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  1. nah. still got a bad taste from the old days. get Muller or Robinson. thanks.
  2. i like what i'm reading. http://beanballinc.blogspot.com/2006/05/mo...-grabovsky.html
  3. uh... i don't think this will be an exclusive RIS press conference, though, shortcat1 so, as with all press conferences, there will be both french and english translations.
  4. that was nice of the interviewer to ask that kind of question right after the team gets eliminated. btw, Gainey said that after game 4 or 5. there was nothing new to it. and i want him to stay for the remainder of his contract. and i agree that he was STUCK with Ribeiro and Bulis. that was our 2nd line? i'm guessing Gainey was hoping he'd jumpstart their productivity. now give him some players to play with. for real, this time.
  5. good riddance, then. not being perfect is one thing, but giving the puck away as he does is just dumb, careless playing. a leader shouldn't be as much of a bonehead on the ice as he is. don't get me wrong, i'm not asking for his head, but i do hope Gainey gets rid of him in the off season. he's the one D i have problems (and a lot of them) with. how can you feel safe with Souray on the blue line giving as many turnovers or just looking at the puck as a opponent is making his play? we've got a strong D and i hope Gainey keeps all of them, but i could do without Souray's boneheadedness. let him be a waterboy or something if he's a leader in the locker room, but on the ice, he's a ######ing moron. is Selanne here yet? HA! laughed so hard on this one. thanks. btw, he actually came out of his shell during the last couple of games. if he could play like that during the regular season, i'd be all for keeping him. he was great with Perez and Pleks. was i alone in loving Garth Murray last night? i really hope Gainey keeps him on. i can't wait to see what Bob does in the off season. next season is gonna be an exciting one for Habs fans!
  6. i like CerebusClone's idea. the Habs have been blown out in the last 3 games. i'm not expecting them to win tonight. although Bob won't do this tonight, i do hope they make it a point to crash the net. that's a very good observation. the Canes control their D zone, nothing gets to Ward, and the offense is getting pressured on the boards. that's why we couldn't set anything up in the last game or two. crash the net and messes with the D and Ward, plus, it creates space for Kovalev to do his wonderful thing. Go Habs Go!!
  7. the Habs have been lazy for years. this is not Bob's fault. he actually got our team back up to speed in the second half of the season. you can't judge a coaching staff from what you see on tv. the players know him better than any of us and i'm willing to bet he's doing everything he can to fire them up. you don't need a Bergeron yelling and screaming behind the bench to get players fired up.
  8. totally agree with simonus on Bégin. he brings out the best in everyone on the team. very happy to hear he's back
  9. amen to that. and thank you, CBC, for putting the Habs' Playoff games up for us
  10. i totally agree with you on Zednik! the man stepped up in a major way. dunno what happened but the guy is playing like a ######ing bulldozer right now. but i say keep Bulis with Kovy. he's been generating some chances out there and does seem to play well with Kovalev. take Ribeiro out (does Kovy still wanna play with him? i actually liked him a lot in the season but Kostitsyn would be so much more valuable for the series). he's been nothing but deadwood. and please bring in Kostitsyn...! come on, Gainey. (was Streit even used last night?) we need offense, speed, and excitement. and i gotta disagree about Bonk. he impressed me a lot last night.
  11. Ribeiro was playing? hopefully Kovalev's injury is nothing too serious and he'll get back in the game quickly. i'm not that concerned about him. he's been one of the hardest working habs this series. and i totally agree with you about Kostitsyn. Gainey needs to seriously dress him for tomorrow night.
  12. great, great news on him potentially coming back sooner than expected, but mostly for Saku. i was terrified when i saw him rushing to the bench with blood coming from his eye. get well soon
  13. lull


    i agree about Bulis, Sundstrum, and Ribeiro, but Zednik, whom i couldn't stand anymore during the season (how many times will it take you getting stopped on the boards before you realize it's a ######ing dead end??), has been unbelievable in these last two games. seriously. he's upped his game up more than a few notches lately! he's been fighting for the puck, opened up his vision of the play, and he's even started cutting in the middle again! it's been quite a nice surprise. ps. Bonk, who's been nothing but consistent on the PK all season long, has been outstanding in this series. and did you see him last night?? he was hitting every Canes player that came along the way. and hard! i'm impressed and more than happy Gainey got him in the lineup.
  14. i don't have the specifics of it but i do know for a FACT that Theo's ankle problem was only used to hide something bigger. coke? no idea. at the time i thought they meant something physical but that might also be it. maybe Gainey found out and couldn't tolerate it.
  15. RDS usually does show Canadiens Express on weekdays; not weekends, though. and i will tape it with the roommate's dusty vcr it's all set-up. the reason i'm doing it this way instead of using the Bell ExpressVu dish is because he and his gf are likely to wanna watch tv in the evening and we can only watch/tape one channel at a time with that thing. no dual tuning. but i might also program it on that one in case they're not watching tv tonight (i'll be at work) i'm not missing anymore games thanks for the replies, guys.
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