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  1. There's an error in the goalie matchup. Actually, Roloson is getting the nod for tonight's game, not Fernandez.
  2. How could you forget about Alexander Steen? Simply the best Swedish forward since Peter Forsberg. :eyes:
  3. I'm really hoping there is no truth whatsoever with this Selanne to Montreal rumor. I'm not worried right now because we have heard this one in past 3 or 4 off-seasons. Although I'm not one of those who are saying Teemu is washed-up and should retire, I don't think he would be a valuable addition to our club. It's been quite some time since the team management is saying that our Habs are going to go with youth and let those guys prove what they are worth at training camp. Yet, just when guys like Perezhogin, Higgins and Plekanec are in good position to earn a spot on the opening night line-up, Gainey would sign a 36 year-old veteran UFA? Doesn't make much sense to me. [Edited on 2005/8/18 by Higgsfan]
  4. Pretty boring overall game to watch. I’m going to make it short and sweet: this continuous dump and chase habitude is getting really annoying. First of all, this team doesn’t even have the strong forecheckers needed to keep the puck in the offensive zone, but it also allows the other team to get out of their zone and create some sort of attack most of the time. I must say watching the Hamilton Bulldogs is more entertaining actually. At least, these guys show the willing to create something after they cross the red line. I guess it’s all about the trap, that made people lose all interest in hockey. Anyways, to come back to the main point, Jose Theodore missed the chance to earn his 100th career win tonight. You have to give Florida credit for not letting up. I’m trying to be unbiased here, but was that Craig Rivet penalty a real one? I mean, the other guy looked like he threw himself on the ice. I guess there’s nothing we can do about it…
  5. Strangly, I'm not overexcited about our performance tonight. Nothing too impressive on defense, and the good old "dump and chase" on offense. Oh well, I guess we should happy our team scored 5 goals, because it won't come too often. Notes: * Komisarek had a great game. Played a mistake-free game, solid and accurate passes, no flashy plays, but safe plays. I like his thinking, he does the simple things that go unoticed by some fans but that are very appreciated by the management. I hope he keeps this up, he did pretty good with Souray tonight. I also noticed he used his size more than ever tonight. Everything he fought for the puck along the boards, the other guy went down. Great game, A1. * The only thing the Bouillon-Rivet pairing created tonight is turnovers after turnovers. I don't think Bouillon was to blame on the two goals scored against him, but Rivet looked like a midget on Witt's goal. I know that's wishful thinking, but I do hope Q-Ball will take Rivet's spot tomorrow night. * Dagenais did a fine job in front of Kolzig's net. You gotta give him credit on Souray's first goal. He's the one who set up all the play for Sheldon. Good overall game, wasn't a liability in his own zone. * Something has to be done about Koivu's line. They did score a PP goal, so what? They've spent at least 2/3 of their ice time in their own zone, and created close to nothing expect for Ryder's PP goal. Ribeiro's line has been way more dominant tonight... and that's meaningful to me. Bulis should be brought on this line, to replace either Ryder or Zednik, preferably Zed as far as I'm concerned.
