing home town hockey. What an opportunity missed. Actually I don't watch Don and Ron anymore.
  12. great game, the duffies got 1 fluke goal. Glad we had Price in there without him not sure if the result is the same. He can ave a rest now. Emelin managed to stay out of trouble, good to see. Maybe he got the hint nd will turn his game around, we do need him at his best for the playoffs. Byron the Sniper, who knew? Great game.
  13. Yeah I was talking to Barber Bill and he could see my point. We have to do what is best for the team. OK so Carey is in, everybody is ready to go. Emelin has been embarassed into playing ike a real NHLer So
  14. Dammit how is Emelin gonna get any good at hot dogs playing on the ice?
  15. and should always be televised to B.C. Lets pass a law.
  16. As to the messages thing, I was replying to CC whose idea was to send a message of contempt. You should try and read all the posts Don. Any way it is the coaches decision so we will wait and see. CHEERS.
  17. I am not real hung up on this, it is the coach's decision. I would like to have a little space over the Duffy's (I like that btw). With 2 non playoff teams coming up Al can play and Carey can rest.
  18. I thought Emelin did really well tonite, he only spilled ketchup and mustard on his shirt twice. With a little practice he will master eating hot dogs. I say a week otta be a good start.
  19. pretty feisty this morning Don you got the special creamer in your coffe?
  20. What message does a loss send? We are not good enough to send messages of contempt.
  21. The broons series would be fun, but they look pretty dangerous right now, howerer we have beaten The Rags all year long. Yes taking a healthy team into the playoffs is important so who else do you want to sit? Radulaov? Galchenyuk? Patches?
  22. what you say is true but we need these points. It is late in the season and going into the playoffs 1st in the Atlantic is important. These teams are too close and now is when we need out best players to be their best. Carey is our best player. Montoya can play Detroit and Carolina. Pointless to have Carey play them, and it will give him all the rest he needs.
  23. I think if you watched the game today you could see why Carey needs to play tomorrow. He will want to play. And we need him.
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