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  1. Playing cards leads to gambling. There have been several players and management who have had gambling addictions, including Jagr. There is also alcohol addiction, pain medication addiction, and sex addiction, all of which people say are wrong but little is ever done to curb it. All of the recent player suicides and overdoses where players were hooked on pain medication were pretty much ignored or supported by the medical staff of the NHL clubs. That actually kills people. Videogame addiction is barely a problem compared. Laine was right in saying this is just making excuses for the Canucks sucking last season. Create a scapegoat and claim you're doing something to fix it. They probably learned that from Marc Bergevin, though he'd never ban videogames with all of those trades he does on his Playstation. That's the claim, which even if true, it's stupid. It's a bunch of guys thinking they are being old school.
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  2. Some comments from a few days ago from Kulak on the trade: https://calgarysun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/kulak-embraces-new-start-in-montreal-after-being-put-on-waivers-by-flames
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  4. I am not sure what I just watched tonight, but this team looked interesting, feisty, quick as hell, and not at all what I was expecting. They were literally out there like... And I am not sure anyone was truly ready for how they were going to bring it.
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