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  1. One question, they said on RDS that Spacek was a last minute call or he would have sit tonight for Picard. Is he in JM dog pound ?? He only played 12 minutes against the Rags for one turnover. He had a monster first period and ended with less ice time than Gill who has way too much ice time. Meanwhile Hammer and Wiz were really bad out there.
  2. Something good for Eller, Desharnais is not doing good either. Auld is very good. Plekanek is at his best when wingers create presssure and keep the puck in, with his passing skills he finds the open men, unfornately for him neither AK46 or 13 cares to play that way. Talking of passing skills, Subban is at his worst i have seen.
  3. Cammalleri played when he should have called sick, he takes a lot of bad decisions when he doesn't score. Nothing new. Pouliot is looking like he could go on a scoring streak right now. It would not be giving him the spot he fought for it. But probably Moen will get the call. Anybody who missed Eller he should be there getting tripping penalties, not producing offensively.
  4. Brendon Nash, could somebody give a good idea of what this player looks like and potential ? If he was a 1st rounder his name would be there but only his stats talks. Points leader, 19, +11. 6.3 foot, 205 pounds.Shoots left. Played in Cornell 4 years.
  5. Finally the are able to come back in the third. But i didn't watch, didn't believe in them coming back. It has became so typical to see them lose when trailing behind that the remote control was changing to football. But what a game there too. I liked Desharnais play on Max Pac shot.
  6. Rookies can hold on for a while but when it's getting tough and close the team needs confidence for everyone to play their role and not trying to cover someone else. For me it's there that Gorges and Markov out of the ice for the whole year hurts the most.
  7. To develop talent there has to be some talent to develop. The core doesn't score. The youth, are average prospects. Pouliot, Weber, MaxPac, Eller are low end average prospects. Best the coaches could do is bringing them to the average NHL'er level. Except PK. JM can't score key goals, neither Price. I do not like JM but it's time to blame the players more than anything. Do your job, shoot, score.
  8. What's going on. Look at Points, players do not produce offensively. Top points D (Hammer) is at 34th, exclude Wiz points with Isles. Top scoring center(Plek) is 23th scoring center in the league. Top scoring LW (Cammalleri) is 16th in the league. Top scoring RW (Gionta) is 35th in the league. And i didn't mention Gomez and Kostitsyn production.
  9. Have to get credit to team Russia. They got the wheels when needed, Canada could not follow in the third. No pointing, no responsable, just emotion and a scoring drive. Players who shined and will be key players in the NHL. Washington's Evgeny Kuznetsov 1st rounder with Ovechkin. Columbus needs Ryan Johansen LA Brandon Schenn Anaheim Kyle Palmieri St Louis Vladimir Tarasenko Buffalo's Zach Kassian Minnesota Johan Larsson Tampa's Carter Ashton Detroit Teemu Pulkkinen habs's Leblanc well, he was very good but he is not there in the top prospects. I cannot tell what
  10. The place in Canada where the interest for team Canada is at is lowest is in Montreal. Was there yesterday and nobody i talked to could name 5 players of U20 2010 Canadian team. Meanwhile 16 000 canadian fans take the road, fill an american building and root for the thrillest tournament of the year and watch the canadian team play a perfect game against last year gold medalist team USA at home. The big open ice hits are something we do not see often in the NHL. Even less in Montreal. I would take the tapes and show it to these pro's for what fans want in a hockey game. But that
  11. Look at Karri Ramo's number in the KHL 22 wins 6 loss 3 ties GAA 1.97 PCT .927
  12. Yep felt the same. Kassian suspension for a hit got into their head, Canada let Norway shoot way too many times, defense was backing and there was no grit into that game. One the postitive , Schenn appetite for goal crease and putting points. The Couturier- Leblanc- Foligno line took time to get cohesion but now they got it, Leblanc looks slow but he is not, he is the guy that always do something good, nothing outstanding, average speed, average shot but above average hockey sense, ice vision, puck control and passing. Leblanc with Kristo in a couple of years will be fun to watc
  13. I tdon't mind his +/- stats on a poor defensive team. What i like is that he is a right handed D with experience and offensive abilities. the link to him is not beyond this year, if he fits he has a home. Gautier still has lot's of cap space. Spacek, Gorges can be moved to right. When Gorges is healthy again. Either Icard, Weber or Subban will go down to come back eventually.
