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  1. Agree ... this is a "transition signing" ... not a "winning team" signing ... and worse comes to worse he is a luxury Laval veteran.
  2. She has been hired as a consultant ... one contributor to the player development program ... so I have no issues.
  3. Habs are currently just under a $1M over the rumoured $82.5 ceiling (total contracts plus 2nd last season of Alzner buyout and $1.1325M in bonus carryovers because they were in LTIR last season) ... Weber's $7,857,143 (either going to Vegas or onto LTIR) is likely largely eaten up by re-signing Romanov & Rem Pitlick, and whichever 13th forward they decide to keep ... so the Habs ability to take on even semi-significant contracts will depend on who Hughes can offload and/or whether Price goes onto LTIR for the full season ... and I doubt HuGo want to be in LTIR if they can help it as it ties their hands in-season and kicks any rookie bonuses onto 23/24 cap.
  4. Agreed ... good NHL 6/7D depth (likely a 5/6 next season, possibly even a 4 depending on how the summer goes) but at a fully buriable cap hit if the defence improves or he regresses.
  5. 4-2 final ... Rocket get the split ... could well have won both
  6. 7:56 left ... Bad penalty by Martel ... the reaction almost always gets called.
  7. Primeau has made some big saves but hasn't looked good on either Springfield goal
  8. An interesting dilemma ... he is rated by various sources from #20 to #69 ... I would hate to pass on him JUST because he is Kent's son if he is the best value pick at any point.
  9. It was an incredibly stupid penalty ... clear body check on a player that did not have the puck ... hope his teammates can bail him out.
  10. OR ... the Oilers were just THAT "stupid".
  11. Suspect it is just the reaction to such an "out-of-left-field" question, his ability to process it, and provide a coherent response ... of course the "behavioural science folks" may have some preference for reasons I would undoubtedly not understand.
  12. I agree ... unless he proves to be late bloomer and gets his act together ... even then likely a 6/7 defenceman ... but one who can say
  13. 12. There are a lot of eyes on qualifying offers. Cap space is tight, and the arbitration walk-away number this summer is $4,538,958. (Teams can’t “walk-away” from any award below that number.) If they’re not convinced a player’s production matches, teams may choose to let them go free in July rather than risk an arbitration award they can’t escape. Toronto followers were confused by an Ondrej Kase Instagram post where he thanked Maple Leafs fans, taking it as an indication that he might be leaving. That’s premature, I think there are talks underway, but it’s not wrong to think the team would be spooked by an arbitration award in a tight cap situation. Others to watch include: Ethan Bear (Carolina), Denis Gurianov (Dallas), Kasperi Kapanen (Pittsburgh), Dylan Strome (Chicago), Miles Wood and Pavel Zacha (New Jersey). It’s not to say all of these players are guaranteed to hit the market. It’s more like, teams are watching to see what decisions are made. ***IF*** not tendered a qualifying offer Ethan Bear (soon to be 25 yr-old RHD, 5-yrs pro) might be of some interest to HuGo provided Petry is, or is to be, moved ... on a shorter-term "show-me" deal ... I expect any teams seriously thinking of not qualifying an RFA of any significance will try to move them at the draft.
  14. Carey Price Update "I'm getting prepared to start my ramp-up and preparing for next season," Price said Friday. "I'm going to start preparing like I'm playing. I don't think I will actually have an idea of how that is going to look until later in the summer when I have taken all the necessary steps to get on the ice again." So HuGo is likely screwed ... any decent options in goal will be long-gone by the time he knows Price's plans ... unless he adds a legit (not saying elite) NHL goaltender planning/hoping to deal Allen, or maybe the new guy, if Price does come back ... but what decent UFA/RFA goalie will want to come given the uncertainty ... so such a plan will cost assets for a trade.
  15. Good news for the young man ...
  16. For what it's worth, I agree. PURE THOUGHT PLAY: the ONLY reason for the Habs to in any way "consider" Slafkovsky would be if the NJDs are hot-to-trot for him ... Devils have excellent young depth at centre (if not as yet an elite 1C), so Wright and Cooley may not really be a priority ... and with Hamilton and Severson on defence, and "baby Hughes" (Luke) on the way, the top defence prospects (with their attendant learning curves) may not be either ... IF the NJD are, as rumoured, looking to accelerate their rebuild process (they've missed the playoffs 8 of the 9 seasons under current ownership, including the last four) and are h-t-t on JS, could HuGo bluff them into swapping picks to ensure Slafkovsky ends up in Newark, get a little something-something for the trouble of stepping back a pick and still get Wright?
  17. And if he does which Price will Carey be: 14/15 STUD ... 19/20 Very average ... or ... 17/18 when he was horrible but Anti Niemi with the Habs played at a near all-star level ... the worst possibility of all, could last season's 5 games be a;; that is left in his body.
  18. IMO he has always had the public personality of a piece of dry white toast ...
  19. As has been pointed out, with their cap situation (estimated $11.3M if Klefboom again is LTIR), the Oilers may not be able to even keep what they have ... which includes two of their top 6 TOI forwards in these playoffs (Kane and Yamamoto) and another of their top 9 (Puljujärvi), let alone add much anything ... Holland will have to make some hard decisions in order to work some magic ... but even then, tough too make clear significant cap space or make impactful trades when everyone making more than $4.5 million has some form of NMC/NTC.
  20. I think there is a mid-point (soft-tank?) ... move out as many of the non-long-term and/or bad-contract veterans as possible (hopefully a couple over the summer and/or throughout next season), but replace them with bridge veterans suited to support the development of young players without creating any new "cap roadblocks" for the "emerging from rebuild/tool" years ... not replacing them by career AHLers and/or washed up NHLers ... personally, I have no issue with out-right tanking for next season (we each have our individual opinions) but expect HuGo will go more the soft-tank approach.
  21. 8.6(e) A "Bona Fide Offer" is an offer of an SPC which is for a period corresponding to the Player's age as required under Section 9.1(b) of this Agreement, is to commence at the start of the next League Year, offers at least the Minimum Paragraph 1 Salary as set forth in Section 11.12 of this Agreement for each League Year covered by such offer and remains open to the Player for at least thirty (30) days after receipt of the offer by the Player. A Bona Fide Offer may be conditioned upon acceptance by the Player within thirty (30) days and carries no right to salary arbitration. So the bona-fide offer would be for the 3-year term specified in the CBA for his draft age but more than likely at the NHL minimum salary (2022-23 $750,000; 2023-24 $775,000; 2024-25 $775,000) rather than at, or closer to, the ELC maximum (2021 $925,000; 2022 $950,000; 2023 $950,000 - based on draft year) and again, most likely, with none of the permitted ELC bonuses ... an offer he would be very unlikely to accept.
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