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  1. I don't thick claude has any choice but to play the kids. he's got nobody else.
  2. it is simple the broons don't pay anybody 7 mill per year winning is not the object profit is
  3. the nhl will have to do something about the referee incompetance maybe fire a couple would help. I think they are getting mixed messages about what is a penalty. when you call a penalty at 20:00 in regulation you had better be right, they weren't! i dont care what bob and harry the bobo twins think.
  4. hey package huet with dagenais then at least we could get a full bag of pucks and maybe a roll of tape. lol
  5. well they never have. hope they keep their playoff record in tact
  6. They said earlier that they want Danis to play 50 games this year and obviously he won't get them in the NHL. The kid needs playing time to develop. Huet was brought in to be a back up and they are sticking with their plan. yes he does need to develop and the shuttle to hamilton seemed to work well. It also saves $ under the cap. maybe huet will come back but I've never been that impressed with him. his stats are not that good. I always felt he was a throw in for that trade. On the positive side his contract is apparently $456,000 which is cheap so if he does not work out he wont kill us under the cap
  7. i think danis is ready for the big club and huet does not look so good maybe trade bait?
  8. sykora has a groin injury. Hey maybe we could trade dags for him. just kidding
  9. we need perezoghin with kovy out as to the Ir i'm not sure but i dont think it makes a difference
  10. thank you for the correction I must have picked that up from an earlier post. This guy can only play on the pp and I m not sure about that! there are more guys out there that cannot play in the nhl today. Yes stevey y is one of them. I also think trevor linden is done. no speed equals no job. It's a new league and there will be some guys who can't make it. dags is one.
  11. hey how the hell does a guy play 6 minutes and be the 3rd star? i think hes a fill in guys he wont be here long.
  12. Hey bg would have probably lost Hossa on waivers so you get the deal you can something is better than nothing. I will be interested to sewe how this guy does in the future. lets be honest Hossa was not goin to make the team, do you really care if he plays in hamilton? I only care that we have the best team in Montreal that we can have.
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