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Quick survey here for those who follow prospects closely (looking in your direction Cypress Hill, euh I mean Ben)


Within the let's say 3 last drafts (19-20-21),  who are the top 10-15 prospects to grab in Dynasty Mode ?


Lafrenière, Byfield, Caufield, Zegras  come to mind.

Where would you rank the Perfetti, Raymond, Newhook, Podkolzin ??? 

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Stutzle should definitely be fairly high in that group.  I'll throw Seth Jarvis in there as well - not sure he sticks this season (he might get a 9-game look) but he'll be there soon.  Cole Sillinger from this draft I think should be in the mix somewhere.


Of the four you list at the end, I'd have Raymond highest - he's the only one that probably has top-line potential between their upside and team situation.

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Any opinion on some 2nd/3rd year players for Fantasy purposes ?

Who will/should have the opportunity to have an impact (PP time, great line, etc) ?


C. Sillinger 

Kent Johnson 







L. Reichel





Anyone stands out for you ?   I kind of like  Seth Jarvis a lot on Carolina RW.  Beniers should get the best spots on Seattle's offense, right ?


Do you guys believe that Calen Addison could get 1st PP time with the Wild over Spurgeon and Dumba ?

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Of those guys, I think Beniers and Boldy are the likeliest to have big years.  Keep an eye on Alexander Holtz.  If he makes New Jersey's lineup, he might be on their top line based on preseason usage.  Reichel was sent down the other day.  It's not a great year for prospect d-men other than Power, really.  Addison could see some PP time to start the season but I'm not sure he's a full-fledged regular when everyone's healthy.

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