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    The best way to watch it. With music. https://twitter.com/CaptMaverick85/status/1184983241062862850?s=20
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    The prize is Joe also scores tonight. Heyooooooooooooh!
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    Missed the first period because of work. Yay late shift. First 3/4 of the 2nd Habs were a team with a mission. Last 5 minutes was something else. They need to get back to just skating hard.
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    He shoooots. He SCOOOOORES !!!!!
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    To be honest, I think he would be...in the right situation. If I had to guess on what that situation would be, it'd be at a time where the Habs are a legitimate playoff team (not a bubble one) and the player they're getting back is either signed or under team control for 3+ years. Granted, that's a pretty tough set of self-imposed circumstances to work under (very few key players traded in recent years meet the control requirement) but I think that's the perfect storm type of situation he'd be looking for.
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    Nope, we have Weber. Dropping nearly $15m into 2 34+ defencemen for the next 5 years will kill us. I'll take Brodin though.
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    Byron has not been himself this year.
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    I missed the goal as well😂 Tuned in now but I was on my way home from work during the first period when Mete scored. October 17th, 2019 vs Minnesota at the Centre Bell. It’s also the first time the Habs have scored against Minnesota at home since 2017.
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    After all this time, I missed it! I shall sentence myself to a penance of watching the highlight video a minimum of 20 times!
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    With you? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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    A night of firsts as Suzuki gets in on it!
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    1) Unless you were in the room, and inside Bergevin's head, how do you know he didn't want Tatar. 2) How do you know what the scouting report was on Domi and whether the team saw something in Domi's 20 games at C with Arizona that showed them he was a better C than Galchenyuk? I didn't like the trade when it was made (but love it now). I'm not willing to say it was luck though. Teams do a lot of work before they make trades and obviously they saw something in Domi and his ability to play in the middle, seeing as he was made a centre from the very start of training camp on his first day here. 3) What trades were available that he could have moved a prospect for? Which ones should he have done? Did you want him to trade Kotkaniemi? Suzuki? Romanov? Seriously, your Bergevin hate fest is tiring. If you actually made good points like some here have that would be one thing, but this is just asinine.
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    Exactly MB is arguably the most active GM on all fronts. One could also say hes one if the stingiest as well.
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    Wow just wow. I beat you you were one of those people that didn't like the Galchenyuk trade. I didn't like it base on the fact he gave up one problem for the same problem and didn't address anything in that trade. But it turned out in his favor, but don't go on saying he knew what he was doing. He got lucky. The Tatar trade he just wanted Suzuki. So again didn't go out and say he knew what he was doing when he took Tatar. And again since people don't seem to understand last time he traded a top prospect it was for Drouin. We all know how he got eaten alive for that trade and He hasn't been willing to trade a top prospect since.
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    Are you serious????? It has been said multiple times that Tatar was a throw int, to even out the cap for Las Vegas. Maybe you should look up your points . Also their has been interviews in which he said that teams where asking for top prospects on Montreal in any trades for their top players. Bergevin didn't want to pay the price. All I am trying to say and the whole point of this trend is if you want to not trade your top prospects to get top players that could help you win now...... Why string Price and Weber along on this rebuild. They're getting old let them go try and win a cup now well they're still good enough to be top players in this league. If we're going to wait on development of our young players we're not wining anything anytime soon.
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