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    Drouin puts up 90 points as what would be one of the best players in the league, but that trade might be even? You don't see any way how we win this trade? Umm, maybe Jonathan Drouin continues being the #1 center that he currently is and Sergachev is anything less than a #1 dman?
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    I'm not sure about the anger about this hockey trade. Montreal needed a #1 centre. They got one. He isn't an elite #1, but he is a #1 from what I can see. He is also a student of the game. Sergachev has #1 D potential, and its looking like he could very well become that. Montreal's #1 denfense, #1 center, and goalie are not issues at the moment. It confuses me that most the posts and threads focus on these things. Mobile depth on defense is the main issue that I can see. Yes, keeping Sergachev may have helped that, but Rad would have still taken the Dallas money and tax advantage, and we would be screaming about the top 6. even if Serg is a high end defenseman, I am still pretty happy with Drouin.
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    I don’t think Molson can grow what will never be there - I found out all I needed to know about Molson in le’affaire cunneyworth.
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    No, this is not the same film - unless we trade Price for something like Greiss, ladd, boychuk and Nelson. Which with MB in charge isn’t totally out of the question. first of all, price doesn’t have 2 cups to his resume. He’s had better teams in front of him in the past and that still wasn’t good enough to get to the finals. Second, the team in front of him isn’t as good as the team that Roy had. Our defence is the early 2000 NJD - 0nly with no Scott Neidermeyer or or Rafalski. Our D is horrible. We have no real top 2 centre. This team isn’t going to win with or without Price. Without Price they are going to lose more, with Price they still aren’t good enough to win what counts - the cup. I don’t care about division titles - we don’t hang them in the bell Centre. lastly, price hasn’t even started his 8 year contract at over $10m and is already showing signs of durability. I’d rather move on - but the return needs to be a first line centre. I still believe that there was a deal to me made for Malkin, before the pens got Murray. That ship has long sailed. in today’s nhl a stud centre and dman is much more important than having the best goalie in the world, coz there are only so many games you can win 1-0 or 2-1.
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    Dumb, Carr earned the spot. Especially since Lehkonen is the guy hurt.
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    So what, he is 19 friggin years old and has 1 point less than Hedman. So your dismissing what a 19 year old kid has accomplished because of his limited ice time??! Or because he plays with offensive players??? how many points did the oilers D get playing with macdavid when he was on a tear last year??? Friedman and most analysts have said this kid is the real deal and not only will be in the Norris conversation in a few years, but fills a huge gap the lightning had in their lineup today. Two young dman I’d love to have to build around the most from dmen that were traded young are Sergechev and Seth Jones. you don’t trade young stud puck moving dman in today’s NHL
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    If Sergechev gets 60 points , he’s pretty much a #1 dman
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    I don’t see any way how we win this trade- unless Drouin becomes a 80-90 point player and even than it may be an even trade if Sergechev becomes a 60 point dman. I fundamentally am of the opinion you can’t win a trade when you plug a hole by creating a bigger hole - and that’s the crux of the issue i have with every major deal made by MB. On he other hand, nashville wanted duschane, but Sakic wanted one of their top 4 in return. Poile knee thatbwhhile he’d fill a hole at centre, he’d be creating another one on D. So he looked at another way to plug the hole and picked up another centre to fill the hole. IMO, that is brilliant manoeuvring by a GM. The only recent move that I think Poile could have improved on is trading Weber for Johansen (who knows - he may have tried), because I think Jones will be better than Subban and will be on a more affordable contract for a longer period. MB on the other hand is always creating a bigger hole. Brings in a solid Dman in Weber, creates a bigger hole by giving up the more skilled, younger puck moving dman. Trades for Drouin and trades the best defensive prospect since Subban and McDonough (and the guy in the system he said made the Subban trade possible)? for a guy everyone know Yzerman was eventually going to move. We we have a GM who seems to be trying to move forward ruderless and has tied himself to a goalie who has never gone deep in the playoffs for the next 8 years, and actually seems to be putting a weaker team in front of Price each year. This is not m any to be a shot at Price, but just part of my belief that goaltending alone will not win you a cup. Hasek came close in buffalo, but Price is not as dominant as Hasek was (yes technically he is probably one of the best goalies ever- but he has never been able to single handily take his team deep in his he playoffs like hasek did).