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  1. He blew that breakaway last game, which really could have helped us. I'd personally like to see Latendresse on his line, so he wouldn't have to concentrate on defense so much. I don't like moving Begin off Smoke's line in favour of Tender, but what do I know. I guess it all boils down to Plekanec needing a wake-up call. Or we'll trade him in the off-season as part of a package for Jokinen, who can perform in the playoffs. We'd imagine. He hasn't got there yet...
  2. I got a feeling Kostopolous will get a beer shower when he goes to the penalty-box (as he's sure to do at some point in the game). Habs fans have already done it though, so we can't be too high and mighty. Hopefully we can bring back the Away-team magic we had during the regular season, seeing as we've brought back the PP magic this series (30% and counting in the past three games). Also hoping Markov gets his concussion checked out - he's been having Brisebois-esque brain-farts that are killing the team, and he's supposed to be our number one D.
  3. We coule have used Ryder and Tender last night. FIRE CARBONNEAU! ... poobag ... Hey, is our favourite poobag around these days? Huz?
  4. We're making a mountain out of the molehill known as Biron. I wonder if Kovy's got some more magic left in his gloves for the 3rd period...
  5. When did Komisarek get such a shot on him? Is this the start of something new? And I love how Philly tried to feed Hatcher out of the box for a breakaway - that guy is slower than Smolinski on a breakaway
  6. We're outshooting them 2 to 1. We gotta get the next one, otherwise I reckon we'll collapse. C'mon Plex, buck that trend! Get your first career point against Philly in style!
  7. Price is a big guy, and he takes advantage of his size by dropping down a lot, hoping that, if the shot is going high, his height will bail him out. I just think he's going down too early, although the second goal was deflected (they just showed a replay of it), so that's not entirely his fault. Still, I'm hoping it's not an Achilles Heel. Now, 2nd period time, :ghg:
  8. Our D has been better, only one gaffe from Markov on the 5-on-3. I think missing Brisebois makes a difference, although it's not that O'Byrne has been that visible. But that itself is not neessarily a bad thing. Hopefully we can keep up the tempo, perhaps pot one. just don't give up an early one. Please, Habs?
  9. As long as he can do that on the PP, I don't mind so much
  10. Two simple shots, both up high, from around the same area. No screen, no deflection. Boston said they were going to aim high glove side, although couldn't really pull it off. But tonight, two goals in under three minutes could show that Philly has figured Price out. We'll keep watching for more. And putting Halak in wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  11. That was painful. Are we now seeing Price humbled? Will Halak be in by the end of the game?
  12. Here come da game. First goal ... I'm predicting it'll be Richards. O'B is in, Breezer is out - woo
  13. Wow, what a way to steal a game. 29 seconds left in the 3rd, we sccore. 79 seconds later, we win it. I hope we make line-up changes though - Brisebois and Dandenault need a rest, and O'Byrne and Latendresse are chomping at the bit. Lapierre was a -2 tonight as well, maybe Chipchura could play, if Breezer and Dandy stay in. And Hamrlik was on the ice for all 3 Philly goals. Bad luck? Coincidence?
  14. I say we read-load him a 10-year contract, so we only pay about 1-2 million the first few years, and 7-8 in the final years. Hopefully he's retired by then (his back will probably give out by then anyway). I love how he scored in 80% of games vs Philly. If they shut him down, will we still be able to score?
  15. Seriously. I've switched to CJAD radio so I'm not so violent. Somehow they make incompetency sound better.
  16. Yeah, I found when I tried speaking glowingly, we either lost the game, or got injured. It's like my personal counter-jinx thing. Still, speaking honestly here, I don't see much heart in the third period Habs. Do you?
  17. Hatcher is lethal when defending a one-goal game. If we can't draw a few more penalties, and capitalise on the ensuing opportunities, the game will not end with smiles. And this being the third game in three cities in four nights for Philadelphia does not reflect well on the coaching staff.
  18. If the Flyers play like they did in the second half of the 1st (and if we play like we did then too), this series won't last 7 games, and we won't be the winners. We gotta work on getting passes tape-to-tape, and not losing control of the puck when not under pressure. It's like it's greased with butter.
  19. Haha, what a tricky guy. Van Massenhoven, playing with the fans' hearts, minds and stomachs. WE LOVE YOU DONNY! YOU CAN REFEREE FOR US ANY TIME! KOVY! KOVY! KOVY!
  20. The big difference between Philadelphia and Boston isn't that the Flyers actually have snipers in their line-up, or that they're faster and know how to cycle. It's that Biron knows how to play the puck. Thomas was awful playing the puck, either on a dump in, or following a shot when he had time. Biron is nifty with his stick, and several times fed a player off his bench from goal line to centre ice. We gotta get in his head!
  21. Crap. Price predicted that goal 24 hours ago. FIRE BRISEBOIS.
  22. We're killing them in the face-off circle, which is good. Two goal-posts too.
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