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  1. I agree. Two of those penalty calls were very weak. Kovy showed a lot of heart, and I was glad to see it. He needs to watch the penalties though.
  2. given what Maxim Lapierre showed during his call-up, I think he warrants an audition in the second line center role before we look at a trade. I realize that Higgins is a scoring machine, and a big conpliment to the first line, but he was also drafted as a centre, and from what I understand, played most of his hockey as a centre. With Lats on the scoring line and Higgins at 2nd line centre, Max could play on the 3rd or 4th line. I would not try to play Max as a 2nd line centre.
  3. The habs no goal in the second was clearly good - it's the Bruins player who pushed Kovalev in the net Bruins goal on the PP should have never counted, the Bs highsticked Rivet a few seconds before and the play was never stopped. Ya, this is the second or third game this year where the refs basically determined the fate of the game. If the ref calls the highstick when Murray makes the "5 on 4" a "5 on 3" by taking Rivet out of the play, you have a whole new game. The interference call on Kovy would have been tough to call. Mara didn't hit him too hard, and Kovy fell like a ton of bricks. The Habs still loooked weak though. The PP was weak and passes were bad. Rivet has a piano tied to his ass and Komi got burned at a critical moment. Oh well, you gotta lose sometime I guess.
  4. It will be interesting to see what happens with Kovy at the end of the year. I hope they can keep him.I know that he isn't producing the way a player of his caliber should, and his hands sometimes get him in trouble in our zone, but the team would change a great deal without him. He is so good with the puck, and when we are having problems getting into the other zone ( you can just see how frustrated the team must get ) Kovalev is the one who gains the zone and gets the play going. The contributions that he makes are critical to the team, even though he isn't putting points on the board. This team changes way too much without Kovalev.
  5. That is what makes me so confident in the Habs future. If they can keep drafting the way they are, and developing talent so well at the farm team level, and they can keep their coaching staff, I don't think it's a stretch to wager that Les Glorieux will hoist lord Stanley's mug in the next 5 years!
  6. Niinimaa is your favorite player? :?-
  7. [b]Its easier for north-south guys like Bonk & Johnson to mesh; but guys like Sammy and Kovy are much harder to adapt to because they're all over the place. Give it time and eventually it will come.[/b] Very good point Kozed. Makes a lot of sence. I remember you from ESPN.com. This forum is much better. The trolls on ESPN were crazy.
  8. So, I know that Bonk is doing well on the checking line, but man this team needs a 2nd line centre. If someone could pass the puck to Kovy and set up a few goals, I think you would find him producing a lot more. Bonk has been playing well, and it would be nice to see him centre the 2nd line.
  9. the 4th line is rather limited in ice time I would expect this to change, knowing Carbo. I think he will succeed in developing a true 4 line team. It may not be this year, but just watching his line-ups over the year, it appears that is what he is going for. The last few coaches just threw the dregs of the team into the fourth line. A lot of times, it's that 3rd and 4th line that are key to winning the cup. And since I predict a Stanley Cup in the next 5 years ( if they keep the current leadership) Carbs will have to work on that 4th line.
  10. I can't see trading our powerplay (Souray) right now. I will believe it when I see it. Him and Higgins are the power play right now. And with Higgy hurt, you can't trade your PP Point man. The whole game is special teams right now. As far as who our best D man is, anyone who denies that Markov is our best D man as dillusional. Markov is the Montreal Canadiens best defenseman! As for 2nd best, take your pick. I don't think it's Souray though. He's our PP point man, but I see him make a lot of mistakes on D. I love the Cube, and for a stay at home D man, I rate him up there on the team. :hlogo:
  11. I agree. Johnson is playing very well. He seems to have gotten Bonk going too.
  12. why would he be here when Kostitsyn been waiting for his chance for at least 2 more years then him What Montreal needs right now is a big, strong, agressive, talented forward that puts in effort every game. Someone like Smythe. No offense to Kostitsyn, but Peryzogen is probably filling his roll at the moment.
  13. If Guy said it...It is so...and so it shall be All hail the one they call Guy
  14. In the long run, from what I'm seeing, the contracts even out. If latendresse comes out with a couple thou more at the end of the contract, big deal. He is a big strong talented forward. Watch him dig pucks in the offensive zone. The guy is an asset. Gainey and Carbo don't mind spending 2 or 3 years grooming a player to be great. We could have another Ryan Smythe on our hands.
  15. I can't believe I'm reading people on a Habs forum dissing Lafleur. He's right and that's it. If you are playing below your ability, you move down to make room for the guys who are trying. If you whine to the media, you get benched. THE END. A lot of you guys are young, but when Lafleur talks about the Habs, I respect it as much as when Bossy speaks of the Islanders and when Gretzky speaks of the Oilers. Guy Lafleur was my hero when I was a kid. He is one of the last greats on the Canadiens legacy. That said, I have to give Carbo credit for his coaching. He's got 4 solid lines. He has Bonk moving, and the Russian line looks good. There seems to be some good chemistry on all 4 lines. Whether I agree or disagree, IMO he's earned a lifetime pass to say whatever the hell he wants*! YAH, WHAT HE SAID
  16. My favorite habs is Koivu. I really enjoy these posts, because it shows how differently we see things. While I would agree that Pleckanec isn't having a great start, I do see the little things that he does on the ice. He uses his speed well. He seems to make good defensive plays, which is good when you consider who is behind the bench. His developement is fairly slow, but I see him as a solid 3rd or 4th line centre. He's a role player, and I like him. I'm not saying he's a favorite, but he's solid. How can anyone hate Rivet these days? I could see it a couple of years ago, but he has really inproved his play, and he is basically co-captain right now. His leadership is critical. It's going to be scary next year, because we all know that the Habs are going to have to give up either him or Souray next year. I totally agree with the anger about Ninimaa. This guy takes way too many penalties. Streit is my second least favorite. He's a defensive liability.
  17. I agree that if Latendresse can be groomed enough to be a solid two-way guy, he would be the best choice in 5 years. I'm loving Begin's intensity. If he could get the room to listen to him, I feel that his actions on the ice are consistent every game. He's 80% heart and 20% talent, but that kind of intensity has a way of rubbing off on guys. I love this guy.
  18. allowing Theo time to rest his mind and work extremely hard on his game so if Huet falters Theo will use his opportunity wisely and regain his form and stature in Montreal. It's been like this for a long time now. Theo fought for the #1 spot with Jeff Hackett, had some bad games but finished strong. He got the spot, had one brilliant season, and faultered at the beginning of the next season. Then people thought maybe Garon should get the #1 spot, but once again Theo's performance at the end of the season, and his playoff play made everyone love him again. Now Huet is doing the same thing. Theo is inconsistent. He always has been ( except for one season), but his brilliant play when it counts makes him a go to guy. I'm just not sure if my heart can handle any more of his inconsistent play. Go Theo
  19. YAAAAAAAA BAAAAAABY Team's backbone proves himself again.
  20. I love Begin... I hope they never trade this guy. He's a smart energy guy. OOOOH CRAP, SABRES TIE IT UP
  21. Theo will not be charged by the NHL. I just heard it on CJAD
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