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Montreal vs. Tampa Bay | Game Thread | 04/23/04 | Game 1 | Round 2

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Damn Souray penalty!

Sounds like the Bolts are skating circles round us, we need the kill, the next goal and a strong finish, we can do it, c'mon Habs!!!


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My god. They look like the MakeBeliefs out there tonight.

They need to come out hitting in the third. Pretend it's Boston out there, or TB will out-finesse them.

GO HABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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2-0 Bolts after 2... Lecavalier got a kind of flukey looking deflection goal (flukely because the shot was so slow) ... This after the first goal where Theodore had lost his stick and while picking it up was scored on.. Not a good night for Theodore, but I'd hardly blame him.

CJ needs to make adjustments going into the 3rd, and of course for game-2 ... much like after the first game of the Bruins series.

Nobody said it was going to be easy...


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2-0 <img src=http://www.pass-the-puck.com/forums/html/emoticons/Tampa%20Bay%20Lightning.png> at the end of the 2nd period. :nono:

Shots on goal <img src=http://www.pass-the-puck.com/forums/html/emoticons/Tampa%20Bay%20Lightning.png> 23 :hlogo: 16


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Well, so much for tonight's game plan.

Put the puck in the net fast we are back in it, but whatever we need to try something else in game 2, something other than giving the puck away over and over again.

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We are playing pretty bad tonight. I am not worried though.

CJ needs to get a new game plan together. This is not the Bruins. It is a weak excuse but we are surely tired.

Theo has played for the most part, quite well. That is really positive.

I guarantee in game two, we will see a different habs team out there.

Watch out TB.....You think you are playing some chumps?

Sunday @ 4:00, you will get your eyes opened.


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Typical empty perfermance from a club just coming out of an emotional 7 game series...

TO didn't do much in game 1

Calgary was completely outplayed, but lucky for them Kiprusoff stole Game 1.

Now Montreal comes up with the ugliest one yet.

Biggest disappointment has to be the 2nd line being completely invisible, worst of all Ribeiro who not only didn't do a thing offensively but also created the turnover fir the 1st TB goal.

CJ eventually started playing Perreault in his #2 center spot with Ryder & Dags to show his despleasure. Ribeiro responds with continued uninspired play... takes a lazy penalty in the 3rd.

And once again the Habs put themselves in a potential hole by not showing up for Game 1.

It's as if they relaxed because it was the last time in their last 4 that they weren't in a do-or-die situation.

Just a complete lack of synch tonight... PP was unbearable to watch.

Now the question is whether will manage a split in Game 2 or repeat the ugly scenario of round 1.

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