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  1. The one saving grace is we have tons of Centers playing on the wings. It will be interesting to see what Bob does, or if Begin gets back in to the line-up. Eitherway, we need the next game to send a solid message to the Canes.
  2. I can't see Downey really helping us out unless our intentions are to level the playing field with some punishing play. Also, a 7th D man leaves a huge hole in our offence. We would only have 3 full lines, and then we would have to throw in Dadenault up front every once in a while which would suck because he is a winger and he is playing well on D right now. We would either have to make one of our current wingers a C or call one up. Because none of our centers aside from Koivu deserve a double shift.
  3. Last time I saw Ribero and Ryder play together it didn't go over too well. Also, I don't think we should be messing any more with the chemistry of the team than we have to. The second line can be moved up to the first line, and we can just try to replace Koivu on the second line.
  4. Was wondering who the Canadiens might call up to replace Saku, especially if Begin isn't ready to return. I was thinking that Kostitsyn or Kyle Chipchura. Chipchura would be good because we have just lost two centers recently. If we get Kostitsyn we would have to move someone like Higgins to Center which he hasn't been playing recently, presumably for a reason.
  5. I love Saku, but he isn't the whole team. I think that with Begin in the line up, and perhaps a call up from the AHL we can still take this series. All we need is a HUET shutout, and some solid leadership from Kovalev, Begin, Sourey, and Rivet. And if Higgins and some of the other supporting cast start lighting it up in a good way we are laughing ... stay positive!
  6. Since Koivu wears a visor, I'm hoping the injury is just around the eye, and that the eye was just stung or shocked. Then we can expect Koivu with a cage back in the line-up soon. I'm hoping that Begin will be back next game. He might be able to give some of the spark lost in Koivu ... though lacking the talent. Got this off Canadiens.com ... there is blood in the eye, and a cut around the eye ... then he may even suit up for next game if his vision returns. Hopeful, I know. “All that I know at this point is that Saku received stitches on a cut around the left eye and there was some blood
  7. I wish I had your confidence. Though things are sure looking good at this point, I'll give you that. Go Habs!
  8. Way to go Habs! Woooooooot!!! Very happy for many reasons: All four lines scored (rollin' the 4-line system to the full effect). The two top lines score twice each. Komisarek looked physically tough, and some solid stickwork at times. Huet, though he let in a few goals, looked solid non-the-less. Kovelev notched another one. Ryder may be waking up just in time. Bouillion looked good, bad penalty aside. The whole team fought back against strong adversity. ... and Souret should be back soon. Hopefully the home crowd will take them home a la 7th player in the stands style.
  9. Then he should be back soon ... unless he obtained major damage to his privates. That would suck: having to stay on the sidelines because of inflamed gonads. Ouch!
  10. I heard that Souray went down with a "lower body" injury, and some joke about his "boys". Anyone know or see what happened? I hope he isn't out for long! It would be good to have his physical presence against Carolina.
  11. I think that the management regrets losing him. If he were not in their plans he would have been traded. I think they were caught in a corner because of Streit'c contract, and they were out of options. I hope Streit pans out because Hainsey seems like he will be a better D in the long term.
  12. Yet again, I miss the Nordiques. When they were around all those narrow minded commentators and sports writers had something else in hockey land to grind their axes on. Now, unfortunately, there is only the Canadiens. My advice to anyone who is upset about these guys is to ignore it, and to remember there are plenty of idiots in the English media too. And all those idiots are too busy looking at their own navels, and trying to make as much noise (to seem important) at the same time. To quote Shakespear, "A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"
  13. 3 goals on 16 shots .... pour Theo .... makes Bob look good, but I was really hoping it would be a fresh start for him. He still has time though ...
  14. Darren Berrecloth ... serious freerider and hucker extrordinare!
  15. I don't really see everyone jumping on the Ribero bandwagon per say. If there is any bandwagon it is a Gainey/Kovalev wagon where people are happy with their influence on Ribero. Ribero is 26, he didn't play last year, so last time he played a full year was when he was 24. He now has a kid, has lost his childhoodbuddies/homeboys from the team, and is not having his last chance with the Habs. Hopefully he will respond, but you may be right. He may be a lost cause. But, the court is not out, ,and we should all hope for the best. Maybe he was just a late maturie.
  16. I think that the dynamics on the dressing room have had the greatest impact on Ribs ... now that Jose and Dags are gone, he no longer has his clique to protect him from the general concensus.
  17. Atlanta ties with 3 seconds remaining: Kovelchuk -- I hope Atlanta wins!
  18. I haven't liked Abi's playing myself, however he is a new goalie to our system, and the team right now is used to playing with a goalie who doesn't allow rebounds (whereas Abi does). Many goalies in the league allow rebounds, the difference is that their teams clear the rebounds. So either Abi will have to learn to stop rebounds, or his defence will have to adjust to clearing them, but until then he will have an inflated GAA. I'm sure he isn't as bad as he has seemed ... we are just all too high on Huet right now to think clearly.
  19. I like your response. But I would like to add that even in Quebec habs games are not played on Radio Canada (French CBC), but on RDS. So, unless we have cable we can't see it. I too am sick of seeing the Leafs on CBC. I think they should rotate the broadcast between the 3 eastern teams, or they should broadcast differently in Quebec and Ontario. BUT, I am in no way surprised at the CBC's Toronto-centric tendencies. They are based in Toronto, and they all seem to think that Toronto is Canada. And when they delve out to the Hinterlands of Canada (a.k.a. the rest of Canada) they make it seem
  20. The guy just got nailed in the head with a puck. I think what he did was dangerous, but I doubt that it was premeditated. In sports, with a lot of competition, and dangerous play, stupid things happen. Perezoghin is a long way away from a Darcy Phucker.
  21. Just wanted to say that Huet is playing awesome, but that we shouldn't forget the excellent job of the penalty killers and defence. Without the much improved play of these groups Huet would not have 5 shoutouts so early. It is a team game, and Huet is just one of the cogs in the overall good play!
  22. Sundstrom finally got the ice time he desrves with over 32 minutes played! It is about time he gets to showcase his talent :king:
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