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  1. WOHOO!!! Would you all stop hitting on Ryder now??? A goal scorer's goal baby! In the right place at the right time!!! GO HABS GO!!!!
  2. I think that the canes are going to give alot more attention to Kovalev now, probably double cover him, so this should be Ribiero's chance to shine. He should have alot more room out there, especially on the power play. This is his chance to have a big game. Also, with the canes still having last change, it will be interesting to see who they match up against Koivu's line compared to Kovalev's line.
  3. And besides, how do we know Gainey didn't tell Cristo last week that he was going to start and just decided to hold off on making it public?
  4. Since the main topic of discussion has now turned to Ryder, maybe someone could do some research for me (cause I'm lazy ) How many other 30 goal scorers made only 1 million or less this year? (including bonuses, cause Crosby and Overchkin were capped for the rookie salaries, but will make like 2.5 mil in bonuses alone) I think 1 mil for a 30 goal scorer is a great price. Very good point.
  5. Well, last night on That's Hockey on TSN, Gord Miller was talking to some sports writer in Philly and this guy picked the Habs as his favorite team to post an upset in the first round. Nice to see we're getting some love by some reporters in the States. GO HABS GO!
  6. I agree 100%. If your scores were based on their role as well as expectations, I say these 2 guys did an awesome job. Let's face it, Murray's expectations were pretty low. I remember people lamenting over and over again that we traded Hossa for him. Given this fact, and the fact that his role is a defensive one as well as crashing and banging, I say he definitely filled his role. As for Downey, same thing. We got this guy off waivers and most people (me included) didn't think he would get any ice time. He basically has the same role as Murray (except doesn't kill penalties) and he's been quite good at it. Let's face, these guys aren't out there to score goals. I don't get nervous when they are in our own end, like let's say... Mikey Ribiero.
  7. I'm a firm believer in having set lines, and I strongly believe that the line shuffling that has been going on the past few games is what's hurting the team right now. During the 8 game win streak we basically kept the same lineup every night. The injury to Bégin kinda messed everything up. Not only the 4th, but it seems as though every line except the first got switched around. I really hope that Gainey decided who is going to play with Kovalev and Ribiero because the revolving winger thing is really getting on my nerves. Bulis or Zednik, it doesn't matter, just please choose one. In the playoffs you need chemistry (look at what Koivu, Kovalev and Zednik were able to do last playoffs). Maybe with Begin back in, Gainey will be able to settle all his line combinations to where they were when we were winning.
  8. One big problem... where's Bégin? There's no way he's sitting out if he's healthy.
  9. BOOYA!!!! It's all over!!! Habs heading for the playoffs!!
  10. C'mon empty net goal..... *crosses fingers*
  11. Hopefully he's done in the NHL as well.
  12. Jeez... Toronto has it easy? They still have to play Ottawa and Buffalo again. I don't call that easy. Havlat will be back on Saturday against them too. Ottawa's gonna romp them like they've done all year. Toronto's done. As for Atlanta, true they might sweep their last 4, but there's no way Tampa Bay will pass us. If we win tonight we'll be alright.
  13. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=162257&hubname= Wow... Darren sounds like a good guy and all, but I have absolutely no pitty for the guy. How can someone who played 11 seasons in the NHL file for Bankruptcy? Dammit man, I'd love to be making millions every year. NHLers always seem to mention how high their insurance is. Anyone have any clue how much it is? Even then, Darren probably should have had someone take care of his cash.
  14. Oh c'mon simonus, we all know the leafs are gonna take our spot..... *BANG!* Thud thud...
  15. RDS reporting that Begin is done for the rest of the season. They only mention the last 4 games though. No mention about the playoffs.
  16. This is just something I need to get off my chest. Agree or disagree, I'd like to get the opinion of other regular RDS viewers who get to watch the game severy night. I'm really getting sick and tired of the way they are constantly bringing down Ryder during games. I understand he's had an up and down season, but c'mon. If someone makes a bad pass to him, it's his fault cause he couldn't control it ("Une autre mauvaise réception de passe par Ryder"). If there's an offside, somehow he's always to blame (goes too slow, goes too fast, doesn't pass, should have passed...). He and Higgins are battling in the corner for the puck, it's always his fault when they lose it. I think they need to realize that it's only his second year in the league and he still is our top goal scorer this season. Sure he's to blame for some of the things I've mentioned, but it's just a relentless attack against him every night by Pierre et Yvon that I just can't take it anymore. Sorry bout the rant. Like I said, i just needed to get this off my chest.
  17. Well, I think the irony in all this is that during that infamous 3-0 Sens where all those comments were said, it was us who were short on defense. We had only dressed 5 that game, one of them being Coté who had been called up from Hamilton that very day. Markov was serving his suspension for "shoving" a linesmen after the BS call against the Laffs in OT, and I'm not sure who else was injured but...... the sens didn't seem to mind that we were missing our guys with their comments after that game, but now all of a sudden it matters when it's them who are short handed. By no means am I comparing our d corps to theirs, but truth is the situations were very similar. I'd like to call this poetic justice!
  18. Well, just got back from the game. Wow, after tonight, I'm damn proud to be a Habs fan! I'd say about a third of the arena was bleu blanc et rouge. Had the olé chants going all night! What a great atmosphere! Not very hard to out-chant the sens fans though. Wow they are quiet! Anyways, the entire lobby of Scotiabank place was booming with olé, olé, olé chants after the game it was awesome. For any people who might be doubting that Aebi might not be getting as much support from the guys as Huet, well I noticed alot tonight that may not have made it on TV. Little things like Koivu rubbing Aebi's head after a good save, Rivet and Souray constantly tapping on his pads after plays. I mean it looks to me like they are playing hard for him too. He definitely saved the game in the first period for us tonight. Glad to see he came through. Should be another great game on Saturday! GO HABS GO!!
  19. Well, they aren't seats at all LOL! I have standing tickets for the section right behind the Sens net. Can't get much higher than that I guess that's what I get for waiting 2 weeks before the game. Actually, I'm pretty surprised there were any tickets left at all. Where will you be sitting/standing? I'm game for meeting up somewhere.
  20. Well, hopefully it doesn't work out the other way and he gives up another 5 goals. Then the fans will really be all over him. Poor guy has to play Carolina and now Ottawa. To be honest I wanted to see Huet play these teams to see if he can shut them down as well as he did the weaker ones. Well, if Aeby does start, I hope for a great game form him since I'll be at the game cheering on the guys! *EDIT: P.S. Anyone else from Ottawa gonna be at the game?
  21. Well, if he needed to sit one out, this game would be best. Better to have him healthy and ready for those games against Jersey!
  22. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=161221&hubname= No suspension for Tucker. I guess this guy can get away with murder in the NHL. First he whacks someone in the head with a helmet in a fight and gets nothing. Now he takes someone out at the knee and gets nothing. What's next? Anyone wanna take a guess?
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