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  1. Nashville d-core would be scary if that happened
  2. Look at where Drouin comes from on that islanders goal. He's on the left side the entire time. Once he sees the rebound he crashes the net.
  3. Minus a penalty shot and a breakaway, he's literally scored every goal from the left side of the ice this year. On the powerplay he does all of his damage on the left half wall.
  4. The people who want Plekanec to stay on this team, are the same ones who's couldn't accept his decline, when it was clearly visible.
  5. Drouin said in an interview he likes to come up the left side to enter the zone. He's a left wing If anything Galchenyuk should be on RW, Drouin LW, and a legit C down the middle
  6. Habs profited over 90 million dollars last year.... They can afford to swallow the idiots contract. I seriously can't beilive this guy is going to get another chance at a rebuild with this team. #OnlyInMontreal
  7. Vezina candidate after the Habs are done with him.
  8. Having Pacioretty for two playoff runs seems appealing though
  9. Id assume Pacioretty will go in the summer
  10. It was a joke. Some mentioned a trade for Weber. Honestly, you look like the only one that's butt hurt...
  11. Oh, you're in that league where Goals, assists and point totals mean nothing?
  12. Subban?... Ya right, who would do that
  13. Are they seriously that worried about putting Logan Shaw or Froese on waivers....
  14. I don't mind this signing at all. Especially with the fact there's going to be a lot of young kids on this roster moving forward. A little protection isn't a terrible thing. I just hate the fact Bergevin is still being aloud to make moves. It basically means he's the g.m of the Habs moving forward
  15. "51 points after 57 games is the same total as for Andre Savard's and Rejean Houle's final seasons. In Pierre Gauthier's final season the #Habs were at 55 points".
  16. Sounds like Shaw will be ready for Philly game
  17. The tank is more than real at this point. Did this team set a franchise record for road losses? How many more shit records can this team set under Bergevin...
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