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  1. I always thought they were on TSN too. I like the career potentials
  2. Called it Too bad. I broke my arm on an almost identical hit 2 years ago. Arm hit the edge of the boards by the glass and needed surgery to put 2 pins in it. Took 8 advils in half hour O'Byrne will have his spot, maybe a call a guy up?
  3. Thoughts: Calagry Coaches are such winers! Halak played steller Lang/Kovy/Tangs has potential Dago is on fire! Injury Predictions: Higgy D2D, Dandy maybe broken arm Markov hit was borderline, but Phaneuf sold it Loved Laps tonight Great overall game
  4. I would try for Jonh Michael Liles rather than bergeron.
  5. Laps career ain't ruined at all, I am proud of the job the staff did with Laps. Good decisions all 'round.
  6. I don't want Komi and Marky together only because that leaves us with a very shaky 3rd pair. I love JMMR's theory
  7. Wow, I knew he had a good start but I never thought it was that good
  8. I thought I'd get a discussion going about our Dman pairs. With Komo out, Gorges has really stepped up (like last year's injury to Komo). He seems very comfortable playing with Markov and we've had success since they've been together. You guys think that pairing should stay together even when Komo comes back? I would not mind that at all. It would balance out the D more. I mean having Breeze/OByrne/Dandy with Boo boo, and Marky with Komi creates a huge gap. I'd like to see it more balanced out when Komi comes back. I'd go with: Markov Gorges Komisarek Boulion Hammer Breeze/Dandy/Obyrne Then later in the game and on PK's roll with our top 4 D (Markov, Komo, Hammer, and Gorges). I know Hammer's icetime will cut a bit but I love how good Marky and Gorges are together and I think Komo and Cube would play good as they are both physical, and having a solid Dman in Hammer playing with a weaker one creates a good balance. THOUGHTS?
  9. Schenn out 2 weeks. Speeking of him, anyone else think he is not worth the hype (I know it's early).
  10. Any news if Dago will play vs flames?
  11. I don't know about Plex, he has been alright, but still not where he should be.
  12. Another clean game though, but I agree with you.
  13. True but I think he can make the better of those limited minutes. Last game he was excellent, tonight he looks bad.
  14. Hate to say it, but BGL has been useless tonight Pretty good 40 minutes, tough tho when there's the trap.
  15. Pretty stict policy...Sorry, have no pics
  16. Winning or losing or bystanding, debates are interesting. Anyone wanna start a poll on if they tink avery should have gotten suspended? Or should we just ignore the doucebag?
  17. I'd say that was the team from last year, maybe even better! What an outstanding game, and against a very good team too. Wow, Dago continues to impress, poor SK74 and Gui But they had their chance, now Dago has his...
  18. Jeez, RBK ege hasn't gone down in price yet Still worth the 300$ though but I'd wait for the blue ones.
  19. You sure txting costs none if you have unlimited? Is there still a fee?
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