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  1. A glass, where the bottom half contains water, and the top half contains, most probably, air. Anyway, A. Kost, aka Hooters, got 3 points, which is great for our rookie! I hope he keeps building confidence and scoring like that. S. Kost, aka Perky, got another point tonight too ... which is great for his development. We were shy our Kaptain, and his replacement wasn't allowed on the ice because of a technicality (no equipment, meh!), and we were missing our #4 D ... so all in all, I think they won a well deserved point. I hope our Kaptain feels better for the next game, or that Locke finds his equipment! I also hope that Price gets another start soon!
  2. On another board the rumour is that he has been called up as a possible stand in for an ailing Koivu, or as a substitute for Streit who is moving back to D. More news at 7:00 I guess!
  3. Wonder why? Can Koivu's flu rumours be true? Can't see which player he would replace unless it was necessary!
  4. or we can put our guys on the ice with tazers! Who cares ... people play sports, people get hurt .... our whole team needs to toughen up, and this has been happening recently. We will continue to increase team toughness until we are the toughest, or until Gainey leaves! So, I am not too worried! I am a little worried about that D-line up! Would be nice to have a more solid guy in the #4 position! Go HABS GOOOOOOOO!
  5. Perhaps people who lament the loss of Ribs should consider the switch in party scenes between MTL and Dallas. In Montreal you have beautiful women, bars open until late, available drugs, and connections that wanna party with you always. In Dallas, you have the two step, bar brawls, and the favourite beer is budweisser (drugs will land you in jail post-haste!). Maybe a change in scenery is what he needed!
  6. Any chance of Valentenko being called up? Haven't heard enough about him this season ... seems he needs some seasoning! Time to get Emelyn to break his contract me thinks
  7. Yeah, first post in the second thread .... Go HABS GO!
  8. I vote for hooters (or Knockers) and Perky(or mosquito bites)! Great game ... btw ... too bad about O'byrn!
  9. Well I'm still pissed about the Garon for Huet and Bonk deal ... I mean, that one was clearly not in LA's favour! We robbed them ... all deals should come out even, right!?! There should be no disadvantage to any team! Waaah! Waaah! As another poster said, get over it. You win some, you lose some. We should have gotten better return on Ribiero, but we didn't. We got great return on Garon! It all comes out in the wash!
  10. Nice victory! T1t bros still going at a ppg pace! Ni-ceh!
  11. I appreciate Spidey's efforts! People do come to the board and act all fatalistic when things don't go right, and start suggesting absurdities, and getting all irate! But, Spidey should be a little thicker skinned than saying, "that's it, I'm not doing anymore threads because some numbnut, who I don't even know, is teasing me. It is called "ignore" button for a reason. Spidey, you said something in haste, no one worth their salt will think any less of you if you came back ... and you should just ignore the wankers in the future, or have fun playing with their heads!
  12. And he also could have a very competitive streak to him. I liked him, when he was used right!
  13. Who's a whinny little biatch? From the way you are writing it sounds like you! Personally, I never heard Perezhogin whine. He mad a sound decision: get paid more, live near my family, and there may be a ton of other well though out decisions that you are not privy to. Lets keep it real here.
  14. Poor young-uns on the board, don't remember much winning. I remember pretty much everything from 1986 to now, maybe even 85 and 84 too. (Things get out of sequence.) I remember years where the Habs had made the playoffs with something like 20 games to go during a 72 game season. So, I remember some of the good years. And now I am really hopeful that good years are again around the corner with this new crew in town! The Houle, Tremblay, Corey years were sooo painful to me, that now, even if they lose some, if feels good. I know better things are just around the corner! By the way, Audette wasn't really a fleecing of Gainey. Audette had one or so good years on an expansion team where he got lots of playing time. Then he moved to a better club and didn't do so well with reduced ice time. So he was traded to the Habs who had no talent, and start to put in points. He may have had 5 in 5, but who knows how long that would have continued. Yeah, the Habs had bad luck during that period, but it was more like insult to injury, after the garage sale Molson held!
  15. Yes, but now his drafting is starting to bare fruit as it slowly develops in to our new core. So, he was the beginning in a way, but it took 2-3 years before any of his good choices even cracked the line-up ... and it will take a few more for the full turnover to be complete, and then new core to gain experience. I really think this will be a very good team next year. It is a good team now, but next year .... I'm expecting even more (although, I really don't know what new talent could break our ranks next year ... maybe Emelin? But all those colledge kids will be off the shelf for a few years - and I don't think White of Maxwell will have a significant impact on the Habs for at least another year after this one -- so it is all about the guys playing right now maturing and developing more).
  16. I can imagine what Simon will say, "what are you talking about?!? I was trying to get off the ice and the other guy got his foot in my way. He fell, then I tried to get off the ice and I stepped on him by accident. If he hadn't gotten tangled up with me none of this would have happened! Anyway, 30 games seems fair. This wasn't as bad as what that Philie rookie did. It was intent to injure, but it wasn't a headshot. Simon's previous assaults have been worse.
  17. But the first 5+ of those years don't count. Basically, I have forgotten about the years before A. Savard showed up (incompetent administration), and the 2-3 years after he showed up (takes some time for the badness from the incompetents to start flowing out). So really, it has only been since Gainey showed up that we have started to have a chance ... and although we do have a chance this year, greener pastures are definitely in the team's future if we keep with the status quo.
  18. Lame ... it didn't deserve the penalty it received. Match penalty ... please!
  19. To defend Price: First two goals were not his fault! First goal: he goes out to clear it, and it was deflected by his own teammate. One could argue that his player should have played the man, and left an open avenue for Price to pass the puck! Second goal: whoever was the defender should have played the pass and not floated in between the two players. In the end, the pass was good, and it left a wide open net. (Price, as he should, was playing the shooter.) I think that the third goal was an example of a young goalie suffering a mental laps due to his frustration in having two goals scored on him that could have been avoided. I think that the coaches will see the tape and realize that Price wasn't entirely at fault here. Side note: I do think his decision to play the puck when the players were so close was a bit of a rookie mistake, but usually he gets these kinds of plays well. With experience he will solve these problems I expect!
  20. I don't see why he should get burned by the fans simply because some fans are a bit too quick to state his readiness to become a great goalie ... lets be honest, if he is a bust it will be the greatest disappointment possible: no prospect in a very long time has held as much promise!
  21. Disappointing loss. Even more disappointing is the sub-par discussion in this thread! Some of you guys are getting a little HFboards on us here. Price made a mistake: so? When was the last time you were perfect during a 60 minute performance? The only thing that this goof means is that "pie in the sky" people like me will have to wait a bit longer to see Price take over the reigns. I was really hoping that Huet could be moved for some offensive help, but this may be premature .... we'll have to see how the next few months go. Spidey" everyone appreciates the effort you put in to these threads ... however, you should prepare for a backlash when you poo-poo our only blue-chip prospect on the team. And come on, Alexandre Daigle was a little over the top!
  22. Ok, I'm awake and listening ... we should start winning now! Doh! Right after this PP I guess.
  23. I think he will too. The interview with him on TSN about him starting the next game instead of Huet showed some real confidence. This could be the turning point that we all expect where Price grabs the #1 goalie position (and if not, Huet is in the wing, so it doesn't matter). If Price does manage to grab it, I look forward to a very favourable trade in the new year. Go HABS GO!!!!
  24. I haven't posted pre-game for the last 2 games, and we won! So, I am trying to keep the lucky streak going by not posting again before the game .... wait a minute .... DOH! Anyway, go HABS go! Here is hoping perky gets his first NHL goal!
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