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  1. I'd like to use this thread to congratulate the forum itself for surviving a hack attack and coming out stronger. I really can't stop raving about it, I love the new board!
  2. At what point do these guys get contracts? Will Chipchura and Latendresse be playing for Hamilton next year? Any chance of getting Emelin overseas to play NA style?
  3. I'm playing NHL 06, and I must say.... I really wish I had roster updates.
  4. It took me till just now to find out the score... and I am not happy.
  5. take an already weak and thin D corps and trade away two for one? baaaaaad trade.
  6. well if Carolina wants to end a losing streak, the Habs team that has been showing up to the rinks lately is the team to let them.
  7. Apparently Jarvis and Julien are the same style of coach: Defensively oriented (True? Not true?) If that is the case, one is expendable, and should be replaced with someone different. The trades I want to have happen mostly are the minor touchup ones. Trade a pick or two for some depth at D. We all know no one is coming in anytime soon, the next closest guy is 2-3 years away, and Savard & co. didn't even draft a D man in the last draft. HELP. Also, if a player was brought in to help out the farm team and make a push for an NHL spot this year ala Kostitsyn and Murray, I'd love it. Hami
  8. How do you accidently hit someone with a helmet? I'd consider a helmet to be the 3rd most dangerous weapon to hit someone with, right behind skates and a hockey stick. It was worthy of a suspension.
  9. You know what I miss? Goals. Though it's been so long I'm not sure when the last time the Habs actually scored many of them. Maybe against Pittsburgh 2 years ago?
  10. Kovalev stopped on a penalty shot.....that's when you know there is no hope.
  11. YOU PUT ME IN YOUR TOP 5!!!!!! That's quite the step up from last week's "...and you are?"
  12. I foresee it now. "Damn guys, that was one bad game. 9 - 2? Who'd have thought that was possible?!?.....guys....why do you have baseball bats and chains? "
  13. I sent all the info to spathe a few days ago, so it's all in his hands now.
  14. If there is ever a team to help us get a winning streak going, Florida is it.
  15. n00b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone! Grab your torches and pitchforks! There be a n00b in our midst!
  16. With Koivu coming back perhaps Julien can afford to demote Ribeiro to 4th line minutes for his long shifts.
  17. Sorry guys, as soon as I tuned in to listen, Tampa scores. I blame myself.
  18. Hey, what team isn't interested in getting Liles? The problem is that there is one team unwilling to part with him. And if they are, the price to be paid will be hefty.
  19. Scouts at games = normal I personally wouldn't read too much into it. Is there really anyone on the Avs roster that Gainey would want?
  20. I want Vandermeer to be called up to fight. At least that would be entertaining.
  21. One thing that can be said, and it's been true when the team was healthy and when the team was injury riddled, is they need another scorer. Goals are much to hard to come by for this team. In fact, they 7th last in the league for Goals For. At least the ice time was spread out fairly evenly this game.
  22. I specifically ask not to get anything for Christmas. My mother doesn't listen, so we compromised on stocking only. My highlight gifts were: Family Guy Volume 3, the aforementioned "More Cowbell" t-shirt, and a cd by VAST.
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