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  1. Well it was a good run but Tampa was just too good a team. And yes, the salary cap BS they played sure helped them, but regardless they were a much better team then the habs. Still…no one ever expected the habs to get this far and everything after beating the leafs was gravy!
  2. Sorry…. Gallagher is useless right now… staple him to the bench
  3. Well one shot every five minutes when you are desperate for a goal is what is sealing their fate…
  4. Well they are finally opening it up.. activating the D and making some long passes… hopefully it isn’t too little too late..
  5. I have to agree… They deserved to get this far but they simply haven’t been good enough in this series… they played like a team who should lose in 5.
  6. Price is bailing them out still… maybe they could get their shit together and make this a game…
  7. Did anyone watch the final period of the Tampa isles series… the isles barely got a shot… Tampa will come out hard, fast, and smothering. the habs need a huge effort and some puck luck now.
  8. Gallagher is falling down constantly and swiping at stuff… something isn’t right with him..
  9. This would be a good time for gally to get going… And now another penalty..
  10. Out played, out skated and out skilled tonight… habs just seem lost. can they turn it around and get their game goIng?
  11. Will the habs play with some ####ing desperation now..
  12. Another simple pass.. tO a guy five feet away… puts it so far ahead it is a turn over… what is wrong with these guys.
  13. the PP is a comedy of errors… they can’t make a simple pass
  14. The PP is embarrassing and sapping any momentum… Habs just don’t look like they have it.. they need a lucky break to get their legs going.
  15. Refs aside, the habs need to generate some offensive.. they are playing like it is late in the third and they have a lead.. lucky it is still tied at zero but we need a strong second period or it is just a matter of time.
  16. The ref is screwing perry… he complained the last guy dove or it was a weak call so it is open season on Perry… and the habs better get their game together.
  17. Don’t diss the posts.. they are Montreal posts… homers…
  18. Now please don’t bE satisfied and go win game 5… put the fear of destiny In Tampa.
  19. Wow…. Wow. Wow… Anderson came to play… huge kill. Excellent work by price…
  20. Weber has to stop trying to shoot THE puck half way across the country and just pick a corner like Romanov.,, and forwards need to be screening.
  21. Yup..,and they ignored a trip 30 seconds earlier after calling everything…
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