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  1. If the Canadiens have any hope of winning tonight, they must keep the storm going the entire 60 MINUTES of the game and forecheck hard to draw penalties. This team relies on special teams efforts, not 5 on 5 goals. If this game goes to Overtime and Canadiens prevail; ANYTHING, and I mean anything can happen. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that feels this, but it's almost like the NHL scripted the playoff happenings this year, and my suspicion grows even larger with the history will be made commercials ...philly comes back from a 3-1 deficit...to go up on the habs 3-1 next round and blow it too Only Habs fans can hope and believe GO HABS GO :hlogo:
  2. I'm not sure what the guys are doing out there. 20 Minutes left. If they don't have life in them; this series is inked for the Flyers. Subban should not take any heat, he is being put in a role that he is not meant to be in, in an environment where he is not used to playing in (some of you can dispute that the WJHC was a big enough stage...i firmly disagree..see John Tavares). Once again, Halak is playing very well, and you can't expect him to play any better when the score is 0 for your team. All habs fans can do now is pray for a series of Powerplays (but in order to get one...you have to move your feet and create offence in the opponents zone); then again, I suppose that is somewhat hard to do when they amount to a measly 1 shot through a majority of the 2nd period.
  3. Was watching the game at a All-Habs bar downtown Toronto (yes it does exist...the name: Kilgour's)...I was on CBC toronto, CTV toronto, and was interviewed 3 times by CP24. I have to say tonight was one of the most memorable experiences I had as a Montreal Canadiens fan. Congratulations to the guys...respect is owed everywhere!
  4. well its a shame nobody from the board managed to make it down...it was truly a memorable experience...what a game! what a team effort! Love the passion this team brings to the rink. GO :hlogo: GO!!!!
  5. I hope this game is called fairly and the Canadiens have 60 minutes of winning left in the tank for this series! GO :hlogo: GO
  6. I will be heading down to Kilgour's bar meets grill tomorrow for around 5:45 (it is a Pro-habs sports bar on Bloor Street)...if any board members from the GTA are interested in meeting and watching the game, let me know.
  7. All is forgiven for Max and his regular season struggles. GO :hlogo: GO!!!!
  8. Out of all of those, IMO, I`d narrow it down to Gionta and Cammalleri.....I still can`t determine
  9. Now that`s what I call a TEAM effort Despite Sergei`s B.S...i think Andrei had a solid showing...despite not scoring, Cammy had a spectacular showing and the rest speaks for itself... 2 game series now IMO...game 5 is CRUCIAL GO :hlogo: GO!!!!!!
  10. I was there to watch Ovy Blow a top right glove side..."this is not a recording" shot over price's shoulder in a 307 dollar playoff club desjardins seat on the 21st shot of game 3....there is your tidbit...i've watched Hamrlik potentially botch 2 games for us...watched Subban bring brillance to this club, and watched Gill/Gorges do some spectacular work on blocking shots. My ultimate point is as follows: a general manager can bring players in, but it is ultimately up to the players to gel and create a team environment as one. Bob Gainey did have some OK signings but nobody...and i mean NOBODY on this forum knew what it would pan out to be until after 82 games...you really cannot give him credit for bringing in the players he did, because I firmly believe that if Gauthier was in office...we would have yielded a lot more for Huet, Komi, Ribs...etc. I am not a Gainey hater....but like gretzky's case...just because you were a great player...does not mean you will be good in a coaching/management role
  11. Just because Gainey brought in players doesn't mean a thing....the credit is OWED to the players who did the work in the playoffs and battled through 82 games when the team had a constant bandage of the CH! gainey also brought in Sergei PLUG samsonov...bought him out....georges "sportsnet fav" laraque, and Janne "hands of stone" ninnemma for RIBS...and a 2nd rd pick for Huet... we owe this to the players...not the organization.....if you happen to have a carbonneau boner still, put it down...we're 365 days away from that. :hlogo: GO HABS GO...lets stop living in the past...and look forward to round 2 as one :hlogo:
  12. Not once did I say Habs out in 3...for anybody who knows me on this board (which a majority do)....I am a firm opinionated person who sticks to his guns...and a majority of the time I am correct. But please, if you would..refer to the habs vs caps game 1 thread and view my comments...I am almost certain that my predicaments were as accurate as could be for the entire series. Cheers :hlogo:
  13. I firmly disagree.... Gainey left because he was afraid of losing his job; he saw this team headed for doom in the centennial and didn't want to be accounted for the fall...I think the players of the organization staying together and playing as a team throughout the season (despite injury plague) deserve the majority of credit. I think a majority of you should bow your heads and praise Jaroslav Halak on this forum after some of the critique and bashing that he has endured since mid-season. He just proved to a majority of us that he is capable of playing a 7 game series and smothering pucks when it matters the most I am not trying to start a goaltending argument controversy, but instead..motivate this board to encourage our current roster into the second round! GO :hlogo: GO!!! (PS: I watched a 5-1 loss in Montreal and said to myself..."this series isn't over"...to everybody around me with 3 minutes left in game 3) :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:
  14. I expect a lot of Spacek and Hamrlik vs Ovechkin in this series...they have done a pretty decent job containing him before! lets hope they can continue to do so in the post-season. Our lack of scoring 5 on 5 is what concerns me the most...I find the Canadiens are way too reliant on the powerplay...lets hope the top 2 lines can get the offensive wheel turning (because 3 or 2 goals is not enough to beat washington in a 7 game series)...if it is, then I guess its up to the Habs to prove me wrong!
  15. Got tickets to round 1 game 3 (first home game) of the first round. Section 201 row E! my wallet took a hit, but that's ok!!! GO :hlogo: GO!!!!!
  16. this game is going to be the habs! I know it is OUR game to win :hlogo: GO HABS GO!!!!!! this proves that in the NHL, all 82 games count!!!! I am optimistic this team will NOT die this way
  17. very flat first .....the dmen are being very irresponsible ...maybe it's because they're shocked at how boring the crowd is? :puke: I think you could hear crickets chirping during commercial breaks
  18. :lol: great post! On another note GO :hlogo: GO!!!!
  19. Anybody happen to know when playoff tickets go on sale?
  20. AHHHHHHHHH I'm So frusterated!!!!! :wall:
  21. buffalo usually beats us in the shootout....
  22. it feels like a night and day difference between the team that came out yesterday and the one that came out today....let's hope they turn it around for the remaining 40 minutes :hlogo:
  23. that was one hell of an effort! if they come out the same way tomorrow, they will continue to add to the pooh bears losing ways! i felt for ryan o byrne today....very glad he played a solid game after that "watch out for that blueline moment" ,especially after his mothers passing.
  24. And then broke it over his pants because he was a sieve in practice...it's all over SportsCenter
  25. Ya...we lose SK to the hawks...and he lights it up with Patrick Kane like they did on the Knights
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