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  1. If Weber leaves, yes. The analytics nerds are not high on him - so I’ve heard. Anyone have a good source?
  2. Looking at the roster we have 9 forwards that are definitely must keep. Maybe 10. On D, we are 5 must keep. I would jettison Tatar and Drouin. Controversially, Weber. That frees 18 mill to find better players. That’s MB’s job this summer.
  3. Terrible hit. Hope Evans comes back quickly. Really spoiled a great night for the Sainte Flanelle. My take on this is a little different though. Scheifele - if he’s that volatile - is now a liability to Winnipeg. Never mind the pressure of being in a very bright spotlight when he returns. If he comes back, we should be goading that guy constantly. I mean Gallagher in his face all the time.
  4. I’d like to see Romanov and Artie draw back in.
  5. TIL the Avro Arrow was a promising Canadian aviation project that quickly devolved into a bureaucratic nightmare, red tape and a long line of people questioning “what could have been.” Tonight, the CH will begin firmly cementing that legacy.
  6. Yvonne with the win! Gear down and rest up cause we're back on wednesday!
  7. Craig Button should have to drop his pants on live TV for this.
  8. Agreed. It should be the other way around at this point. Keep OUR legs moving so THEY are at risk.
  9. The look on Thornton's face: Same shit as always!
  10. Couldn't pick a better guy to break the ice!!
  11. GHG! As much as we love to complain about our team, they’re defying the odds and I am savouring every moment!
  12. Toffoli and Petry both due for breakouts. A win here puts the absolute fear of death into the 416/905.
  13. Quite the hustle by KK on that tally. Impressive
  14. This is supposed to be a hockey game. We’re getting distracted in the worst way.
  15. Is it just me or are the refs constantly getting in the way tonight?
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