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  1. A gigantic... meh. He's being overpaid.
  2. Bergevin is KILLING it today. Look at the cap space! We can sign Eller, Subban, AND another huge player or two.
  3. Wait for it. One of the kids will be traded with Plex. Just a guess, but it makes sense.
  4. One of our rookie D's and... Plex? Apparently there's rumblings about something bigger.
  5. Just referring to his reaction at leaving. Heart and soul player and Kirk cried when he was dealt.
  6. Beaulieu doesn't have the hockey brains.
  7. Couldn't play for TO. Couldn't commit. Couldn't play against Mtl with the Leafs. I want a statue. Plaques. Retire his number. Brilliance. Utter and total brilliance. He's traded and he's still a team guy! Reminds me of Captain Kirk.
  8. I see one or even two of our rookie defenders being moved at this point.
  9. Weaver back. That's good news.
  10. Think we can sneak Niskanen? LOL
  11. If he's half what he's supposed to be, this could be good.
  12. Beaulieu has all the skills, and none of the hockey sense.
  13. You know what I love? Leafs are being shut out so far. They'll have to overpay for Ryan White at this rate.
  14. We get Tom Gilbert? We do NOT get Jussi Jokinen. THAT ROCKS. You should ALL breathe a sigh of relief.
  15. Underrated, IMO, because he played in BF-Nowhere.
  16. So, seriously, I think we should retire Gorges number when he retires. He refused TO to go to the worst team in hockey. That's effin brilliant.
  17. He says no to TO then goes to Buffalo. HAHA Still a Hab at heart.
  18. FOr a second round pick? Well, honestly, that's his value.
  19. Holy hell. The fan is spinning, duck. It's all hitting now.
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