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  1. tsn sez carolina picked up weight for some draft picks. I think they just got a lot better and it di d not cost them much in player value but maybe in future value. i wonder how they are doing under the cap now anybody?
  2. have you checked your facts? try these sillinger 877 games 188 goals 251 assts 439 points -181 perrault 722 games 214 goals 230 assts 444 points -20 and perrault is 500,000 per versus 1 million for sillinger I go back to what I said keeping perrault would have made more sense defensively and offensively just thought you might like to know
  3. unless we move a lot of salary we wont be able to afford him. As an rfa TB can match any offer.
  4. I would not get that excited. he has 22 goals which is the most he has ever had he is good on the faceoff but he is -17. We could have kept perrault cause they are the same. Apparently bob has a different plan.
  5. too old too slow too much money has maybe 1 or 2 years left or maybe 1 or 2 months like brett hull
  6. fair enough best of luck with the patch (and the wife)
  7. i think johnny and dalhabs both need to take some meds this is about hockey not your petty little prejudices
  8. whats wrong with koivu kovolev ? NOTHING (tonite)
  9. a much better period of hockey some of these bullshit calls have got to stop koivu kovo look interested they should kill them in the third
  10. in the last few games I actually believe ribs has played a lot better and if he keeps it up he'll be moving up
  11. he can't make the caps but he could help us? he was a solid defensive centre in his day but that day has probably gone by. Like so many other 35+ players he is on his way out
  12. I think he is playing far better lately than he was earlier in the season ok lets not talk about chara making him look like a pylon. He's a big boy and he will come back
  13. maybe he and his ex were negotiating and she bit him in the groin area?
  14. he has always been a classy guy and proves it one more time good for him
  15. hey maybe this is what they need when other teams are laughing at them maybe now they will find some pride and kick some ass
  16. I'm not sure what your post is referring to chris personally I thought rivet was doing the right thing and what his name from the sens is a coward
  17. I wish or maybe hope that Bob sees that article and posts on the bulletin board for all these "professional" atheletes to see and live with. They are currently a disgrace to the legend of the canadiens. They are dropping the torch
  18. no shots no goals too many penalties 5 on 3 very popular 1 poor goal tender hung out to dry by defensemen trying to play the puck with their feet. for everything else there's aw hell you get the point.
  19. huet is the one bright spot he's giving them a chance but the team ain't helping him at all
  20. yeah I remember a guy named Roy who had a temper on him. and an ego the size of new york city but he was pretty good.
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