  14. Brodeur said in the media thta he doesn't want to be traded. This would mean that Lou asked him and if Lou is ready to unload Brodeur, he is ready to unload anyone.
  15. The closest thing we'll get from reality tv will be the ad the staged Bell ad where Darche, his blondie and her kids get into a minivan. What !? can't be absolutely sure where kids come from. Back to " the crisis", to sum it, -Price has an average streak, in habsland if the goalie doesn't stand on his head on a habs bad streak it's over. -The D is wore down, the two tops old timers had way too much ice time, the clock reverse effect, Gill slow feett is hurting 5-5, Gorges has to make last second plays and get the hits, now Gorges hurt all the time, PK lost his game focus thank
  16. It is with no pride that i say that i bet for the last minute goal lottery at the sports bar i was. I called 6 seconds. I won two pitcher and this morning my liver hates me befores the holidays. Back to the game, the bounces were absolutely against the habs in that third period. It was almost funny when JM sent 6 forwards in despare. He sured didn't want PK to wind a slapshot from the top of the building. Mile high cut the legs of our old timers defense. Did i see Halpern there in the last shift ? lol Side note : NHL unwritten book lesson to MaxPAc do not try to skate between Foote
  17. Quintal was the last habs with the ability of both to play and not get pounded. This is a looong while. Komisarek was a puss compared to a p*ssed Zednik. This is a lomg while, this is why i have doubts between Regher and Bieksa. Bieksa would fight, Regher would bring fear to these low headers.
  18. From what we have seen in these two games Gomez needed a complement on his line for a pass option to the player not to kill the play. Gomez is different in his offensive play than Plekanek. Plek offense is pretty much a north south offense. A short accurate pass for a strong shooter. Gomez is more about puck control , skating with the puck, to create space for his wingers to make another play. There was and still will be two problems with that, 1st the two wingers have to create a play for the play to continue. 2nd Gomez has to put himself inside the play and not outside as soon
  19. Before playing an elimination game in playoffs you first have to make the playoffs. Making them by the skin ot the teeth in a dog fight is not something i want to see again this year.. Keep a pace and stay out of reach is important.
  20. This game is key to keep a pace in december. The Flyers are wore down winning Pittsburg last night. If Habs do not win Boston will be a tough win before what is most of the month road trip. In the words used so many here, It's a must win game !
  21. Most team lately hit pretty hard on Plekanec, Moen around him for that reason. Pyatt is the fill in waiting Gomez return, MaxPac Gomez Gionta sound interesting. Eller line , just fine. Halpern Lapierre and sleepy hollow AK. Not names thrown in the hat.
  22. This was his last call up. I like the player character and he will force JM to use him.
  23. Injuries are beginning to wear down the team. Anybody who saw the hit from Rafalski know that Plek is skating with a charley horse, add this to Gomez not able to play was the reason Desharnais was recalled. Plek, played and should have rest, he could have aggraved the injury. Gomez, is a big part of this team success. Offensively he doen't put numbers he should with a contract like that but, carrying the puck, pass acurracy and playing very strictly JM system helps the team more than we thought. Markov injury = More ice time to old players than they should = more possibility inj
  24. Life after Weber is tough, Another D needs to step up offensively. Carle had a season of 70 points in his junior days. If he can add points to a steady play defensively he becomes a good trade bait. As trade baits i see him and Palushaj interesting enough for a team ready to unload some big contracts in return of a good cheap player.
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