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  1. Massive overpayment. Gostisbhere has been scratched. He’s also not elite and if we are being honest Mete has been playing better than him. I might be willing to give up a 1st but that’s about it.
  2. Kinda sucks to have to point this out again because he’s playing so well offensively but once again Suzuki was the cause for 2 goals against. The team has clearly made the decision to live with the mistakes and play the youngsters which is good but it’s costing the team games as well. Hopefully they show up for Boston on Tuesday, for whatever reason they play good teams well and blow it up against the weaker teams.
  3. Yeah that’s a real downer. Scariest thing is New York is playing there back up after a back to back too.
  4. Some lucky bounces and the forwards are refusing to help the D. Price has been pretty bad too.
  5. Ew. Some absolutely disgusting play from Montreal.
  6. Tatar was forechecking his man. Suzuki was drifting off into the corner, if you want to talk about a controller disconnect situation this definitely fits. I love Suzuki and think he will be a great player but he has cost the Habs two points in the last 3 games.
  7. Wow, Suzuki had no clue what he was doing there. lol Tatar was like what the #### were you doing Suzuki.
  8. Habs are playing like dog shit. Giving up multiple break aways and 2-1, 3-1
  9. Luckily in Drouin’s case he will still likely be able to maintain his cardio level and skate with his wrist injury.
  10. Drouin(wrist) and Byron(knee) out indefinitely for surgery. Very unfortunate since Drouin has looked real good as of late.
  11. That’ll do it. When refs decide to take over a game.
  12. Reffing is all over the damn place on this one.
  13. There was no kicking motion. Absolutely incredible. Edit: nvm looks like he nudged it with his knee
  14. Subban trips Danault into the net and he doesn’t even touch the puck.
  15. Minor league play by Suzuki, he will learn to be more selfish. He’s a smart kid, I bet he learns from that.
  16. That was a sickening coverage there on the PP.
  17. Columbus really play a boring style right now. That should do it, Tatar caught puck watching and gets blown by.
  18. I’m not sure, maybe a bit of both. You always hear teams talking about Montreal’s speed and being ready for it. I think Montreal has also risen to the occasion at times and then have stinkers like against Philly. Its been a fun season so far.
  19. Our record against the better teams of the league is quite good. We have a losing record against the bottom feeders so that is promising.
  20. I thought Weber had another strong game (minus the hook on the penalty shot). Which is a good thing because they need him to still play at a high level. The forwards need to get it going again, scoreless for a couple games.
  21. What a joke of a game. Domi has really been struggling.
  22. The officiating is downright comical at this point. Probably punishment for the offside call on the Bruins on Tuesday.
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