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  1. Mar. 17, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Why am I doing this to myself... I used to like me...
  2. I don't think we've been a team since PK was sent away and Andre and Rad would not come home. It looks and feels like a collection a lot of the time, although I must say in spurts one had something of the feel of a team.
  3. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    One thing I'm really grateful for as an indolent opinionated uninformed bigmouth is that there are all you guys here who know so damned much about the team and the league. Wonderful. Now I'll get back to being an indolent,..opini.....
  4. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    Memories of a soul for sure CC.
  5. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    I've always really liked the word "stupid" .. its a fave... but I'll withhold it here while agreeing with you. I honestly didn't know we absolutely needed a rushing defenseman.. but always assumed any team would automatically have one. But we traded our soul and as Aquinas and Aristotle said.. the soul is the act and ordering principle of the body. The mind over matter. We are lifeless things without our souls, abject objects not agents pursuing destiny. And because our intellective soul presupposes free will.. MB is responsible. He's set up for life so he wouldn't have endured a hardship in parting. We have endured a wound to our souls in his not parting perchance. What say ye soul brothers.
  6. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    I hear that criticism a lot and I suspect its true. Not knowing the game we're playing would count as a negative for any GM I'd consider. But I'm mostly pissed at trading our black hearted soul and the report of indifference experienced by the great Hab Markov and Rad. I don't see any great grounds for confidence in the owner either. We just disappeared. We became a collection of players.. mostly unidentifiable.. and not a team. I used to like us. Now I just have you guys. And you just have me. How bad is THAT!
  7. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    Gee.. That's pretty forgiving of you. Good example! I honest to God don't know. It was the comments of Markov and Rad in particular about not feeling the love. Who didn't love Andre and Rad? But you may be right....qwoerjqfqe[qenfe[fn !!
  8. GDT Habs Vs. Delvils Tuesday March 6

    On the bright side this game only cost me about $3.00.
  9. GDT Habs Vs. Delvils Tuesday March 6

    Because seat sales are down for home games did we sign a deal with the net manufacturers to test the nets during games in New Jersey?
  10. GDT Habs Vs. Delvils Tuesday March 6

    Pretty damned good thread for an amateur!
  11. Islanders vs Canadiens

    I think that is the most critical factor. Certainly according to PK, Markov and Radulov. A #1 reason not to sign with us. We need habs fans in management.
  12. NHL trade deadline thread

    It's got to be a really painful experience for him. He seems to be a real good guy too. I hope we can move on from all this and have a hockey team for him to play on soon. I really think MB's mechanistic approach is a problem. We need a Habs lover as GM.
  13. Joe Morrow traded to Winnipeg

    Brave post.. to be perfectly honest..I've always had problems with being perfectly honest. Honestly.
  14. Habs acquire Mike Reilly

    "still speaks to a GM who is obsessed with dumpster diving " great line
  15. Plekanec traded to Leafs

    A wonderful Hab who gave us habitual pretenders a lot to be habby abbout.
  16. Plekanec traded to Leafs

    A great Montreal Canadien. Sorry to see him go. He's one of us.
  17. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    Hard Lee! We are all the richer for it. Congrats! Last year I won "Most ignorable". Eat your heart out!
  18. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    You're going to take something I said seriously! Seriously! I'm all for reasonable and informed discussion.. but I can't actually do it.
  19. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    Maybe they're resting him for the post season. .or didn't want the other point.... Maybe Max didn't want another point... But as a couple of posters.. ok.. many posters have pointed out with great clarity and insight... what the hell do I know!
  20. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    Max must have the weight of the universe on his shoulders tonight. Tearing your life out of Montreal cannot be a good thing. Where in the world is a better city than Montreal? OK.. Winnipeg.. but where else..
  21. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    So.. he's holding his stick.. and when he finally lets it go.. its to hit himself in the face!!! That was funny!
  22. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    Poor guy .. he's feeling the weight of this year. Hope he recovers and shines.
  23. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    Pretty entertaining game.. resembles hockey quite a bit!
  24. Looks like Plekanec is being traded after all

    Very well said Chips. Some of us should try to contact him on the team sites to express our appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifice and dedication this great athlete has blessed us with. A wonderful Montreal Canadien. We should rightly miss him.
  25. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    Sure looks like it alright Don.. I feel so leafeee...