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2015 HW Prospect Rankings


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Usually I remember to start this thread at the beginning of the series. Whoops. Most of the rankings have already been revealed aside from the top-5 which will go up tomorrow or soon after but better late than never to get this going I guess...

Below are the rankings. (The HW writers as a group voted for the top-10, I put together the rest.)

1) F Nikita Scherbak

2) F Jacob de la Rose

3) F Michael McCarron

4) D Noah Juulsen

5) F Charles Hudon

6) G Zach Fucale

7) D Jarred Tinordi

8) F Sven Andrighetto

9) F Martin Reway

10) F Artturi Lehkonen

11) F Jeremy Gregoire

12) F Daniel Carr

13) D Brett Lernout

14) F Tim Bozon

15) F Lukas Vejdemo

16) F Christian Thomas

17) D Darren Dietz

18) F Daniel Audette

19) F Mark MacMillan

20) D Mac Bennett

21) F Matt Bradley

22) D Dalton Thrower

23) D Ryan Johnston

24) D Simon Bourque

25) G Michael McNiven

26) F Connor Crisp

27) D Nikolas Koberstein

28) F Jeremiah Addison

29) D Joel Hanley

30) F Gabriel Dumont

31) F Jake Evans

32) G Hayden Hawkey

33) D Morgan Ellis

34) F Joonas Nattinen

35) F Stefan Fournier

36) D Colin Sullivan


Any rankings that you think are too high/too low?

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Bourque should be 4 or 5 spots higher.

Tinordi a bit too high.

Scherbak nor Juulsen should be in top 5.

Andrighetto, Hudon, Reway, Lehkonen, de la Rose would be my top 5, maybe Hudon at #1

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I agree on Tinordi. Some writers were really high on him, others weren't. I fell into the latter category as he was off my ballot entirely (top-10 + 2 honourable mentions). I had Lernout as the #2 d-man.

I'm surprised you're that high on Andrighetto. He was literally a coin flip to barely crack my top-10. I don't think he's good enough to be a top six winger in the NHL. He could be a decent fit as a skilled third liner but that's not top prospect material for me.

With Bourque, I generally try to slot the picks from the most recent draft in the order they were picked so even though I think he's probably a better prospect than someone like Bradley, he'll start behind the 5th rounder for this year. I made an exception with McNiven (not slotting him behind Addison) but that was simply because he had the strong rookie tourney performance and was set to become the starter in Owen Sound this year.

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Just some like Thrower, Audette, Bradley I would put Bourque ahead of.

Andrighetto maybe at #5 and will see this year if he can improve on his offense, if he gets another crack at big club.

Some hint that Tinordi just dosent have puck skills/smarts to be a NHLer and I am leaning that way also with every errant pass, fumbled puck he makes or has.

I know you guys put a lot more time in slotting these guys, but just don't have good feeling about McCarron still.

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