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  1. I'm mistaken. He does look like a lemur more than a muskrat. It's the 70's porno moustache that does it.
  2. Strachan reminds me of a large rodent, possibly a muskrat.
  3. So Poulliot takes half a dozen bone-head penalties and does little offensively, but Gui can't get any ice time?
  4. Can't wait to see the Canadian forwards go wide on Hatcher. He might as well wear orange.
  5. On Sat. night games I make sure I'm on beer number six by the time the puck drops.
  6. It's now AK46, but we should petition to get the number changed. Too bad he doesn't speak english.
  7. Larry Robinson. He didn't fight much because no one would take him on. I remember when he dropped Stan Johnathon will one punch. There's also a Red Fisher story about a brawl with Philly in 76 where Big Bird was in the room getting a skate fixed when Shultz starts a brawl. Apparently Larry comes out and gives him a pounding while his skates are still untied.
  8. You've been playing too much EA hockey...
  9. I like the Jokinen thread better. p.s. "Vagenais". Nearly wet myself laughing.
  10. T Bo went on waivers?? Holy crap!!! Who do the hell do the Pens think is going to man the pipes this year, Fleury?? They're going to ruin that kid. Mario needs to give his head a shake. [Edited on 2005/11/29 by casseau]
  11. Everyone still whines about the LeClair - Recchi trade, but LeClair had never scored more than 20 goals at the time and was a huge disappointment coming off the Cup win in 93. Recchi however was a multiple 100 point man. I remember being more pissed off at losing Desjardins and perhaps the best Elvis impersonator in NHL history in Gilbert Dionne.
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