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  1. That is petry's bread and butter right there. Beauty shot, great pass
  2. I get Drouin's numbers are solid this year, but his decision making is seriously questionable
  3. Petry doesn't engage at all in front of the net. Easy tip in
  4. Shaw deserves a of lot credit. The last 15 games, he's quietly played some really solid hockey
  5. Wht wouldn't he want to turn pro? Get your money kid. Injuries do happen
  6. Rumours are picking up with Charlie Coyle again
  7. Ya, I guess not really much besides James Neal, but I'm sure they're going to hang on to him for a bit
  8. Seems like year after year the zone entries kill this team on PP
  9. I was just looking at calgary's cap situation. I wonder if they could be a team that Bergevin works a deal out with. I doubt they want to lose any prospects, but they have a couple quality d in their system
  10. Bergevin said 95% sure Kotkaniemi stays in Montreal( won't loan to finland). "Unless a centre falls in his lap"
  11. His game fell off in the playoffs with Washington, right before Bergevin signed him That signing signified how lost this management group was. Way behind the curve, and letting character trump everything.... We're now paying for the terrible moves Bergevin has made defensively. I will give Bergevin some credit, because he is making up for some of his mistakes, but the true issue with this team is that there are no puck movers. Petry is solid when he's moving his feet, but his passing is sub par, next would be maybe Reilly.... Not having defense who can stretch a pass, makes it so much tougher for a speedy forward group.
  12. Nice to see Evans doing well. Wouldn't mind seeing him up.
  13. He has 1 goal in his last 17 games and 2 points in his last 8. He had a nice secondary assist tonight, but he made some soft ass plays on the puck too. Like I said, the last 6 or 7 games, he has looked like he was wearing down a bit I know you're against the world jrs for him, but i think he could benefit from it
  14. Lehkonen made a nice little play in his own end there, that led to that Byron goal.
  15. I guess we'll see... Was a nice pass from Kotkaniemi there as I eat my words
  16. Brutal might be a bit strong, but hes been soft on his passes and just not making good decisions. He has regress the past 6 or 7 games, which was bound to happen. I bet he does go to world jr s. I keep reading people saying he has nothing to prove in the tournament, but it acts as a refresh for him. Let him gain some confidence back and take a break from the nhl grind
  17. Kotkaneimi has been brutal lately Reilly is underrated
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