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  1. Makes sense to me ... although he has already dominated in the AHL, especially offensively, as the Rocket are in the same locale as the organization they could give him some extra attention for his defensive play ...... hopefully the "extra" $50K he is owed above his AHL salary if he plays the entire year in Laval won't lead them to "force" some N HL games that are not earned.
  2. I agree ... Kulak is paired with Gianni Fairbrother on Team A ... doesn't strike me as anything like Savard being with Guhle or Chiarot with Norlinder, to get a good look at the youngsters ... seems more like "we have to put him somewhere" pairing. Lehkonen is with Poehling (some chance of making the team) and Laurent (Forever Rocket) Dauphin, so not certain AL's spot is guaranteed ... trading both Al and BK would move $4.15M off the cap and replacements would eat up about $1.5M, maybe $2M at most ... every cap dollar counts.
  3. He's making Ouellet money in the AHL ($425K), and guaranteed $475K for the season ... good risk ... won't cost anything on the cap if he doesn't pan out.
  4. Health Canada also has approved Moderna Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine and Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine.
  5. Once someone is infected I agree the risk of transmission is same/similar ... but my point was that as an unvaccinated person is more likely to become infected, they are more likely to have the "opportunity" to infect others. Hands up, gun placed on ground, my hijacking also over.
  6. Until Evans, Paquette, Perrault or Poehling prove they can handle the offensive side of being the 3C with top 6 quality wingers (IMO Habs have 6 of those) it may bear difficult to put the 3lW/3RW in a position to succeed.
  7. No vaccine = increased risk of infection = increased risk of transmission to those around him = posing a risk to their health I completely agree he has a choice ... but that choice has consequences ... for him and potentially those around him
  8. That Rinaldo is willing to risk the health of others on and around the team or that the team won't let him ... or, at very least, won't plan to use a roster spot on a marginal player that will not be able to play any games north of the border even if he makes the team?
  9. I've seen that (although not from mainstream media) ... some reports indicate that the issue in his family was in the past with a vaccine other than Covid ... hopefully a reliable source will address it ...
  10. Maybe I got GOLD STAR SERVICE because I am a Trifluvian ... LOL
  11. How about we wait and see how he does before we talk LTIR and retirement ... this is the first time he has sought any help and expect that the support he received last spring, this summer will continue into the season ... don't disagree that professional sports are a production-based environment ... but speculating on what happens if he fails seems counterproductive ... also ... LTIR is for those unable to play ... lack of production is not a reason for LTIR unless Jonathan were to again decide he was unable to play.
  12. Huh ... the complete opposite of my experience ... including a prompt response to feedback I sent in.
  13. Ylonen is on the Habs TC roster but: Newly hired coach fired ... player banned from training camp ... CBJs are taking covid seriously. Wonder if Ylonen will actually allowed to attend camp?
  14. A link to the game will be available via the Canadiens' homepage, and here is the lineup ... expect it will show up on their twitter account.
  15. Two different players ... taking on Niku (waivers or as a post-termination signing) would be an attempt to resurrect his long-term NHL potential ... signing Goloubef would be as a veteran to support the Rocket d-corps and only for emergency NHL purposes
  16. Now a good chance that it was a favour to MB's buddy Brisson ... not that it may not turn out to provide a veteran for Laval
  17. Agreed ... the "its up to the player to show us" approach has to be tempered by what is best to ensure that the player optimizes his potential ... so that ... the team gets the greatest benefit from that player ... both on-ice and under the cap (i.e., don't waste ELC years).
  18. I believe it is a look-see for the possibility of another veteran for the Rocket blueline ... if all goes well maybe a 7D if the Habs have an injury and need a body to be on the roster and available in an emergency ... unless he (unexpectedly IMO) plays well enough to earn a game or two in the event of need.
  19. Could turn out to be Rocket depth ... also wonder who his agent might be (perhaps the PTO is a favour to his representative)
  20. I'll keep an eye on the TSN690 website for them to post the Dredger interview ... ***IF*** true this certainly puts a different spin on how MB managed things this summer.
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