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  1. you wanna post that link again? It doesn't seem to work!
  2. I don't know .... will they be able to keep price on the farm? It just might not be good for his development to return. I think that Huet just might have to go .... if not Halak!
  3. http://www.canadiens.com/eng/news/redirect...newsItemID=5947
  4. Really? That sounds insane. Ryan Smyth for less than what we are paying Markov for 1.5 years? I would think that he would get a 7Mill/3 year contract (about ... I am not super in to player's contract value .... ).
  5. We'd need a willing dance partner for that sort of move ... just because we might be willing, doesn't mean it will happen. Two first round picks in the teens may not draw that much ... unless the team with a higher pick really doesn't need anything that is on the shelf!
  6. You think Ovechkin is a perimeter player? Kasperitus? I think that there are plenty of Russian non-perimeter players. However, the Russian league does promote finess over mucking it up.
  7. This is very good for the organization. Even if he doesn't play much on the Habs next year, the Dogs will be getting yet another solid prospect. Playing in Hamilton would probably be better for him anyway. Acclimatizing to North America in Montreal is usually not a good idea.
  8. The libido of a nymphomaniac suffering from postcoital narcolepsy?!? :?- Because if it isn't the temperature, the sun, or the stockmarket, then I think we are all out of guesses!
  9. Surely the guard to the gates of heaven won't be a liar?!? Seems illogical ... but I guess if the possibility exists for the guard to heaven being a liar, then mine won't work.
  10. Well then Trizak's answer won't work either ... and he would probably get replaced by a more efficient guard ... but this is all theoretical and we would need to consult with a Theologian who specializes in the contractual obligations of Hell door guardsmen (or women). That would be my guess. The emotions of a manic depressive?
  11. actually, if you think about it, the liar will lie and tell you he wants you to take the door to heaven, and the honest person will want you to go to heaven. Assuming, of course, the the liar is the guard to hell, and the truth teller is the guard to heaven. But it will work.
  12. That philosophy you are advancing is that 2nd place is only the first loser. However, I think that being the Eastern Division Champion is nothing to be ashamed of. Furthermore, I wouldn't write the senators off yet. It isn't looking good, but the lights aren't out either.
  13. Well, lets not forget that Abeisher probably lost us 2-8 points down the stretch. But if no one ever made mistakes, we'd have a 160 point season. So, this isn't about making the playoffs ... I think this is about Kovalev not being a team player, being a shit disturber, and just wanting to perpetuate his ability to sign large contracts. Even if he plays with us this season, and does super well, I'd still let him walk at the end of his contract unless he was going to sign an incentive based contract. His attitude this past season was unforgivable.
  14. Thanks for the great report chips! So, was there many people at the game?
  15. After reading this article I have even less respect for Kovalev. I mean, if you are going to shit disturb, at least have strength in your convictions. But if your convictions are less than 100%, bite the bullet and play hard. Also, I think he is a weasel. Who, if not him, are the ones sticking around for a paycheck ... it is him and his buddy Samsonov. Who else? Maybe Ryder? But most other people played hard. Comments like that should stay private ... he is just trying to stir the pot again, and it will be seen by the team as a very unteamly thing to do. The sooner we can eject this reject, the better for the team.
  16. Khadr family seems pretty radical. They have Canadian citizenship, but before the family was busted up on terrorism charges, and death from violence, they had spent a lot of their time abroad in Afghanistan.
  17. The point is that it isn't classified as an army seeing as it is illegal accoding to their constitution (a result of their uber agressivity in WWII and the colonial period that preceeded it. Thus, they have an army, but they call it a defense force. So, my point is that although they don't have an army, they do have a serious force that could wage war. Capiche?
  18. Very strange ... plus no news. Wonder if he was asking for too much, or whether he wasn't in our long-term plans. We convinced him to come to North America, and he seemed to have a good year ... so what went wrong?
  19. You could ask, "which door do you want me to chose?". The G at the door of hell will point to heaven, and the g at the door of heaven will point to heaven. Then you can make your decision if you want to go to heaven or hell.
  20. Noyce! Three Stars: 1. HAM - C. Price 2. HAM - C. Locke 3. HAM - D. Jancevski
  21. Bet you we'll all know more once October rolls around ... as always, good to see some shacking and backing is going on ... hopefully whatever comes out of the oven will be good!
  22. It seems that the method of analysing a country's Peacefulness is biased towards a western view of domocracy and social order. It is more interesting to measure up against other western nations seeing as they are our values.
  23. well, Japan has a huge military expenditure, they just call it a defense force as a way around the whole problem that they are not allowed to have a military. They are about to buy a whack load of these badboys to defend Japan .... Their defense force could kick Canada's army's asses! Also, Ireland, until recently, had a serious terrorism problem ... and they were probably seriously limited in what they could get for a military by England. But aside from that, makes sense that the Northern European countries and Canada are up there. What about Cuba ... they are pretty peaceful! Very little crime, and very little military ... aside from that whole Guantanimo Bay deal.
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