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  1. I think Ikonen could be a dark house prospect
  2. I think I would still take him over Drouin... Maybe not... Sergachev's stats are probably a bit inflated with Tampa and Drouin has started to turn it on
  3. He put up 40pts in his first nhl season. He'll still probably get close to 30 this year. The kid is a stud
  4. They get some momentum from first unit PP, then Julien puts out second unit after Whistle. Why make that change
  5. Kulak with terrible back check. Price was not happy
  6. Power play is a joke. Weber should not be the guy carrying the puck up. Love Domi, but he just keeps forcing those passes to the centre of the ice.
  7. Brayden Schenn would be a good target. His name was around the Habs during the summer
  8. I agree. I'm just wondering why he's playing worse, on a team with more talent
  9. You guys know more about prospects than me, but you'd think he would at least be holding pace from last season.
  10. Am I aloud to say I expected more out of Suzuki now? 17 points in 15 games....
  11. He forgot who he was many times when he was in Montreal. It's the reason Therrien sat him for a game in the playoffs. He would get too comfortable playing on the top line. When he was put down the line up, his skating slowed way down and his intensity shit the bed. "When Scott Gordon replaced Hakstol. Weise was relegated to a fourth-line checking role, which, let’s just say, he refused to embrace. In recent games at Washington and last Saturday in New Jersey, Weise played a combined 20:38 with a whole lot of nothing — no shots, no hits, no blocks and, quite frankly, no interest" I like Weise, but I really hope he can accept his role on the fourth line
  12. Is that the guy who has a crib with a studio and it's all full of tracks, that he added to his wall full of plaques?
  13. I'm pretty sure I heard Weise basically quit on Philly. Stopped going to practise and skates. I remember Weise almost getting a sense of entitlement, when he was in Montreal. He seemed to forget he was bottom 6 player.
  14. Didn't give up much. Good faceoff guy. I hope the focus is put on help at LD and/or the power play now
  15. Habs are close to a deal with L.A. Nate Thompson is the guy. Really feels like were getting the Bergy special again. Grinders galore
  16. How is that fourth line better than Hudon Shaw Pecca. Weise is barely an nhl capable player at this point and Deslauriers is close to the same. A big part of this team winning games so decisively lately, is the fact that their rolling 4 lines with speed and skill.
  17. Weise should not be taking Hudon or Pecca's spots in the line up.
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