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  1. Actually, Markov is in the lead with 6 points (all assists). Poor Markov... everyone always seems to forget about him. EDIT: Oops, sorry, just noticed you guys were talking about forwards only! Anyways, still want to throw out some love for Markov
  2. I'll be at the game tonight... I hope the guys can at least keep it close. Ottawa will probably have their full lineup as they are leaving for Sweden tomorrow.
  3. Habs have signed Robert Mayer to a 3 year contract. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2008...iens-mayer.html
  4. Sounds like he took an elbow to the head... hasn't moved since the hit. They're putting him on a stretcher. Hope he's ok.
  5. Well, regardless of where you stand on this, I think we can all agree that this year will be a huge year for Gainey with all the free agents we will have. I think 08-09 is really going to show us what he's made of.
  6. I've got my 10-pak! It was alot easier getting them online this year. I'm pumped! Gonna get to see the Wild, Coyotes, Bruins, Sabres, Devils, Caps, Leafs X2, Sharks and Pens.
  7. According to RDS.ca http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/254774.html For those who don't speak french, it appears as though Sundin is ready to test free agency and will not sign with the Habs prior to July 1st.
  8. I'll be there too! Let's get the Scotiabank Place rockin' with GO HABS GO!
  9. I really don't understand. Our record is 8-3-3 right now. I think at the start of the season if we would have said this would be our record at this point everyone would have been happy. Other than 1 or 2 games, I think the Habs have played very well so far this year. People always seem to complain that Carbo moves his lines around too much, but now, even with a decent record, people are asking for a shake up? I'll agree with you, but only if we start losing 3-4 games in a row.
  10. At this point, I'm just hoping nobody gets hurt playing these goons! Go Habs Go!!!
  11. Forwards Higgins - Koivu - Ryder Kostitsyn - Plekanec- Kovalev Latendresse - Smolinski- Kostopoulos Begin - Chipchura - Dandenault Defence Markov - Komisarek Gorges - Hamrlik Bouillon - Streit Goaltender Price source: tsn.ca Why the hell is Gui still dressed? The guy was absolute garbage against the Leafs...
  12. I was at the game and sitting in a section behind the Habs net for Ottawa's first goal. Now I'm not the biggest Brisebois fan on here, but that giveaway was all Huet's fault. I love how nobody is mentioning that anywhere. He came out of his net instead of simply letting the puck roll to Brisebois. Then, instead of just stopping it for him, he tries to pass it to him which goes over Patrice's stick right to the Sens player. My heart skips a beat everytime Huet comes out of his net because he's not the best at it, and on that goal (at least from my perspective and vantage point), it was his fault.
  13. I'll be there! Way up in the 300s but I'll be as loud as I can. Not too hard to be louder than the home crowd in Ottawa though
  14. Ya, but I had a chuckle when he got beat at his own blueline in OT and gave a breakaway and game winning goal to the other team too. Vintage Sheldon. The guy can score, but he's a defensive liability.
  15. Sorry, it double posted for some reason... can't seem to be able to delete this post.
  16. According to RDS: http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/236884.html Kovalev - Grabovski - A. Kostitsyn S. Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Ferland Kostopoulos - Chipchura - Lahti Murray - Milroy - Locke They don't mention the D pairings. For the Pens: Recchi - Crosby - Sykora Talbot - Esposito - Hall Armstrong - Staal - Malone Ruutu - Brent - Laraque On defense: Sergei Gonchar, Kristopher Letang, Darryl Sydor, Mark Eaton, Rob Scuderi and Mike Weaver. Marc-André Fleury and Ty Conklin in net. Alot of the regulars for the pens will be playing so this should be quite the test for our youngsters.
  17. I think one of the issues last year was that Souray was so effective on the PP that the whole PP strategy was feed the point, feed the point. Even on 5-3 situations, we didn't see the side door pass to Ryder or Kovalev like we saw the previous year... it was still feed the point. With Souray gone, the PP strategy will need to change and I think we'll see alot more PP production from Ryder and Kovy.
  18. What the heck is wrong with this league!?!?! Two guys who only had 69 pts (Drury) and 60pts (Gomez) are going to be making 7+ million a year??? Let's not be so hard on Saku's 4.75 mil a year considering he had 75 pts last season, more that either of these guys!
  19. Not sure if this has been posted in other threads. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=211958&hubname=
  20. Geeeez.... I wonder why nobody wants to come play in Montreal.... :puke: Isn't it ironic that the very media that calls Gainey a racist (still no source) are always the ones who make everything out to be about "race" ??? This whole thing is litterally making me sick to my stomach.... I can't even read up on any "Habs draft day analysis" anymore because all they talk about is "race" this and "quebecer" that and "the Habs are turning their backs on Quebec" this. Looks like I have to stick to english media right now cause I least they are trying to give HOCKEY analysis.... cause last time I checked, this is hockey we're talking about right?
  21. That is the biggest load of crap ever. You don't have to be from Quebec to have your dream come true being drafted by the Habs. Hell, I'm from northern Ontario and I'll tell you what, it would have been a dream being drafted by the Habs. If PK Subban's favorite team growing up was the Canadiens, then good for him to get drafted by them!
  22. PK Subban. Interesting. I saw him play with Belleville a few times this year when I went to see the Wolves play there in the OHL playoffs. He's a huge fan favorite over there and has a cannon for a shot. Could be a PP specialist.
  23. I for one am too busy cheering on the future OHL champion Sudbury Wolves!!! Game 3 tonight in Sudbury, series tied 1-1. GO WOLVES GO!!
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