  6. It will be interesting to see how will Mike Komisarek will perform, as he will be paired with Sheldon Souray. I have always thought these two guys would form a great duo. According to CKAC, here's the official line up for tonight's game: Micheal Ryder - Saku Koivu - Richard Zednik Yanic Perreault - Mike Ribeiro - Niklas Sundstrom Jan Bulis - Joe Juneau - Andreas Dackell Darren Langdon - Steve Begin - Pierre Dagenais Andreï Markov - Patrice Brisebois Sheldon Souray - Mike Komisarek Francis Bouillon - Craig Rivet Mathieu Garon Jose Thedore I can't say I'm really enthusiastic with Perreault playing on the 2nd line. While I do agree Bulis has done a fine job playing with his good old linemates (Juneau and Dackell), I think this guy deserves to be rewarded for his consistant play. Jan has shown offensive sparks in many games, but seems like he just can't finish the plays. Maybe playing with third liners is the reason why he just can't seem to buy goals. Perhaps playing with more offensive-minded linemates would help him taking advantage of his scoring chances. What do we have to lose anyways? We're not able to buy goals right now. [Edited on 2003/11/28 by Higgsfan]
  7. Either that... or maybe some team will be looking for a veteran when playoff time approaches. We all know teams like Toronto like bringing in veterans on their line up at trade dead line time. Oh well, let's just pray we can get rid of him. I have always been a fan of Audette before, but I do admit that he's kind of useless to the Habs. [Edited on 2003/11/28 by Higgsfan]
  8. It's been announced few minutes ago. Mike Komisarek will be playing tonight against the Washington Capitals. It will be his first game in 2003-04 with the Canadiens. Julien has also announced defenseman Stephane Quintal will be a healthy scratch tonight, as he'll be replace by Komisarek. Quintal has had an awful week in the Habs western trip, as he was -2 in every game he played. Komisarek will be paired with Sheldon Souray. Better keep your head up, Caps!!! :ghg:
  9. Same here. I have already sent my application. It would be a pleasure to contribute to HabsWorld and to be part of the staff.
  10. "We all know you are a hard worker and you have a good work ethic and that probably paid off a lot at camp... but, was it a big surprise for you to make the big team out of camp and play 2 NHL games early in the season?" :ghg: [Edited on 2003/11/28 by Higgsfan]
  11. I like this move. Giving Garon a start on Tuesday against the Blue Jackets will allow Theodore to be in shape for two important games against Eastern Conference teams later this week. Mathieu has always responded quite well when given the opportunity, so I'm not worried about him coming out strong. Also, I think expecting trades at this stage is a bit early. I must agree on the fact that many guys are underachieving as of now, but it's still too early for Gainey to take decisions concerning players' immediate future. I think he's going to take a least a few weeks before making any major changes. :ghg:
  12. It has been done in the past (i.e. in the 2002 playoffs against the Bruins). It would be worth trying it, I'd say. They may form chemestry, and what do we have to lose after all? We're already creating no offense. It couldn't get any worse than that. I like it.
  13. I like it. But I won't love it until Saku is back in the line up. We're truly missing a quality playmaking center here. This line up has too much guys who can only score and not pass, in my opinion.
  14. Actually, it's well known in hockey that usually, goal scorers perform better playing on the wing, and playmakers (such as Koivu) are better at center. With that being said, I can't see why Julien would even think about moving Saku to the wing, as he's always been playing at center in the past, and has responded quite well.
  15. Zednik is a big part of our problems on offense, in my opinion. We all agree that every team needs at least one guy that shoots a lot and likes keeping the puck for himself. Richard is that guy, but he's exaggerating. It's so easy for other teams to figure out what he's going to do with the puck since he always shoots from the faceoff circle, in all circumstances. Zednik had a 2-on-1 with Marcel Hossa last night, and didn't even look to his left to see if his teammate was in a better position than him to score. Instead, he took a shot right in Dunham's chest. Not even close to being a dangerous shot. He'll have to start passing the puck at some point, because he really looks like a selfish player out there. Yes, it's a good thing to shoot often on the opponant's net, but sometimes the nice little feed to a teammate that's in better spot of a scoring a goal is more effective.
  16. I'm also new to the board. I thought I should start posting, because it seems like there are many knowledgeable hockey fans on this board from what I can see. I also post on HF for those who were wondering. [Edited on 2003/11/2 by Higgsfan]
  17. I agree with what has been said previously here. It's a shame Markov wasn't invited. Not only is he one of the best young defensemen in the league, but he's having a pretty good season start. I don't like to sound biased, but I really do think Andreï is a lot better than Bryan McCabe. Oh well, I guess the All-Star game commitee really hates Markov, and we'll have to live with it. With that being said, Zednik doesn't deserve to be on that list. He's having a brutal season.
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