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  1. Between now and the next time we play the Sens, someone needs to sit Xhekaj down and explain to him that it's okay to take an instigator penalty during a tank year. Tkachuk shouldn't be able to get that close and run his mouth, then be saved by the linesmen without eating any punches.
  2. That's where I'm at too. Going to have to start streaming some series I missed out on when they originally aired to fill in the evening TV hours I guess.
  3. Caufield out for the season news was a real gut-punch....my one reason to watch games in their entirety on the regular in this rocky season is now gone. This is great for the tank I guess, but I'm still pissed. The 'hockey gods' can go F themselves!
  4. Depleted by injuries yet again...should lose...which means they will probably find a way to win.
  5. Bad night for the tank, but I'm happy that Caufield scored. I want him to bag 40+ no matter how much the losses pile up.
  6. It sure does. Will be glad when Monahan is back, and hopefully then Drouin will be back in the press box where he belongs.
  7. I didn't waste my time watching this game, watched WJC gold game instead. Good result for the tank, unfortunate that Caufield didn't score. Was kind of hoping that Wifi would jump/demolish Kreider...or even Trouba, but no such luck. Sounds like this game had little to no entertainment value.
  8. He's toast, period. Injured all the time, ineffective when he is healthy enough to play. If he were a horse, you'd take him out behind the barn and put him down.
  9. I felt like both were cut and dry calls that were made correctly; the first was a player in the crease making contact with the goaltender's head while in the act of shooting, and the second was a player pitchforking the goaltender's pad into the net after he had saved and covered the puck with said pad.
  10. I'm not buying the notion that it was a bad call. A player should not be able to hit the goalie in the head with his ass while standing in the crease, then sweep the puck in, and have the goal count.
  11. I'd like management to loan him to Kladno for the remainder of the season, on the condition that Jagr drags him to the gym and works with him at practice.
  12. A loss where Caufield/Suzuki produce a couple of goals would be a great result for this evening.
  13. That looked/sounded awful.
  14. A loss where Caufield scores a pair...perfect result. A lottery pick combined with 40+ for Caufield would make me very happy.
  15. I'm not sure if I want to continue investing the time to watch games until this practice of giving Drouin and Armia significant minutes in the top 6 is going on. Both are hopeless and suck the life out of our top line, cancelling out my prime motivation for watching. Drouin on PP1 is a sad joke too. I may just relegate myself to watching the highlights until the lineup is replenished.
  16. Lazy penalty by Drouin leads to a Stars goal. He's such a waste of a roster spot right now it's not even funny.
  17. I like this idea...a lot. Sit him down and tell him you have no intentions of actually playing him again, so if he'd like to be spared having to do the practices and workouts and the travel, only to sit in the pressbox every single night until the end of the season, he has to go along with LTIR.
  18. Drouin does not belong on NHL ice anymore...and I'm sick and tired of this team/coach continuing to pretend that he does.
  19. Following the familiar script of starting to actually try hard in the 3rd period.
  20. Playing like absolute s**t tonight....I feel bad for everyone who paid for a ticket.
  21. We got screwed over by a couple of cheap calls, but we also had too many passengers who were just woefully ineffective.
  22. Well said...his last game for this team can't come soon enough for me. Hoping to see the top line score a couple, and Slaf/Anderson to have another strong game that results in a goal. I want a win tonight badly...can't stand the Sens or their fans.
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