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  1. Gallagher is one of the best 5v5 scorers in the league. Happy to put all the drama to bed and lock him up. He’s important in the ice and in the lockeroom. The RW position is secure for a long time.
  2. I want to go back to a couple years ago. Columbus and Montreal were deadlocked and winner of that game advanced to the playoffs. Josh Andersen absolutely crushed us, while Domi largely disappeared. Josh then went on to do the same to Tampa Bay in which they ended up saying they did not have an answer for his style of play.
  3. I think a lot of it has to do with Andersen having a defined position and is a player Montreal needed for a long time. They probably figured that trading and paying a player that they know will have a defined role on the team than a guy who lost his position at centre to our up and coming youngsters and basically sulked about it for half a year.
  4. I think it was a situation where Domi contract and the teams inability to find a suitable position for him in the line up led us to this point. I shall reserve judgement on Andersen as I don’t know a lot about him but the fact we needed a power forward is a starting point.
  5. Personally I think Philly looked like crap. Islanders really shouldn’t have to hard of a time with them IMO.
  6. Guys tried hard but we’re fighting an up hill battle all game by lucky fluke goals.
  7. This might be about it. Philly are just clamping down defensively
  8. It was only a matter of time before all the penalty trouble Montreal has been getting in would bite them in the ass.
  9. Tatar or Gallagher need to get something going here.
  10. Hopefully a better effort offensively on Wednesday. if not back to hoping for 1st overall.
  11. Montreal is handling the puck like a hot potato. Wow Price is playing amazing but the team in front of him are asleep.
  12. Good to see our top prospects playing the big minutes and developing.
  13. That was a filthy goal by Seguin. Thats what game breaking talent can do for you.
  14. The no call from the Ref in OT. From what I can gather is happened a couple times earlier in the game. He might get fined.
  15. I think the news that Weber was out for the rest of the year broke the club. They have been trying hard all year to overcome the obstacles but that really sealed the deal and they are playing like it.
  16. It is what is it. This season a lot of things went terribly wrong and it’s very hard to try and overcome. -Losing key players early in the season, coupled with Prices poor play early. -Overcoming two 8 game losing streaks. -Losing the captain for the rest of the year.
  17. It’s rumoured the surgery he had on his ankle last year has become a problem again, which is not good.
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