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  1. I felt the same way, but for the year and a half since Carbo's taken over, I've become convinced that the only guy who could get them to do it from behind the bench in Gainey. I'm not sure the players like carbo. Some of the things he's said have peeved me off and I don't have to deal with him on a daily basis. He doesn't seem to have much tact. He may know hockey, but unless he can get those around him to want to play well for him, it means nothing.
  2. I think for O'byrne to improve and gain his confidence, he needs to keep playing with Hamr. So... Komi Marky Hamr O'byrne Rotation of Breezer Streit and Gorges - I'm not sure about the sides and who plays which one, but I'd like Gorges to get more time, and if Streit is playing D, I want him on the third pairing. Breezer brings the good first pass and a lot of offense as others have mentioned, but I think it's more important for O'byrne, who will be learning something and constantly improving, to get that time with Hamr. I don't want to bench Breezer completley though, he's still useful if played not too many minutes. Bouillon should be waived. O'byrne will make up for any physicality he brought, and otherwise, he's a 7th D at best anyway. I just see that the other 6/7th guys we have have more potential to improve and Bouillon's topped out for sure, so that's why he's my guy to drop.
  3. me too, and I hope it's Ryder or Lats who play on the first with Koivu and Higgins, NOT Streit. The guy's great, but let's give the first line some real fire power, even if it is slumping.
  4. very well said Saks-ave. This is basically how I feel too.
  5. heheh... are you feeling just a little guilty now, JMMR? I am, but I'm also relieved that the guy won't play for a bit.
  6. so can Gorges. Everyone goes on about how tough Boo is, well Gorges has stuck up for himself and his teammates too, and no one gives him any credit.
  7. Don't know if it was already posted, but Habsinsideout has confirmed that tonight's scratches are Brisebois, Gorges, and Ryder. I would have played Gorges and benched Boo, played Ryder and benched Smoke. Oh well, let's hope it works.
  8. Higgins said his goal was TO BE a 40 40 man, not that he already was one. Big difference. One shows a lot of arrogance while the other shows having high aspirations and working hard. I don't htink he's a 40 40 guy this year. Probably not next year either. He may be some day, but I suspect he'll settle into a regular 30-35 goals a season as he matures.
  9. How does Smolinski get the first line spot???? Please, please please, put Lats there, or even Ryder, or even Lappy for God's sake, but NOT Smolinski.
  10. I'm MAD about Carbo calling out Markov too, and refusing to admit he's injured. The guy hasn't been playing well, but he's playing hurt and showing a lot of heart for it. If you're not gonna explicitly admit he's hurt, at least don't publicly rip him and deny he's hurt. Or say he's got his head focussed on the all-stars. Not the way to reward your best D who stayed here when he could have bolted in the off-season. If I'm Markov, I'm mad at Carbo now.
  11. Makes you wonder when Carbo's gonna try them together and just LEAVE them together for a few games. it can't be worse than this. I know he wants instant results but sometimes he just baffles me. Certain patience for somethings that NEVER work (smolinski) or are consistently mediocre (boo) and then when something seems to be working, he takes it apart (the plex Higgins Kosty line from last year didn't even get a chance this year with every other line combo under the sun being tried. Neither has Kovy / Koivu, and lats played well with Sak and Chris, but is moved right back down to the third...)
  12. True. I know I said in another thread to put lats back on the first with Higgins and Koivu, but it's because I've actually *forgotten* about the possibility of playing Kovy and Koivu together since for whatever reason, the coach refuses to try it. I think maybe they would both like playing with someone equally talented. I know Carbo likes to spread out the offense, but we don't HAVE any offense right now with it spread out. So, how about.... Kovy Koivu Lats (or ryder if they want to give him another shot, but lats has been playing better and deserves the reward) Higgins Plex Kosty (best line of last season when they were played together) and whoever's left on the last two lines, with Smoke on the bench.
  13. I can kind of relate to this. I see no point in Smolinski (although hindsight is 20/20) but I would have resigned bonk to have someone in case the kids weren't ready. On the other hand, if we'd just started with kids and hit the same slump, how many of us would be angry and saying "we didn't sign anyone with experience" instead of being patient with the kids. What I'd REALLY like to happen now. Waive Bouillon. Play O'byrne regularly. Bench Smoke and play Lappy. Give Lats more time on the first with Koivu and Higgins, leave the second line of Kosty Kovy Plex as is, and let them work their way out of it.
  14. We can't score enough with Koivu, so we certainly won't be able to score enough without him. I'm up for making a trade, but I think keep Koivu and let him be the second line centre if we get the first line centre we so desire, or let him continue to play on the 1st with a real, solid power forward type winger who can bury all the chances he sets up. It's not fair to say he's not a good first line C. He's the set up guy, his wingers don't finish enough.
  15. Wow! Love the optimism, but I fear you guys are gonna be getting a lot of anger if (and i suspect when) we lose.
  16. That is HILARIOUS. Yeah, I noticed his mask was a little "devilish".
  17. Price isn't going anywhere. And I don't think Luongo's going anywhere either. Can't the guy have a cowboy theme because he's FROM there, even if he's not gonna play there. It's just a nod to his culture.
  18. yeah. Never mind winning. I just want them to play decent!
  19. I know you're right, but I'm hoping for some spark somehow from this. Maybe a short term rally that will lift them out of their slump and get people excited and get the underachievers going and contributing again? Not blaming Huet for the way things have gone, but is it possible they get demoralized knowing he's gonna let in a bad goal or two almost every game? Mind you, if I were him, I'd get demoralized playing behind them, so it goes both ways...
  20. I feel kind of like you do. and I feel foolish for it. Huet's important to the team, but I'm really really hoping Price / Halak prove they can be the goaltenders of the future (and more importantly present) right now and make things good.
  21. I like this. Koivu gets Higgins back. Kosty is good with Plex and Kovy, Lats and Chipper are good together (although I liked them with Dandy, but it's okay) and hopefully Smoke won't get too much time on the 4th. I'm glad begin is back in. if I were Carbo, Begin would be centring the 4th with Kosto and Dandy, and Smoke would be benched.
  22. I'm thinking the same thing, PM Koivu. At least this way we can tell how good Price / Halak are as a tandem before Huet being gone for good. and we can see how Price handles knowing he's actually the starter. I suspect Halak will play on Tuesday if Price is still sick, but we'll see what happens. In a strange way, I"m excited. This could be really bad, but change can be good, even if it's "bad news change" and maybe the team will be excited too and rally. It's a shake up, right? we've all been saying they need some kind of shake up.
  23. Nope. I actually didn't. Gotta admit I wasn't watching. And you're right, he's better than most of our other D, so I stand corrected, but isn't he also making a lof mistakes that result in goals against?
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