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    The 2013 Habs core was and still is overrated. Gallagher was seen as a 3rd liner, Galchenyuk never became a dominant player. Paccioretty never elevated his game in the playoffs and Price has been hurt often. Subban was the best part of that core, but Therrien shouldn't have been coaching him. Markov had come back from injury, but some of the other veterans were starting to decline. That core was never considered an established cup contender. It was not "gutted" or "ran into the ground", it just never took off. The Canadiens are still far from even being a playoff team, but we can recognise that the recent moves are promising: * Domi > Galchenyuk * Gallagher = Galagher * Price = Price * Suban > Weber iif hurt*Weber * Pacioretty 2018 < Tatar 2018 * Danault 2018 = Plekanec 2013 But the biggest different is in the prospect pool: (Beaulieu, Tinordi, DeLaRose, Scherbak, Fucale) < (Suzuki, Poehling, Lindgren, Brook, Kotkaniemi, Scherbak)
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    Despite missing the last couple of games due to my inability to watch the stream, I share in the general enthusiasm for what this group has shown so far. But people reminding us how early it is should certainly be listened to. My take on it is this. Let's say this team continues to do well, maybe makes the playoffs before bowing out honourably. Let's say the rebuild appears to be on track and we're looking to a bright future. Good! But keep in mind one thing. Begrevin inherited exactly the same situation in 2013. In fact, the core young pieces there (Price, Subban, Patches, Gally, Galy) were considerably more impressive than what we currently have in the system. And how did he manage that situation? Answer: right into the ground, taking a team on the cusp of heavy-duty contention and gutting it, to the point where we've found it necessary to 'rebuild' at exactly the point where that group should have been in its prime contending years. Any optimism about what MB is doing now should therefore be tempered by an awareness that we've been here before under him, and that he showed himself to be spectacularly, comically, breathtakingly incompetent and translating a good young core into a true, lasting contender. If previous patterns hold true, then, we should expect to see the team get better and better, then have MB overreact to a playoff loss or two, and make a series of idiotic moves that leave us mired in mediocrity again. Now, perhaps he's learned from his previous folly. Maybe the second time's a charm. But anyone jumping back on board the MB train after what he did to the previous generation of Habs is like a gal who just goes running back to a boyfriend who betrayed her spectacularly. Once burned, twice shy, I say.
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    Is Mete the new Galchenyuk? Is Julien getting ready to destroy another young player?