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  1. why does he play bullis and zednik on the pp while pleks and rib sit... why why why.... everyone complains that ribs only gets points on the pp so i guess they are fixing that by not giving him pp time and giving it to the guys who rarely score on the pp.... /boggle.... they had one good chance which was another cross crease pass by koivu.. anyone other then luong and that was a goal. after that they mostly did their patented 'have the defensement pass back and forth with no shot" move. they really need to work on the 5-3 stuff.
  2. see the unfair standard. Koivu only needed three assists in the last game and suddenly he was the greatest habs ever... poor ribs has to actually score three so you can trade him.
  3. How does ribs get crosschecked right in the face and there is no call?
  4. I wasn't worried about Koivu last night, he was still on the high of the olympics. its the next couple of games where fatigue is a factor and i worry about injuries....
  5. Its all about "timely goaltending". Huet kept them in the game until they woke up and realized all they had to do was shoot to score. Kind of reminds me of a goaltender we had a few years ago by the name of Theo...
  6. Simple, he let the puck go to his D, then stuck his butt out behind the net to play a pick on ryder...
  7. three point night for Souray too... lets not forget him..... he seems to have picked up his play lately too...
  8. Well, the Habs are back. Nice long 5-3 given up... sheesh.
  9. Actually it is Ribs' job now... I really like the line of ribs, Kovy, and Perez. They seem to work well together. I also liked that Ribs is going to the net after he passes or when others have the puck on the PP. Shows he is working and doing the little things.
  10. Well said. All season long people bash one player or another is a highly personal way. I have no problem with people unhappy with a players performance, or noting a problem with their play, but some people seem to pass out devil's horns and Angel's halos with great abandon. Even poor Dags was treated by some like he was a scummy criminal stealing money from little old ladies. Poor guy was one of the lowest paid players on the team who did his best to compete, but perhaps didn't have the talent needed. He was always a marginal player, yet some people acted like he was some huge problem for the team. On the bright side, this board is much better and more intelligent then another habs fan board that shall go nameless. On that board you couldn't even have an intelligent conversation, let alone discuss the team.
  11. Couple of thoughts... Not sure this is even true, not sure the context of the question. I agree with the comment... perhaps not leadership, but how about performance.... Koivu has not played well this year in general, during the slump especially. He has been invisible, not working hard, not looking sharp, not leading his team. Period. Pleks has hardly outplayed Ribs. Even when you take ice time into account, Pleks offensive performance is not great, certainly no more then a 3rd line center. He is better then Ribs defensively however.
  12. brobin

    The Olympics

    Now Gretsky wants the youth to step up. How are they going to do that when they are not on the team. He also talks about helping out Sakic (ie the youth). Well if Sakic can't hack it, why is he on the team? He picked all these vets for their leadership and experience, now he is blaming the young guys for not stepping up... How about all of them pick it up!
  13. brobin

