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  1. Transforming or restructuring an organization does not need to (and arguably should not) mean firing everybody. What it should mean is assessing the team that is in place, and evaluating them (fairly!) to determine whether they are capable of doing what is expected of them. Having been hired by the previous GM should not, in and of itself, damn anyone in the organization.
  2. I think a lot depends on their current assessment of Dichow, in particular, as that significantly impacts the situation in the goalie prospect pipeline.
  3. Certainly Wright's floor is significantly higher. And the Habs really can't afford to miss on this pick. Picking the second-best player may be OK, but picking someone who turns out to be a bottom-six forward would be a disaster.
  4. Only 1a, but he was a team-high +3 for the game.
  5. I would argue that he's better than a 4D. He averaged 1.04 points/60 last season on a crappy last-place Habs team, good for 58th for D-men (with at least 1000 minutes). The contract may be a burden, but Petry is still more than a 4D.
  6. I really don't think the Avs will be letting him go.
  7. Me, I have no TV provider. And I don't think I'm a unique case.
  8. So, the $60 French-only option disappears, too ...
  9. I'm thinking it'll improve my French skills a bit, too! 😂
  10. It looks like NHL Live/Centre Ice (depending on how you want to buy it, it looks to be essentially the same product) covers 81 of the 82 Habs games. Much better than before. $200/season -- or $60/season if you don't mind watching the French games.
  11. And then a third of the Habs games are still blacked out, are they not?
  12. I can believe that you would be able to make an objective judgment of this. I am less sure of the random referee or linesman.
  13. Alas, even the word "distinct" is subject to interpretation -- as it is today. I like the super-clear black-and-white rules, such as was suggested: Outside of the skate blade? No goal. Skate leaves the ice? No goal.
  14. Dello and Abbandonato the only ones expected to be Rocket regulars?
  15. It's true that the translation of game to the NHL level is big for everyone. But Xhekaj is a big guy (6'4, 220 lbs) and that is very dominant in a league filled with younger players, it'll be less of an advantage in the NHL -- or even the AHL. Can he make up for that with other tools? We'll find out. It will be a great story if he can carve out a regular NHL spot with the Habs, but I really think he has very long odds for that.
  16. I see positives, too, and he has overcome a lot. But, to me, the two big questions are whether his game will translate to the NHL, and whether he can stay out of the box. Those will determine whether he will make just occasional visits or can carve himself a third-pairing role, whether in Montreal or elsewhere.
  17. On a somewhat more serious note, Bouchard is available after his short-lived San Diego assignment ...
  18. And a clear rule with no judgment about intent is far better.
  19. The reality is that many players are streaky. Sometimes even elite ones, but certainly the ones below that level. Let's look at Anderson, as an example, since we were talking about him: 0g+1a in first 7 games 3g+2a in next 4 games 0g+0a in next 5 games 4g+3a in next 7 games 2g+2a in next 15 games 6g+1a in next 4 games 3g+1a in next 22 games 1g+3a the last 3 games Streaky? Yes, I think so, but not unusually so. Players have good days and bad days, and opponents and line matches vary, too. (For what it's worth, the above looks fairly similar to Armia's 2020-21 season in terms of streakiness -- not comparing points or other attributes here.)
  20. A bird in hand is always worth more than two in the bush. If we can get a second impact player this year, in some way, it's better than counting on an early draft pick next year, when we don't know what will happen during the season.
  21. I do hope the drafting decisions are not based on senior public school graduation photos! I think this is a current photo.
  22. We have eight (!) draft picks in the top 100. And second/third round picks have only about a 30% probability of getting to 100 NHL games anyway. While I would play safe with the #1 pick, I think they can afford to try to swing for the fences on some of those second- and third-round picks.
  23. Yes -- much the same as it was for Lehkonen. I love him as a player, and he set a great example with his work ethic. But, for the Habs, the return offered by the Avalanche was more valuable, so I do accept that the trade made sense.
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