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  1. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    They were so good for so long.
  2. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    I went to a football game in Detroit a few years ago .. a corporate perk.... scary place.
  3. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Now that's cool. Enjoy!
  4. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    I'll never get a bus driver at this rate..
  5. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Petry is a beautiful skater.
  6. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    It's blocked out on tsn in Ontario.. Watching on RDS package for Habs games. Having trouble getting a bus driver..
  7. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    I can't recognize half of them!
  8. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Your game photo called it..
  9. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Now the bus driver I'd arranged to drag MB around Mtl for a week says he can't make it....I wonder if RONA will give me back the $38.16 for the rope?
  10. Domi > Galchenyuk

    So... does this mean that the Bergevin dragging behind a Montreal bus is being postponed?????
  11. Can we still drag B behind the bus?
  12. Sept. 24, Habs vs Maple Leafs, 7:30 PM

    I didn't want to miss the pre-season games as they offer the best chances of a win I'm likely to see this year..
  13. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    If we want to drag Bergevin behind a bus for a week would we have to rent a bus or just apply with the transit authorities?
  14. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I can't remember looking less forward to what should have been a hockey season and not an illustration of managerial incompetence. I want my team back.
  15. Max Pacioretty Watch

    Max should trade Bergevin.
  16. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I like Pacs. But he can't do it alone. Trade Bergevin. ... I work cheap...
  17. MB gets an F- grade

    I'm still against capital punishment ... but quite a bit less firmly...............
  18. MB gets an F- grade

    Neither is Trudeau Extra Light unfortunately.
  19. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    That this thread can exist on a Habs site is pretty telling. I honestly am not really looking forward to the new season for the first time I can remember. And that is a really sad thing. I've read that the only reason Molson hasn't fired Bergevin is the financial commitment to GM and coaches. But if a guy like me may not be watching…. Houston... we have a problem.
  20. MB gets an F- grade

    ""The Only Way to drive a point to them: is to HURT the Pocket BooK! IMHO " What about car bombs?
  21. MB gets an F- grade

    I only have my limited and very generalized notions.. more impressions than thoughts on these matters. I am not a competent judge of competent judges in hockey management matters. That said.. and perhaps utterly contrarily to actual reality, I have zero confidence in Bergeron. You don't trade your soul.
  22. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Sincere thanks to all you guys who actually know something! Unlike me.
  23. The need for an attitude change

    I hear is was Bervgevin's additude problem with Markov and Radulov and Subban that was a problem. And now we've got a Domi on our team?