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  1. I would assume that Poehling will be send down, when Kotkaniemi returns
  2. I didnt see what it was, but Weber DTD
  3. Domi needs to be better. Looked better on PP tho
  4. I'm not even sure why he was sitting for Reilly.
  5. I get ya. I appreciate that. I just didn't want to be someone who is posting crap on here.
  6. I wasn't trying to impose anything, trust me. I apologize It sparked a conversation on a dried up thread. No one was saying: "oh my God, Domi is getting a contract!? He probably is considering a 3 year deal, though. His contact negotiations/deal are inevitable and those numbers are on point as to what he'll probably land. I wasn't trying to make shit up, or pull specific things from an article. It's all in the realm of what he'll land.
  7. I literally copy and pasted the article. It's speculation from a credible source. I guess i missed putting the Habs MIGHT be looking towards a long term deal. There's a fine line between speculation and rumour. No?
  8. The rest of the article said the Habs might be looking more towards a long terms deal. 8.5, was a number that was thrown out there. Domi has not impressed me enough, to get to the 8.5. He looks a lot like the "Arizona" Domi, thus far.
  9. Max Domi who might be considering a three-year bridge deal at around $6.5 million per season. If so, that would carry him right into unrestricted free agency where he could sign a massive long-term contract extension. Max Domi, Montreal Canadiens (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)
  10. Good teams don't consistently have games like this
  11. Where did I say I'm worried about his career? The kid was out with a concussion, from a hit, to the start the year, though....
  12. He gets smoked like crazy. He's swimming out there a bit. Thanks though, I thought they were knitting
  13. I'm saying as of right now, he might be better suited in the AHL. I absolutely think he will be a full time nhler, at some point
  14. I have doubts about Poehling in the NHL. Gets rocked every other shift Wow, Reilly and Fleury are an awful pair
  15. Did Gallagher just break his hand/fingers again. I don't know why he blocks a shot like that
  16. Theyre pretty bad in their own end, but Price has not been stellar
  17. Move Mete down the line up, and he brings it offensively
  18. You're getting carried away with these advanced stats. They get skewed and meaningless, when there are this few games played.
  19. He has 2 goals in 14 games, 2 pts in his last 11. I don't need advanced stats to tell me this guy is not producing. He went almost 30 games without a goal last season too. This is nothing new.
  20. Defensive players, I guess. We sure know they're doing nothing offensively.
  21. I think that "A", is keeping him in the line up?
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