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  1. Favorites sport team besides Habs is Montreal Alouettes and favorites players are Anthony Calvillo,Ben Cahoon,and Eric Lapointe.Use to like Expos but since they moved to USA I really hate baseball so I don't follow it,and I'm not NFL fan.
  2. Attendence woes in USA Oct 20 Caps vs Thrasher 12,719 Pred vs Devils 11,274 Penguins vs Nyi 10.258 Kings vs Coyotes 12,714 Oct 19 Panthers vs Capitals 10,125 and sadly orginal six teams Habs vs Hawks 11,095 If this keeps up some of these teams could be in real trouble.
  3. I really hope Dandeneault has speedy recovery.
  4. I really believe Habs got the better deal.Abby is going to have great season for habs making very hard decision for Gainey on who to keep.
  5. Habs are better off without Bulis in line-up,Gainey made real steal went he signed Johnson.Johnson is such a better player than Bulis will ever be.
  6. Theodore will have great game if he plays but Habs will even be better and come up with big Win.
  7. No way Habs should even consider even adding Nedved to roster.
  8. Has anybody heard for sure Abby getting starting assigment against Colorado?
  9. Yes it is great news that Saku will return in this series.
  10. The next President of National Hockey League should be a Canadian.What do you think?And who would you like to see as President?
  11. It is necessary to return so that the guy made at the time of the first two matches: simple plays, to charge the net, to strike and to be first the disc. It is like that that you marks of the goals. I am trustful that that will return for the next match." - Steve Begin
  12. Was game tape ever send to league office for review by the Canadiens?
  13. Habs will win tonite 5-2 with goals by two goals by Kovalev and singles by Ryder,Higgins,and Souray.Huet will outstanding in this game. GO.....HABS...........GO
  14. I not going to complain about broadcast team cause at least we get to see game in english.
  15. Its great Huet get starting job and I wish him well and I hope he proves he can be number 1 goalie for Montreal Canadiens.
  16. Habs will take this series in six games if the goaltending is specatular and rest of team plays sixty minutes of hockey each and every night.
  17. Montreal win come on top of this game against the Devils with outstanding performce by Huet.And Devils win streak ends at 10 games.
  18. Habs have to come out and play tonight and beat this non-playoff team the Bruins and then all we need is one more win and or tied and we are in play-offs
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