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New Cherepanov Info


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This story will only get better before it goes away.

Cherepanov's autopsy shows that he had been "blood doping" at the time of his death and also that he had myocarditis (or infectious cardiomyopathy, usu. viral).

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this apart from reinforcing that he should not have been playing hockey. It will be interesting to see how this creates fallout in both the KHL and NHL. I imagine that the Rangers PR men are working overtime on this one.


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What's blood doping?

In short terms, that means "to administrate blood, red blood cells, artificial carriers of oxygen towards muscles or blood products been similar to an athlete to increase the stamina and improve the performance."

Edit :

The 3 most popular and well known methods of blood doping are :

1 : EPO

2 : Synthetic carriers of oxygen

3 : Blood transfusions

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