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  1. I must say; whatever is broke in that clone machine, they shouldn't fix!!! MB 2.0 is a much ball-z-er 1 and I like that too!!!
  2. i would upvote both ur comments but ima out for the day lollll
  3. the bonus structure is where its at by the looks of it, 21mil pay out in bonus in 1st 12months, WOW!!!! BallZY!!!!!
  4. next year is a "stack pick" year, draft in Town and all
  5. panarin to rags 7 for 81.5
  6. I think the question is: as coach can you give Lindgren 30-35 starts? Do the raps load management with CP31, have him "mid season" form for playoffs. Well assuming the Team can get the missing point they didn't get last season to get into playoffs okay maybe 30-35 games to any CP31 back up is too much but I don't think it's too idiotic tho
  7. Link67: ohhhh Battal!!!! no! that seems a little too much, they can have Chuky lollll Commandant: I would do that, I like Shaw but left side D is looking So Weak!
  8. makes me think of Tiny Todd Ewan (sp?)
  9. still kinda need a backup next year. As Commandant says whats the sweetener? buy him out last year lollll
  10. I can't say either but I like the idea of making Drouin avail in order to get a real top 4 dman on the Left side I don't know if MB is in line with that tho; it would kinda bring up sourness from the fan base that like his play N the fan base that think all the can be fixed with more francophone players, regardless to if they are good or not. Mind you on that last bit, maybe he can make a trade for Letang? (edit) I don't know if Pit wanna trade him or what it would take tho
  11. It kinda seems the time of the years where some GMs might "sell low". Skinner comes to mind last year. So maybe we can get Ghost for a bag of pucks and a cosom stick that looks like a $300 NHL seal stick, maybe ? well here is to hoping
  12. Hero as a Person see works out of ice plz Pierre Karl Peladeau Sub-Human in My book, he also making/helping push for a team in Qc city
  13. I don't downvote and being downvoted doesn't change my opinions. A good/great counter point goes further for me. SW is a Great Dman. I don't dispute in Anyway. PK (to me) is beyond the game of hockey. It doesn't help any1s counter point against it, if they know I have (been lucky enough) to shake the man's hand. Many players do the kind of philanthropic works he does but just like his game he brings that in the level of great as well. I like PK the hockey player. I put PK in hero class when I look at the person. Heros like that I want in my City. There is another in this city that goes by PKP and Ohhh My Word! He Is Sub-Human!!! Give Qc City a team quick so PKP can Leave too then!!!
  14. I feel your Passion and Lucidity Link67 When it comes to PK (this is why I tried to keep myself out since yesterday); it's not a pay/play thing for some folks (me), it goes way deep in core. PK for me, is the stinking it to the parents that told me: "tu peux pas jouer au hockey! Ca se joue sur une pas-ti-noir!!!" when I was 8. PK is kinda like Barak I guess, well to me anyway (edit) Now all that aside, PK remains a Premium Dman in the league, man won Norris, Man paid like a top Dman and it would not be an issue if what? his name is Karlson? I take PK's 9 over EK's 11.5 any F&%$N day of the week. Would anyone have an issue to give up whatever Devils did to get PK? 2x2nd and 2 players ain't no 1 heard of? Who was thinking EK would be ok on left side again even he a right hand Dman? Bah!!!!
  15. Fe Real? that is a hard No thanks, for you Don? I think he would be a "good risk". MB/CJ don't seem to want Hudon, I would try a swap. KK, Armia, JP; kinda looks good writen down, no?
  16. Bah!!! I said it before money would shut me TFU, why would it be different for some1 who is being offered more then I will ever see in a life timeS Re-incarnated! I just kinda think its Fishy when wife wants start up in media chatter a few days/weeks before free agency period. with that said, to save some Karma points; in all truth, Good on EK, man got a BadMan Deal!!!!
  17. i think he likes wearing 92million bucks to practice
  18. rumor bout the wife came out to have bid go up, any team willing or able to get 1.375 per year up, so 12.375mil a yr can get services of EK. I feel this to be a neg tak basically pay more AAV but get shorter yrs but same overal $ I don't think we heard the last of this :/
  19. Other then the media/fish bowl "pressure" where is the LA Lakers/ NY Knicks/Nets rock stardom of Montreal? A "media" Giant is part owner of this Team and yet no player is "incentivized" to diversify income revenues outside of the rink. Fan over love is easier to accept in a "fish bowl environment" when your bank books can't hold all the zeros after the 1 in the "deposit" side. Well it would be for me, lolll I get hockey players are not as (bball players) "marketing" friendly but (imho) that is BS. In Canada you have some real "clean cut" boys image of (some) hockey players. The only reason it isn't happening is bcuz the Habs don't want it to happen. Give x "superstar" player a good hockey wage but have a nudge nudge wink wink deal; player x will get: adds, cameos and what ever else to amount y to aide the close. Didn't the Leafs try that with Stamkos and Canadian Tire? I'm sure I heard they offered something like that. Molson pretty much has their products in Every restaurant/bistro/bar in this city/province maybe even country. Can't tell me; they can't make a hockey star into a cross country poster boy in Bunch of bars, to add to a hockey contract! I just don't think they are being "creative" enough with contracts, that or; they just don't want a "superstar" here, idk
  20. lolll but ima Captain like Morgan lolllll Then I trade MB for him
  21. PK rumors don't seem to going the way side ... #6 is got the "leadership" down, so would this not be a better team for #76? ... (imho) I don't think #76 "attitude" was a problem. I think it might hv been something else he was born with and not this character, attitude or whatever drivel they puked out to justify the trade :/ ... but if ppl are thinking that RD is okay to go get. Then bring PK back by the "big door". I even heard that 4 x 1st round picks for Marner (mk a trade and not offer sheet, maybe can sign less then 10.5/per year) is okay. This Team lost its Draymond Green and now it ain't got a heart just lk the tin man. I just know that #76 is better on CH blue line then a Bunch other ppl on that line right now. The Man probably would "love" to b back (maybe), the Team would b better off with him on this blue line then against AND I Really don't like Drouin, with the Trash; Out PLZ!!!! (now Mr. Drouin if u can, Go on prove u better then my glitch fingers on keyboard, plz do, u killed all my hopes of that in last 2years.) Maybe Mr. Drouin has too much pressure but diamonds just remain sand and graphite without pressure. This is MountReal and errbobby see u fake AF!!!! thank you for letting me get that off my chest (and bras), OUFFF that feel better!!!
  22. +1 for reffing Kordic trade (fe real! fe real!!!), my Fav All Time!!!!
  23. KalPa is part of the best league in Finland and the NCAA is a league that isn't that in the US so there is that :/ btw NCAA doesn't pay their players so when this kid steps on the ice, for KalPa, he going up against men that have "life" forcing their play, there is that too :/
  24. I think the man will can set his own top end, from this playoff run, he's on. Why can't he be the 2nd coming of a great player? Martin St Louis set his own top end and he got a cup and a HoF ring to go with it. NS can set his own top end IMHO
  25. I hope for you more then for the Nucks (edit) and the City more then for the hockey team, what a Great man he is on top of player
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