    The Olympics

    Canada - too old, too slow. Imagine if Spezza, Phaneuf, and Staal were on this team. I suspect they would be able to score and keep up with the other teams. Shame, really don't agree with Gretz on his strategy of keeping the same guys together until they lose from old age....
  14. There are many kinds of steriods and they have different effects. You are simply wrong. Several doctors have already stated publicly that the steriod in question would have no benefit for Theo and would be completely obvious. He would bulk up if he used it. Its main use is for weight lifters and bodybuilders. Look, I think Koivu is not playing up to par, but I don't think it is because he is some kind of selfish, evil prick who doesn't care about his team. Etc, etc. I don't fill the board with conspiracy theories about him or blacken his character. Let me ask you this. If Koivu was taking Propecia for the last 8 years, would you be on here claiming he was hiding sterioids?
  15. Thats nuts. The only steroid that Propecia masks causes massive bulking. Theo has always been skinny and a reflex goalie. That steriod would have don't nothing to improve a goaltenders play. Theo is struggling as many goalies have struggled during times in their careers. He is dealing with new angles, new gear, and a lack of confidence. Period. Why people have to demonize players when they struggle is beyond me.
  16. Cool..I never saw it so I am glad to hear that others on this board is full of ..... If Koivu had done that i would have lost so much respect for him. I am glad to hear he didn't do it. Kind of sad that people who claim they like Koivu suggested he would do that. That is not the sign of a leader or even a good teammate. As for Koivu not liking Theo, I think that is a load of crap. As for those people on here happy that Theo is injured, I think they are sad examples of fans. Just because Theo is struggling is no reason to dump on him. when he dragged this team into the playoffs a couple of times I didn't remember anyone treating him this way. I am glad that Huet has been playing well and I hope it continues. I also hope Theo gets well soon and then comes back and makes some people on this board eat crow.
  17. Koivu is laughing at a team mate.. and you call him a great captain.... Sad....
  18. I would love having enough talent to make Koivu our number two (sorry, 1b) center.
  19. I never said that Ribs should be number 1. Read my post again. I was responding to the comment that Ribs is useless. He is not. If you compare him to number 2 centers, he is producing decently. If you compare Koivu to number 1 centers, he is dissapointing. If you read I suggest we either replace Koivu, or move him to number 2 to replace ribs. I never said to replace Koivu with Ribs. I also said that ribs is out producing Koivu lately. Not all season. If you look at the entire season, ribs might just produce more points then Koivu, because Koivu is injured so often. People seem to forget that in the last full season, Ribs lead the team in points (not Koivu) and that his and Ryders full season performance got us in the Playoffs. the only other comment I have is that Ribs has never had top minutes, top wingers, and top power play time either. He is doing decent for what we pay him. Koivu has to play better then he is to justify his contract and number one status. If Koivu is going to be a 60 point a season guy, then lets play him like one. No more then three million and second line time. Use the savings to find a true number one center and then trade Ribs.
  20. Why would I not compare them. They are our two main centers. I am not saying I would not upgrade Ribs if we had a better center available, but he is hardly useless. Heart, drive, what ever, the fact remains that Koivu is not producing that much more then Ribs, so if Ribs is useless, Koivu can't be much better. The reality is that neither of them are useless. Both of them have strengths and weaknesses. I would take Koivu in his prime over Ribs right now in a heartbeat, but Koivu is not in his prime anymore. My issue is that Rib's contract allows us to afford a real number one center. A big guy with speed, skills, etc. Unfortunately, Koivu's contract means that guy is Koivu, which does not improve us in any way. My preference has always been to either replace Koivu, or replace him as a number one center and move him to number two, replacing Ribs. Ribs is having what I consider to be an off season for him (in terms of PPG), but he did play through that entire team slump while Koivu did not. Since the team has turned it around, Ribs is getting a point per game and Koivu has been a minus player. I don't think that is good enough for a guy making Koivu money. As for Koivu's vaunted leadership, heart, etc... Well, I will state up front that Koivu has been my favourite player since he got to Montreal (I was there the day he blew out his knee the first time), but the fact remains he has never led this team to greatness, or even put on the kind of performances true star players do. Even on crappier teams, Crosby, etc have shown they were top talent players. So I don't buy the "poor koivu never had good wingers" argument. He has had good wingers. He has always been above average, he has never been great.
  21. What? Koivu has always had the best wingers on the team, the most PP time, and the best defense behind him. Still, he has not been able to consistently break a point a game. Meanwhile, Ribs out scored him last season with Ryder and Dags, yet you claim Ribs only does well with good wingers.. /boggle. So Ryder is our number one scorer and has been moved up to play with Koivu. Ryder and Koivu have sucked ever since. Yes Kovalev moved back with Ribs, and has played better. So why do you state that Koivu is the MAN. It appears that Ribs made Ryder better, makes Kovalev better, etc. I do believe Ribs is the better play maker then Koivu. Koivu is a better grinder and scorer the Ribs when he is working his tale off. Lately, Koivu has looked slow and had trouble controlling the play. Ribs aside, Koivu has not looked very good since the first couple of months of the year. He has never had a huge season (if it is not injuries, he goes into slumps) and has not averaged a point a game. Even if he did, a point a game is not great for the best player on your team. That doesn't even get you in the top 20 in the league. If Koivu wants to be our number one guy, I expect him to average 1.2 points a game and actually play 70 games or more a year. Otherwise we need to move him to the number two spot and pay him appropriately. By the way, no Player deserves a no trade clause in my opinion. A high price, three year term and no- trade clause basically ties this teams hands.
  22. I could never figure out how a rule this detrimental to everyone ever got included in the first place. While it is unfortunate that we got burned by this rule already, I say the sooner they change it the better. For example, it this rule was gone, we would be able to bring up Dags. Not because he is so great, but because he could fill in for injuries, or to send a message to a floater. Unfortunately, Dags had to stay up longer then we wanted because they could not send him down, and now that he is down he is effectively lost for the season. People wonder why he is not doing well in the AHL, but it must be hard to focus knowing that nothing you do down there has a chance of getting you promoted back to the big club. Dags is an example, but many teams have the same issue with marginal players.
  23. Lost in the shoot out.... That sucked. Don't know why they use Ryder in the shoot out, he never scores. Ah well, good effort tonight, but lack of offense killed us again.
  24. Ack! Kovy missed the net, but he dekked the goalie right out of his jock strap. he needed help up.
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