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    I believe he means when the picks are projected to be elite and your team is in the basement. Strategically selling for more assets/ picks while injecting youth into your line up essentially weakening the team and making you lose more without actually throwing games.
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    I know we're all excited, but Kulak has had four strong games after a disastrous season. Be careful about pencilling him in as a sure thing. Czar may be close to a guaranteed NHLer but Norlinder, really? We should also be thinking about who is going to eventually replace Weber and Petry on RD. Those guys are playing unbelievable, but for how many more years - ?
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    Winning the cup is more valuable. I'll take a 3% chance at the cup over a 12.5% Chance at first overall. Even if you get first overall it still don't guarantee a cup.
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