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Our depth situation


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He didn't say that Chipchura should be traded for the team's benefit, but for his own benefit. He simply feels bad for the kid if he has to spend another year in the minors.

Exactly. I really like Kyle Chipchura, and regardless of whether Mats Sundin signs or not I think he should play with the Canadiens. Also, I don't think he should be fighting with Maxim Lapierre for a spot, but instead Steve Bégin should be the odd man out.

As for Andrei Kostysitsyn, I never said he was ready right out training camp after the lockout, he didn't really have a good camp, and obvislouly needed more time in the minors... I hate when people put words in my mouth... However, he did emerge as a scoring threat in Hamilton that season, and he played quite well for the Canadiens when called-up in the second half. I remember he looked good on a line with Jan Bulis and Richard Zednik, and he was often the best player on the ice despite his limited ice time. That's when I thought he should have stayed (and I think his offensive skills could have helped us against the Hurricanesm, especially after Koivu got his eye injury).

At the very least, he should have stayed after in excellent training camp before the 2006-07 season. He had a strong second half in Hamilton, he was great for his country at the World Championships, and he was perhaps the best forward at the Canadiens training camp... there was absolutely no reason to send him down once again in Hamilton. Actually, we're lucky that we had several injuries that year and that his brother in his the organization, otherwise he might be back in Russia right now, just like Perezhogin...

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